Saying Goodbye To The Jaguar F-Type… Forever!

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And easily, the #Jaguar #FType is dead. After ten years, Jaguar are stopping production of the sports car that has been so essential to this channel and my life.

Jaguar is about to go all electrical and with completion of the F-Type, we also say goodbye to the combustion engine sports car from Jaguar … an icon.

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Introduction Music – Holismo, Sheldrake by Seiscientosdoce.
Channel Art & Intro Photography by Adam Shah [] & Chris Williams []

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Saying Goodbye To The Jaguar F-Type… Forever!

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  1. That opening cinematic was on par or better than anything the “traditional” motoring publications put out. Outstanding!

    1. I was about to write the same thing and the top comment is praising the intro scene! Absolutely incredible and the filming quality is just on another level to any other automotive vlogger

    2. @John Farris because on YouTube, people care about volume of content rather than production value

  2. Wow what an opener to a video! The cinematography is absolutely stunning. Clearly sad to see the F type go but interest to see what replaces it. Keep up the excellent content.

  3. Those first two minutes show exactly why you’re the best automotive youtuber out there in my opinion. Amazing work as always!

    1. Agreed! To others it’s just a fly away trip to film some open sports car, drive around a bit and publish a little bit of film or article.. with STG we get the personal touch, and I freaking adore it.

    1. Had some OG Top Gear vibe. I could almost hear JC doing a voice over in the background. Really professional filming Sam!

  4. Well Sam, I’m 2 minutes in and I can say you’ve definitively set a new standard for STG videos!

  5. I’ve been watching since the 4c days and I can honestly say this is the most stunning and emotional piece of content I’ve seen on this channel. Great work and on to the next Jag adventure!

    1. @Dylan Harris Remember the “true blood” wrap? One of the rare occasions a wrap made a car better imo

  6. Presenting, production, post production absolutely smashed out the park. The best 16 minutes of STG I have watched since the channel began 👏👌

  7. The production quality, the script, the story. Everything about this video is amazing. Sam your videos just get better and better every time! Thank you for being an incredible YouTuber and person!

  8. Amazing video and cinematography Sam! I’ve been watching since the TTS days and agree, it was your V8 R that truly took this channel to new heights and very well deserved. Lets hope synthetic fuels take hold and Jaguar make a U-turn on their business model.

  9. From the next level cinematic introduction, the subdued “Hello one and all” the story of your Journey with the brand and model to the heartfelt montage at the end…

    Absolute perfection Sam. Perfection.

  10. What an absolutely fantastic video Sam, the videography was amazing, this had Top Gear (The Clarkson, Hammond & May era) written all over it, what a send off to a car you are so obviously passionate about. This type of video puts you head and shoulders above the best automotive YouTubers out there. All credit to you 👍🇬🇧

  11. Cinematography is conveying and influencing emotion… You nailed this one Sam! Felt like I was saying goodbye to an F-type myself 😂😂😂

  12. I’m not even a huge ftype fan, but as a video you have managed to plunge all of your passion and emotion for a vehicle into a video with excellent cinematography, emotion and history. Top work. Genuinely better than anything top gear or grand tour I’ve put out in such a long time. You should be so proud of this video

  13. I have never seen a better love letter to a car, this video hits it out of the park and the emotion is palpable!

  14. Seriously one of the best videos you’ve done Sir.
    The opening scenes, music and production was completely worthy of an award.
    If Jaguar wasn’t paying attention to your skill level of promotion then shame on them…
    You have serious talent Sam.

  15. This channel has easily become my favorite in the last year. It’s absolutely stuck to its routes and at the same time evolved. I really appreciate the quality and personal touches. Most others in the space have become too commercial, unpredictable and showy. Love what you do sir keep up the fantastic work!

  16. Been watching your channel (& BTG) for years; this is, IMHO, by far, your best ever work. Not merely the edit and the opening sequence being on a par with Top Gear pro footage in it’s heyday. It’s the sheer emotion conveyed. Amongst so much clickbait, well done Sam! An absolute joy to watch and absorb. 🙏🏼

  17. What a beautiful tribute Sam, I’ve been here since the 4C days, the journey you’ve been on both F-Type and YouTube related is phenomenal. This video was beautifully shot and brought back fond memories of watching your earlier videos hoping one day to own a car like this! Well done on a great send off piece, you really did do it justice! Good luck for the future

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