RESCUED: TWO Mid-Year Corvette Coupe’s + Updates Are Back!

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Welcome to Episode 291!!!

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RESCUED: TWO Mid-Year Corvette Coupe's + Updates Are Back!

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  1. Go to for a 1-year supply of Vitamin D3+K2 and 5 AG1 travel packs FREE with your first purchase!

    1. Absolutely! Strange how they are in the elements roting away when they should at least be in a barn or shed.

  2. Damm Dennis. I would love to do what you do to rescue these beautiful automobiles. Hat off to you my brother ❀

    1. Here in Spokane WA we were home to a popular rather rough field find 63 corvette last driven in the 70’s I believe. It was parked in the driveway since. Last driven in the snow he installed snow tires. Never touched and wouldn’t sell.

  3. Thanks for another great show = picks and shovels!!!! So glad you are doing this and saving 2 corvettes that need saving. If you did not make this trip, visit and explore and make this effort, I do not think these cars would be saved. Love what you do!!!!

    1. @@stevenreynolds2327 it looked generic out of a can bland.. typical buffet food. And they didnt have much to say about it. It was a pretty short segment of the video compared to all the others lol

    2. I live here, I know the owners, I have been in the kitchen more times than I can count.
      Ill never convince you of anything, but it is actual home cooking. Is it on par for a millionaire like Dennis, maybe not, but it seats around 500 and you be hard pressed to get a seat during prime time. That says something.

    3. ​@@stevenreynolds2327How is it Home cooking if it’s made in a restaurant ??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Funny thing. I live in Rockport. I saw this coupe sitting there the other day while riding my motorcycle. I thought, I should stop there and tell them they should call Dennis. Then this episode pops up! I wish I would have known Dennis was coming down to Rockport, I have a 65 L78(396) that I was thinking of selling. Mine is #’s matching

  5. Second segment reminds me of a farm owned by Robert Zylstra. Owner of Zylstra Harley Davidson. Every building on the place (including the house) has been abandoned and falling in. Every building (including the house) is also full of old corvette parts.

  6. This is one video I could have sat and watched for two hours,I love the picking aspect of it, I am sure had y’all dug through more you could have found some real treasures,I wanted to watch you going through the rest of that shed, so many usable parts you could use in the future.
    Hopefully you put up a full video of you going through the rest of the junk yard.

  7. Nice job Dennis! A lot of people would have walked away from them but you gave the two Vetts a second chance ❀

    1. Thank everyone. Hey Dennis when you are done with the Vetts. I bet there a guy his initials are RH who might be interested!!!

  8. It never ceases to amaze me how magnificent cars can be left is such messed up condition. SO GLAD you are saving these, bless you.

    1. Until the mid ’80s or so, these classics were just old, worn out, used cars. It was a lot different back then. My dad had a very very early ’65 Mustang which would today be a ’64 1/2′ that he bought new. He _gave it away in 1973_ because he had replaced the transmission twice already and was fed up. He had a ’57 Sunliner too…just sold it one day for a few hundred in the mid ’60s. It was a PITA to keep the top lid working so he got rid of it. Different times for sure.

  9. I know other people rescue cars, but most specialize in a specific model. What makes DC so special, is he will not only rescue these lost time capsules, but make sure they breathe life once again. Really appreciate the update segments Zach! What program do you use to edit?

  10. Blows my mind dennis ‘s encyclopaedic knowledge…the research he must do. Not to mention the work they do. And we aint seeing the work in the restorations…amazing stuff…hats off to dennis and his whole team

  11. Nice rescue.. I am really happy these cars are getting a new lease of life and will be handled and taken care by Dennis. Wish more such rescues and restoration takes place and bring all these timeless classics back to their original glory

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