Rusty Jeep CJ-5 Parked For 40 Years! Will It Run?

This traditional CJ-5 was parked in the early 80's. Can Davin and Jeff bring its 225ci Buick V-6 engine back to life? The owner of this specific fondly remembers driving it in high school in the late 1970s, however can't remember why he parked it on his father's residential or commercial property close to 40 years earlier. Davin and Jeff set out to see if some fresh stimulate plugs, excellent fuel, filed points, and a little TLC can respond to the basic concern:

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Preliminary engine examination. What engine is it?
02:19 – What's the strategy to get it running?
03:04 – Backstory to this Jeep and its owner
04:12 – Pulling stimulate plugs and lubing cylinders
07:09 – Checking the starter with new battery
07:55 – Supplier cap comes off to submit the points
09:14 – New trigger plugs and checking for stimulate
10:05 – New points and condenser
12:48 – Davin describes dwell and setting point space
15:08 – Examining the coil with ohm meter
18:15 – Providing it some fuel and very first attempt at starting!
19:23 – Managing top of carburetor
20:06 – Carburetor needle and seat assessment and cleansing
21:39 – Needs more power! (Dive pack has actually entered the chat).
22:40 – IT lives!!!
24:56 – Recap and observations.
26:45 – Monitoring compression just for kicks.

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Rusty Jeep CJ-5 Parked For 40 Years!

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