Reviving Legends: Inside the World’s #1 Nissan GT-R Restoration Shop | Capturing Car Culture

Sign Up With as he reveals the magic behind Garage , the world's leading remediation store. See scrap metal change into masterpieces, highlighting the enthusiasm and precision that solidify Garage as the # 1 remediation location in the world.

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Reviving Legends: Inside the World's #1 Restoration Shop | Capturing Car Culture

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    1. I’m fully convinced Larry Chen isn’t 1 person, I think there’s an army of Larry clones that disperse across the world and cover content

  1. Yoshida-san is a legend! Thank you for your passion and dedication to our cars. Wish Nissan would show a similar level of pride and reboot production of OEM parts, and I’m not talking about the pathetic heritage parts program. SR Autobodies in the UK also putting in some good work restoring R’s, worth following their socials.

    1. @@mikeymonty Of course Garage Yoshida would restore his car, it is a business after all. It is just a matter of when will it be done.

  2. In England there are a few boutique car builders that enjoy being a small company and have no intentions of being larger. I like that here and there too. We enjoy exactly what we do

    1. Yeah England is the only place I know that comes close to these japanes culture shops in terms of passion and stuff.

    1. But totally sensible statement. Let’s say he does 4-5 full restorations /year. That’s a 20-25 year career there finishing his career at age 50-60. By that time the cars qualify and classify as antique class cars.

    2. @@AliasHSW no I agree, I think that’s what makes it cool… is it makes those selected of those 100 that much more special

      I think it’s just a direct reflection on the Japanese mindset, that less is more
      An American builder would push out as many as possible until they are even way past their prime or ability

    3. Yeah that is wild, like Mine’s I hope another steps up to be his pupil so cars like this can be continued to be restored, and maybe able to restore even more of them. Definitely an art form I hope never dies!

    4. @@vickturorteezmakes me think about Tommyfyeah really getting into his stride recently with restoring skylines. He’s the only one putting that level of detail into them in the US at that level and nows a good time to get a car over there. By the time someone else starts the cars and parts will be too expensive or unobtainable. There really is a small window where restoring these cars is something you don’t have to be a millionaire to do.

  3. Wow! Only 4 individuals create those masterpieces! Incredible skills and unmeasurable passion for those machines!

  4. My eyes started filling with tears when they were telling the story of the R32 restoration. Each car has a story.

  5. Fantastic video Larry, what Yoshida San does is a passion, He’s purely an artisan and congrats on him accepting your restoration of your Skyline 👍

  6. It’s totaly mindblowing, deeply hearttouching. Makes me proud to own Japanese car. Even if not anywhere close to GT-R, but for me, my ’91 Prelude means the same as Larry’s R34 to himself. Domo arugato for this magical journey. Showing JDM spirit, giving hope. I’ll never stop driving…

    1. The Prelude is a great car and had a lot of similarities to the GTR when it came to its place in Hondas lineup. It was the first production car to have 4 wheel steering in 1987, it was one of Hondas best handling cars despite its weight due to the 4WS, Super Handling (torque vectoring diff) a high output motor with excellent steering and braking. It’s style starting with the 3rd gen was always popular and they still look good today, especially the 5th gen. There was even a rumor of an AWD prelude for racing.

  7. Larry, you are one of a kind, sir. You’re one of my heroes, and it’s so cool to hear at the closure of this one that your R34 will be restored by a hero as well. His work is so pure. These are my absolute favorite things to watch on youtube. It’s the core of car culture at it’s utmost beauty.

  8. One of the most important things I learned from here is was his passion really helps create good details in restorations.
    Kudos to everyone at Yoshida Garage who worked together on the restoration with passion and love!

  9. What a special group of people. I hope others follow in their footsteps and devote such love and care to restoring other cars.

  10. What a place and what a man, Yoshida-san and his small,
    but very talented and dedicated team are.

    Not all that surprising that he has jobs coming at him all the time.

    The prices mentioned are in a different league though, the R32-R34
    Skyline families, has really left behind the average person, who might one
    day own one of these legendary machines.

    But everyone should be very thankful that places like Garage Yoshida exist, keeping
    these cars going and on the roads, hopefully to be driven and not just in storage,
    for a long time yet.

  11. Congrats on getting your R34 restored. Still, 100 cars left means completing one every 3 to 4 months. For a team of 4 that’s pretty impressive if you ask me (massive understatement), considering the state of some of the cars. We can only hope his passion for the R is passed on to the coming generations!

  12. What an incredible and interesting insight. Having purchased an R32 years ago after a visit to a similar GTR workshop in Japan, Its fascinating the passion these guys have for the mythical GTRs.

  13. When so many people these days no longer value this kind of high level craftsmanship, taking the time to shine a spotlight on those that quietly continue to produce this beautiful work is so important. It makes me and the limited few like us realize we are not alone, and that our work still valued!

    1. You restore cars?

      I do in a limited sense. I do it as a hobby. I’ve been collecting new BMW and Mitsubishi Evo parts before they are discontinued.

      I woukd love to start a small shop to restore certain 80’s, 90’s, and early 00’s cars.

  14. Congratulations on getting in on the last 100! All of the Nissan GT-R’s are very special cars and deserve their place in automotive history. They’re wonderfully engineered and look fantastic. I have the same appreciation and love for my 2007 FJ Cruiser.

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