Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX vs Ford Raptor vs GMC Syclone — drag racing the world’s fastest pickups!

America Truck Yeah! We assemble the 4 quickest production pickup trucks ever made in a 3-race debut of our newest show featuring automobile journalist Jason Cammisa.

Cammisa's Ultimate Drag Race Replay integrates ultra-high-quality 4K and drone video footage of races with complete VBox instrumented testing outcomes and a slow-motion walk-back explanation of what you simply saw– putting all that performance into point of view.

In this episode, we invite special visitor Kim Nielsen, the creator of the GMC Syclone and Hurricane, the original muscle trucks. Kim races his personal, stock, GMC Syclone against the others.

The Rivian R1T Release Edition makes 835 hp from 4 motors, and dismisses the Ram TRX, with its 702-hp Hellcat V-8, as the quickest pickup ever produced. Only slightly behind is the Ford Raptor, with its 450-hp twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6.

However where does the GMC Syclone fall on the leaderboard? You'll have to enjoy to find out.


Chapter Markers.

0:00 Welcome to Cammisa's Ultimate Drag Race Replay.
0:20 Drag Race Setup – R1T vs TRX vs Raptor – with specifications.
0:50 Quarter-mile truck drag race.
1:20 Rivian R1T instrumented screening vs Bugatti and McLaren F1.
2:11 Ram TRX instrumented screening vs Ferrari F40 and R35 Nissan .
3:11 Ford Raptor instrumented testing and sound vs Volkswagen .
4:33 GMC Syclone surprise look with Kim Nielsen.
5:03 Syclone on a being hauled by the Rivian.
5:25 Drag Race: Rivina R1T towing GMC Syclone vs Raptor vs Ram TRX.
6:23 Drag Race: GMC Syclone vs Ford Raptor.
7:07 Conclusion: Jason gets fired from .


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Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX vs Ford Raptor vs GMC Syclone — drag racing the world's fastest pickups!

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  1. I knew the Cyclones were fast for their time, but I had no idea they’d still hang with today’s vehicles. That’s the most impressive thing I got from this video.

    1. Fast for their time ??
      The 93 Supra was 320 hp on paper but 370 hp by dyno numbers. Throw in a front mount intercooler and and full exhaust system, now 400 hp … that was FAST back in 93.

    2. California does not have a Recycling Center for Leaky Acids or other Chemicals Battery Packs, which POLLUTES our GROUND WATER
      From Millions of Hybrid Cars and Electric Vehicles (EV’s). From 8 to 12 years ago sitting on Junkyards. I double checked to confirm Jalopnik Article.
      There are only Recycling Centers ♻️ for Electronic devices Cellphones and 📺 🖥 Computers 🖥

    3. @Chasing Different Adventures right, ev batteries are NOT allowed in dump sites and no place takes them. This is why people just leave batteries on the ground. They have to be isolated due to their chemistry.

    4. @Eric Rosen Why is everyone so impressed a new car can keep up with something 30 years old? The technology applies under the hood too.

  2. I didn’t realize how much of a beast the GMC Syclone is. It’s also crazy how big pickups are nowdays.

    1. @Kommunisator ok well I have a family of 4 and frequently need to carry an extra kid or two AND cargo. The Suzuki would do ok because of its clearance – proving my point. The panda would be toast. If I was a single dude, the Suzuki might be a fine choice, if I could find one in North America – but they haven’t been sold here since the 1990s.

    2. @tiananman I have a light SUV from the 80s, about the same size as that syclone in the video. bigger trucks sink and have trouble getting around the roads I have to drive

    3. @Ethan Arias good for you. try driving in Vermont during mud season. There’s’ a reason why everyone in my neighborhood has a full sized truck or SUV. But I’m sure you know better, somehow.

  3. The storytelling, the cinematography, the editing, the entertainment, Jason Cammisa. This is one of the best car channels on YouTube.

  4. The quality in these videos is insane. I’m always blown away with the amazing content this channel puts out!

    1. @NatureRecycleFlorida not true at all watch TFLs video and it will prove your comment incorrect

    2. @NatureRecycleFlorida you said normal towing the Ike gauntlet is the steepest grade in the states so it is literally the most extreme situation for towing.

    3. @Kevin mcnamara some rivian employees drove from Detroit to ca towing a vintage car they only got 100 miles at best .
      The write up was on jalopnik or the Drive.

  5. Absolutely amazing cinematography, editing, and hosting by Jason! You guys are easily the best car channel on YouTube.

  6. The “slow motion” part starting @1:19 with the R1T, TRX and Raptor rolling past was amazingly done.

    Rivian and Hagerty needs to team up and do a rally.
    Rivian motto “Keep the World Adventurous Forever”
    Hagerty motto “Never Stop Driving”

    1. Electricity powered cars, trucks might be quicker but there’s nothing quite like the sound of a V8 or a V6 at full charge.

  7. The production level of these videos is just phenomenal. This is not the best automotive content just on youtube, but anywhere. Well done Jason Cammisa and team

    1. @Frank Bullitt Oooooh, that’s one of ‘those’ channels,.. scroll through and can see lots of stolen content.

    1. Do you think Rivian will actually become a viable manufacturer? They’ve made around 1000 trucks, yet lost almost 5 billion last year and after raising prices had a ton of cancelled orders…..I have my doubts.

  8. Very cool that they included the Syclone! I am fortunate to own one myself! Catches many unsuspecting drivers offguard for a street light race

  9. I remember being blown away when the late 1990s Porsche 993 Turbo S could hit 0-60 in 3.9 seconds.

    And now multiple trucks can.

    People who drive the Rivian seem to love it.

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