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  1. Got my licence and driving lessons in one of those back when it was launched. Was actually a huge difference driving it in comparison with other cars from that class and era

  2. It did not roll over faster than other cars. It just got tested harder and later ones got electronically stabilized because of it

    1. No it wasn’t. It underwent the exact same test as every other car. And it wasn’t just later ones that got electronic stability control and suspension changes. They recalled every single one of them to retro-fit it, because it was considered dangerous. And it wasn’t just that it rolled over in the elk test, it was the dramatic way that it threw itself up & over.

    2. @@megaangelic it was a new test, it was one of the first cars to fail, it was only one of many cars who failed

  3. Just putting that half bakes story out there without clarification that they are perfectly save is criminal.

  4. I still wonder to this day how on earth did Doug imagine this car could have even a light sprinkle of fun when driving it

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