Richard Hits The Jackpot With These Amazing Classic Cars | Fast N’ Loud

See as Richard uncovers some of the most iconic classic automobiles on his sees to different garages across the U.S.A..

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Richard Hits The Jackpot With These Amazing Classic Cars | Fast N' Loud

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    1. Trust me when i tell you that they’ve (cable companies of today) become a real nightmare for plenty of reasons. I can only speak about my experience with our local cable company so yeah. BTW, it’s so bad that I’ve connected HD antennas to every single TV as a backup which we use at least 1/4 of the time we watch TV.

  1. Makes me wonder what some of these people do for a living to own this many classic cars that are actually worth $$ and still build extra garages… I know I know, some car’s are pass me downs…. still curious though aren’t you?

  2. Does anyone know the episode where Richard bought a garage full of cars then sold it to Dennis the same day for like $100,000 more. Jw and I can’t remember. Thanks

    1. Yeah I remember I have it on dvd, I loved that episode, it was from an earlier series and Dennis went on to make 125k himself.

  3. Iβ€˜ll say this :i think all those cars deserve a 2020 feauture and be droven not layin in bars and die there owned by an old grandfather!…its sad to see getting destroyed ..yeah so i will suggest to sell all to Gas Monkey and give us some fresh Content guys !!! What do You community think ??

  4. I never understood y the price bargaining are SOOOO LOOOOOW. What am I missing? Is it part of the show to price em so low? I’ve been to so many car shows and NEVER have i seen prices that low to sell/buy

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