RESCUED: 1968 Charger, 1970 Super Bee, and 1989 Ram Charger!!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Ep. 199!

As always … GO FAST, HAVE A GOOD TIME & HAVE An EXCELLENT WEEKEND!! And thank you for spending your Friday with us.

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RESCUED: 1968 Charger, 1970 Super Bee, and 1989 Ram Charger!!

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  1. I love the Dennis starts selling the car as he puts it on the trailer! Look at those floors!.. the tires are only flat on the bottom but we will replace them all the way around…

  2. The one nice thing about Dennis is he always offers to take them out to eat. Richard Rawlings only shows videos of him feeding himself

    1. Richard Rawlings is a businessman he makes the purchase and moves on and so do the cars he buys. Richard and Dennis are great friends which tells me Dennis is a good judge of character and knows more about Richard than y’all so get passed Richard and get into what this is all about buying rare and unique cars. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. Another excellent Vlog! I love the Dodge Ramcharger! looked really clean for being 33 years old.

  4. Friday Coffee Walk, always a must see. I always like the vehicle finds. However, the food stops are unbelievable. Always impressed with the weekly Coffee Walk.

  5. Always watch these videos for the car finds, but this time I’ll be going to Rockford to get something to eat,I’m only 50 minutes away it looks like it will be worth the trip. Thanks Dennis and gang for the food review 😂

  6. The dudes perfect timing on dropping the presentation at the perfect time was impeccable. I thought he was being shy but he was waiting for that perfect point to slide another beautiful dish on the table. Great job man.

  7. Dennis that is pretty cool to see a 68 Charger that still has its hub caps! I haven’t seen that in a very long time! I heard youu were possibly going to get the 55 Truck another time! That old Imperial might be a car to get as well! As always I am looking forward to the next video!

  8. Man I love to see you rescuing cars. If I was close Id come and work recoveries for free!!!!!

  9. 38:20 Dennis “So…can we finish it?” Reaches for a new spoon, sees Sean keep using the same spoon 😐 “they got alot of spoons” 🤣🤣🤣 lol

  10. Dennis, you and your team are a class act. I appreciate how you guys interact with the sellers, agreed price and offer to treat them to an outstanding meal. God bless.

  11. I 1st started watching for the cars, and now I’m staying for the food. You all created a great recipe for a successful show and I’m glad to be here for it.

  12. Love watching his videos. Dennis is a really knowledgeable guy plus seems to me he is fair with his offers and makes sellers comfortable to let a piece of their hearts go to him. He is about preservation

  13. Thank you so much Dennis and the gang I appreciate your show every single time and I have been a car guy all my life. Outstanding

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