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  1. There was a similar screen to this on my family’s 05 Dodge Ram and it could display your current direction, and I always enjoyed watching it on road trips as a kid

    1. ​@W.I wish it had helped me form some kind of understanding of directions, but no, I still have no internal compass

  2. This is a few years after the Reatta. Riviera and Toronado CRT screen was discontinued due to older buys not liking the touch screen. GM was trying to get buyers slowly acclimated to computer interface in a car. I personally like the CRT touch screen in my Reatta.

  3. I love older cars with buttons instead of these damn touchscreens, where you need to take your eyes off the road to operate.

  4. My grandpa died when I was 3 in 2000 and his last car was an Aurora. Everyone always told me I got my enthusiasm for cars from him, but it was always confusing to me why such a car nut would drive an Oldsmobile of all things. This video definitely made me appreciate his choice and brought him back into my life if only for a few minutes. Thanks Doug

  5. Instead of the cover they could have easily programmed the black button to cycle through menus but that wouldn’t have looked as cool😅

  6. Many GM cars in the late 80’s and through the 90’s had this on board computer as an option in some equipment packages. I used to ride in my grandma’s Oldsmobile 98 and read the owners manual, which showed this computer as an option. I was jealous that her car didn’t have it because I wasn’t able to push the buttons while riding.

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