RIP: The End of the Chevrolet Camaro! + Tour of COPO!!

Welcome to Episode 238!!!

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RIP: The End of the Chevrolet Camaro! + Tour of COPO!!

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  1. Unbelievable show was in tears for the first half.
    I’ve been a Camaro fan my whole life. My dad had to sell his 69 with a 302 4-speed because I was born.
    Somehow someday I’m going to own one of those cars.

    1. I had a 69 Z that I bought off the lot at Berger . It was the summer after graduation. Man did i learn a lot about vehicle dynamics.

    2. Oh my goodness you must have been a special baby …. LOL, Dad stepped up when it comes to his responsibility as a father.

  2. Gives me chills to know how successful the rebirth of Copo has been. I am glad that I have my share of them.

  3. I think Dennis was day drinking lol he was fired up . Cars are amazing its sad there stopping production. EV’s are embarrassing

    1. Thats what i was thinking too, only he’s not a day drinker like his buddy Rich, drunk on life, he was genuinely excited like a little kid at Christmas.

    2. It’s the end of the elitist model! You know; the ones you and I could never afford. I love Coffee Walk but let’s be real! How many people do you know that have one?

  4. As you would say Outstanding those are some beautiful race cars love the tributes and burnouts were awesome. God bless the guys at Copo I hope you continue to build amazing cars. Love y’all.

  5. I remember when I had a 500 HP 1970 SS Chevelle with a .30 over 454 large oval port engine, 11:1 compression, and a RV cam with 292 adv. duration somebody asked me how many miles per gallon did it get. I said “if I stomp on it it is feet per gallon,…not mile per gallon.” In the quarter mile that thing could burn up close to 2-gallons.

  6. OMG I am so impressed by each Camara but the difference between the two are so phenomenal that my mind is blown .

  7. So insanely cool! Thank you so much Dennis for taking us along! It’s sad that chevrolet killed this wonderful car thats been a part of our lives since 1967! Why did they kill it when ford can keep the pony car going ? What a shame!

    1. Methinks a little more coffee should be drunk before he gets in front of the camera next time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Very cool guys as always you produce and show some of the best cars out there keep up the great content be safe and happy holidays to you and your family from all of us here in Vermont at the shop (cyclone cycles)

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