Secret Garden full of overgrown Classic Cars

Secret Garden full of overgrown Vintage cars (4 x Porsches, Mazdas, BMWs, Mercedes …).

Jonny was invited to visit a garden in Cardiff, Wales (UK) where a chap called Rein had generated (and parked) his collection of classic cars throughout the years. Unfortunately numerous have either caught acts of vandalism, or been overloaded by undergrowth. As the vehicles are now being offered for sale Jonny helped to undercover as many as possible for this unique film. For the list of cars and trucks please scroll down to the chapters.

The playlist episodes are happily supported by Adrian Flux insurance, who Jonny has actually utilized to guarantee his own classic, contemporary and modified cars with for many years. Adrian Flux have their own Youtube channel:.

Adrian Flux can be found on social networks:.

Substantial thanks to land owner Gareth Church for calling the show, and to the vehicle's owner Rein Adamson for approving approval for Jonny movie.

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Filmed and edited by: Phil Vaughan -.
Insta: @philvfilms.
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant -.

Jonny Smith.
Creative content maker, cars and truck speaker & vehicle pervert for hire given that '98.

0:00 Introduction.
0:33 Supported by Adrian Flux.
0:42 The owner.
2:33 Porsche .
2:43 318iS.
5:12 mk1 Mazda MX-5.
5:53 MX-5 RS Limited.
6:40 Mercedes .
6:52 BMW E36 325TDS.
8:18 Fiat 124 Spider.
9:10 E30 318iS engine.
11:40 BFF = Barn Discover Fleece.
14:26 Porsche 912.
14:50 Revealing Porsche.
15:42 Falling through sunroof.
16:05 Jonny's 912 story.
16:30 912 FRONT.
18:30 What year is the 912?
20:04 Opening Porsche doors.
20:38 Engine cover.
21:08 912 engine bay.
21:45 912 history.
22:46 Opening bonnet.
24:00 Incorrect key.
24:56 Lancia Delta.
25:41 1966 Porsche 2.2.
27:38 Rein's rally interest.
28:55 Rein's life.
29:50 Porsche .
30:43 Fiat 124 Spider.
31:30 All automobiles for sale.

#abandonedporsche #barnfindporsche #thelatebrakeshow #derelictclassiccar.

Secret Garden full of overgrown Classic Cars

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  1. I felt a slightly melancholic note from you Jonny, I think the old chap has never really got over the loss of his wife and has fallen into the hoarding stuff routine as he feels like having let go of his wife he needs to keep everything else.
    30 years ago I tried to help an old boy clear out his collection of tractors but it was painful as every little thing we unearthed had a memory or some value in his mind and the to go area was almost empty. Sadly he died 3 months later and his poor nephew who was left everything which nearly broke the poor lad trying to sort it.

  2. Sad on a few fronts. Sad and gutting to hear about the vandalism, arson and attempted theft, but also sad that all these cars have just been left to rot in the vegetation/collapsed buildings. Hope some of them, or at least parts, can be salvaged

    1. @Dan Stewart Jesus, you are reading way too much into what I said chap. I’m not “judging” anyone. Don’t get all Daily Mail about it!

    2. Sad that poor Rein is at this low ebb in life. Also sad that none of those cars are actually worth anything at all..

  3. I drive past that house most weeks and the Golf can be seen from the road, always wondered what else was in there. Not surprised about the vandalism though, that part was very rough a few years ago. It’s getting better now though. If I’d known you were there I’d have popped round with tools and leant a hand, would love to help uncover some proper gems from undergrowth someday.

    1. I’m guessing it isn’t Tremorfa then! I haven’t the foggiest where this is, not that I’m interested in buying any of the cars in their current state, apart from the 912.

    2. @Twarn does stuff 5 seconds on Google and I’ve found his house. It look abandoned, boarded up gates, garden is massively over grown. As others have suggested, he’s clearly unable to throw anything away, and he cant look after what hes got fully.

      Not sure if he’s got any children, but they have a real bastard of a job to sort out when he does depart this world…

    3. @TeslaBot You want to let somebody else buy these cars and then spend x 3 the estimated money and time to restore them and then buy it off them ….

  4. What a life that bloke has lived wouldn’t you just love to have a beer with him the storys and car chat would be amazing we’ll done again Johnny

    1. Reminds me of my neighbor they even look the same. If there is one thing he is good at its telling stories and drinking beer. His place even looks the same minus the cars

  5. It does make you wonder what other cars are hidden away around the country. Great work as usual Jonny 👏

  6. What a fabulous chap Rein is, I’d love to spend a day in his company the knowledge and reminiscences he’d impart would make anyone a much richer person.

  7. It makes me so angry that pathetic and brainless vandals would cause such damage in more ways than one to a nice chap with a love of cars!

    1. It’s not cool but it’s also a lesson in not leaving your property looking like an abandoned wasteland if you want people to respect it.

  8. I love the barn find series, but to see those cars, especially the porches, in that state of disrepair and so overgrown just saddens me!

  9. Really enjoyed the episode. He will have known how others would judge him after letting you film and still went ahead. There must be lots of people and cars in a similar position that would have kept you away. It says a lot. I think you could have done a half hour interview with him about his life and it would have been interesting. You did a great sensitive job on this Jonny and it was fascinating to see. Well done!

