Seized-up Ford V8 Engine from Barn Find Pantera Gets Restored | Redline Rebuild

It's finally here. The total time-lapse of Davin restoring our Ford 351 Cleveland from the barn find De Tomaso Pantera that Tom and Brian found. It's been a long journey, but it's all worth it when you hear the engine fire up for the first time. Now, hopefully we can get it into the car and hit the roadway once again soon.

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Seized-up Ford V8 Engine from Barn Find Pantera Gets Restored | Redline Rebuild

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  1. I see a Redline Rebuild video, instant serotonin rush for me.

    Anyway, that is one awesome rebuild of the Pantera’s V8 engine! Keep up the awesome work.^^

    1. That’s why I came to the comments. I agree! I’ve never seen anything like this in 50 years of lusting after anything cars. The stop motion was genius.

  2. Judging by the amount of time you must have had to put into this, I take it you had someone to do your Christmas shopping for you. Nice work!

  3. Love love love the time lapse and stop animation video! Masterful editing and thank you for putting the time in to make the video! Love the journey this car is taking and thank you for taking us along! Bravo

  4. Very nice work with the engine! And, on top of that a very professional video! I love the stop-motion fotage of the nuts, bolts and tape, awesome!!!
    That engine will for sure be an eye catcher when back in the restored Pantera.

  5. The stop motion of unmasking the engine was excellent.

    Thank you for including some information on the engine upgrades you performed.

  6. I enjoyed watching the time lapse. Thank You for sharing the trails and tribulations of the process. Happy New Year to all.😊

  7. The restoration team deserves an award and the production and editing team deserves an Oscar, holy shi…!!!!

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