RESCUED: Hoarded 1967 Candy Apple Red Mustang Fastback!

Welcome to Coffee Stroll Episode 272!



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RESCUED: Hoarded 1967 Candy Apple Red Mustang Fastback!

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  1. Got to meet Dennis,he is truly a very stand up man,and how you see him here and when on gas monkey on TV is exactly how he is in real life,so so nice

  2. certainly enjoying the channel and the many barn finds. I appreciate the respectful way you treat the sellers and your staff, not to mention you don’t mind getting dirty

    1. @clickonprofile391 very generous of you, I was sincere in the way you treat everyone, clearly a part of your success as you come across as genuine

  3. I’m over insured my wife’s got me so insured. Lol. Dennis I love how you still to this day get involved in manually doing things. I don’t know how old you are but never stop moving and you’ll continue to enjoy what you do and what you do very well. You’re a character and I can see why people like you. Congrats on finding kind of a donor expensive car to your problems

  4. I can’t believe he reversed down the alley with the trailer still attached to the back of the truck and did it absolutely perfect. Great job!

    1. He’s a pro. An average guy today wouldn’t be able to do that so well. Reverse – drive . Reverse – drive 1000000 times, swear words, and 2 hours. Me included. Lol.

    2. I was thinking the same thing, backing a trailer down a narrow drive and making sure you don’t drag a car over your boss if he slips. well done sir.

  5. From top of the line to mom and Pop’s Restaurants you guys do them all, no one can acuse Yall of being Gucci, I love it.

  6. Mustang Fastback barn finds are getting harder and harder to find! Very cool find and I am betting someone will be happy to get it even after you take out the things you need!

    1. I’d take it “as is” after he gets whatever he wants from it – just to have the shell of a ‘67 mustang fastback, one of my favorite cars ever…

  7. Dennis and Collins is just a “CLASS ACT”, saving history in American one piece at a time! And treating people with the upmost respect and kindness!!! Thatk you for what you do and sharing thte fun with us!!!

  8. I am majorly impressed with Alex’s ability to back a truck with a trailer with a car in tow on the front winch.

    1. Drive with a trailer long enough and it becomes a lot easier thanks to my grandpa had me backing trailers up at 12 lol but he never did have me winch a car while backing up haha

  9. Dennis, you are an honor to your trade… and the manner you present yourself on you tube, gives me the impression that you’re a good man.
    Continue to be an outstanding example as a fair man of business.

  10. I’m so jealous of all the cool finds Dennis is a lucky man I’m sure he has done his grind time to get here but man what a life cool job been watching for years always great!!

  11. Thanks for coming to our hometown, Wichita, KS. We recognized the garage immediately because I grew up a couple houses north. In fact, the big blue house you drug the Mustang by was my family’s home from 1972-2021. We never knew what was hidden in that crazy garage! Surely I saw it drive down the alley numerous times – but why would a young girl notice those things? 😉 We enjoy the show! The little Doo-Dah Diner you visited is certainly a gem that is very popular in our town, because that is a fun nick name for Wichita – Doo-Dah!
    We enjoy every episode, this one was super special tho!

    1. I don’t remember the Doo-Dah. I guess I’m a little before it’s time (66 now). I remember when the Civic Center was being built, got run off from there many times lol. Douglas and West of the river was my stomping grounds. Lots of memories from there.

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