    1. @Elliot Flowers I am sorry to hear that you think so poorly of people and hope that you soon will see the goodness that is in 99% of people. Good luck on your journey.

    2. @Elliot Flowers By broadcasting this, they will hopefully find some buyers willing to help clear it all out. I just lost my father this month and he had a massive sad collection of things rotting away and if we had had this kind of opportunity to help him sell it off and clear it out before he passed we would have all been VERY thankful for it.

    3. Or one could not judge him, cut him some slack and appreciate he is probably a sound human being with a wealth of interesting life experiences and stories (evident from some of his banter on the vid) and who has been impacted by some devastating life experiences.

  10. Another fascinating ‘uncovering’. Do you think we’ll ever see a ‘what happened next…’ follow up to any of these saved cars?

    1. What a great suggestion Paul. I too would love to see follow up episodes for all these epic “barn finds”. Also how the current custodians are doing as well.

    1. So incredibly sharp about every car and nut and bolt. Reminds me a lot of my grandad, when you get him talking about his passions he could talk all day!

  11. I love these cars so much I’ve let them turn to dust.

    He says he’s going to sell them but like most hoarders you can tell from the way he talks about total wrecks as being in good condition, he’s unlikely to let them go. There’ll always be a reason to hold on to something “just in case” or he’ll ask silly money for a wreck knowing no one will pay it.

    1. Old and delusionsal, i like the guys sales pitch,, they were all specially set up (before he got them) ready to rumble..

    2. People will still offer well less than they’re worth, just to readvertise them for 3 times as much.
      He really needs to get them all out, get the dirt off them, and put them in an auction. That’s the only way to get the genuine buyers and what they’re realistically worth.

  12. Sympathetically handled Mr Smith, well done.
    Like you I should have sold my Beetle back in the early 90’s and bought a 912 when I had the chance. Oh well, I’m looking forward to your 912 restoration series

  13. My goodness Rein’s story is amazing. Thanks for doing this Jonnie and pass on our Best Wishes to Rein and I hope he can enjoy some of the money realised from the sale.

  14. I didn’t know that Rein was still alive! I did some work on a couple of those cars for him in 2007/8.

    The Fiat 124 Spider (made the brakes work and replaced most of the suspension ball joints) and the red and white 924 Turbo (oil change and making the windows work). Sad to see them like this although neither were good cars, even back then, the 124 was rust free but typically American, never been serviced so everything was tired out, the 924 just felt baggy all round.

    I remember him taking the 911 to the specialist because I went with him and gave him a lift home!

    He’s a real character and has some great stories, he told me about selling some Volvo rocker arms to TWR and wondered why they wanted them as they were racing Rover Sd1s at the time…

    1. Are you the alfaholics guy?
      I never used your services but i heard of you (and I may have ordered a part of your shop once…) …. I am a dutch aflista and lived in Liverpool in 1989-93, in the USA since then
      Anyway cool story the classic car world is full of “characters…” and cheepskates especially alfistas who always want to pinch pennies LOL! (not me I promise!)

  15. Great video, thanks for this. So sad seeing the cars like they are but Rein is obviously a man that’s been through some tough times. If I’m nitpicking I feel you cut the video a bit abruptly as he was talking about his wife but there we go. Hope he manages to get some money from these and people can at least use the parts to help keep other cars on the road.

  16. This is a heartbreaking video. Usually barn finds carry the hope to salvage a car. This many cars, in those conditions, are such a waste. And the guy is a masterpiece in contradiction: extremely sharp when it comes to cars, trims and repairs, and evidently sloppy about… everything else. It shows that when we lose that special someone in our lives, it is so easy to get lost and overwhelmed by life itself. My heart goes with him, my hope is that some car lovers see the potential (if any) in those cars, purchase and restore them.

    1. You are right. He’s inadvertently become an eccentric and his mental health is probably not as fit as his chirpy interactions portray. No criticism of him though. Like homelessness or any mental health issues, none of us (even if we don’t admit it to ourselves) are further enough away from either than we’d like. 😐

    2. @Gualter For sure, these people are the same all arround the world, in my country too. They let to waste by rust old rare cars on the rain and snow and they don´t want to hear about some sale of these cars. They say: i will restore it (evidently no way), this is for my grandsons (they will only sweep the cars on the scapula and take it to scrap) and so. I think, that this is a some type of mental illnes, to own something which i cannot properly maintain and put in working order. This is really sad, some of these cars are really rare 🙁

    3. @superleggenda in the 1950’s nobody wanted prewar cars because they were OLD cars not classics and they were abandoned and crushed. Then in the 80’s nobody wanted 50’s cars because of the same. Now what you think of as just a old car, is in the same window of time. That BMW is already 40 years old. I think it would make a more practical classic project than trying to restore a TR3 from a frame and engine.

  17. I am really angry that these vandal knob heads destroyed this lovely man’s life and his health. Having had my life destroyed by some unfeeling fool, he has my deepest sympathy. Good video Jonny. Pete. 🇬🇧

  18. Feel really bad for the man, lost everyone around him and life just falls apart. And also you’d think that garden would have grown for 50 years rather than 15, that’s astonishing growth in that period, no wonder cars in Britain rot quickly when sat a few years.. I’d really like one of them 190’s though

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