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  1. Doug you’ve been bombarded by bots in the comments. The Lucid Air Sapphire is an amazing car. I’m genuinely curious to know what other brands are going to build/update to beat this.

  2. It’s amazing how many Ol’ Musky / Tesla fanboys hate on these cars, when they’re leaps and bounds better than anything Tesla has to offer.

    1. Also a lot more money. I dislike all electric cars equally but I’m sure Tesla could produce a similar car with all the luxury and power this has for a similar amount. None of this is hard to achieve with an electric car. You could pack as many high power electric motors as you want and get a 2000hp 0-60 in 1 second car but it’s still a soundless soulless shell on top of battery’s. Power and speed have become standard like automatic windows because of electric cars. Soccer moms have suvs that can go 0-60 in 3 seconds now all for under 45k.

  3. Ngl I would take a Model S Plaid for the simple fact that it’s like 90k to 250k and maybe use the extra money for a Porsche or something. Doesn’t seem to over a huge return over that car and while people are quick to point out Teslas build quality issues. Lucid has it worse if you just check out the forms.

  4. Love the speed and the looks but I still can’t get over the soulless aspect of fully electric cars. Speed and power have become this easy to achieve even soccer moms have it now type thing. I like my cars to have an aggressive exhaust sound, a motor, power and speed but I want it from mechanical engineering not batteries and software. Hybrids I like because you get the best of both worlds. Like corvettes new hybrid E-Ray or Lambos new hybrid with a v12. Without an engine it’s just a shell with battery’s

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