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    1. ​@BlackBoyInABlueBimmerthat means he doesn’t act gangster, doesn’t have kids he doesn’t know about, and doesn’t have a rap sheet.

    1. @M cares enough to just might learn something. Maybe you should care about right Vs wrong.

    2. What’s the right way? I read this way back in gt4 or something that’s that’s how I pronounced it. And everyone else I’ve heard say it says “Sae-leen”

  1. An American embarrassment. Slap some cheap plastic trim and some fancy spark plugs from AutoZone and you get this. The Saleen mustang was no different.

  2. The vague production figures makes it more intriguing as a unique bit of rare automotive history.

  3. As someone who lives within 2miles of the Saleen headquarters this is awesome to learn about. Gonna think bout it every time I drive by now.

  4. Please do a video on the xp6. Noone ever talks about the xp6 and it would be cool to get some facts

  5. Saleen kept as good of records as Doug tells as good a story- not very well. At least not without the Bobcat Goldthwait over exaggerated pronunciations etc…..

  6. 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9l was world’s fastest suv for a few years. I think until 04 when tbss came out.

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