Shmee150 Gave Me The Keys To His 850HP Mercedes AMG GT Black Series!

Today dropped in to movie a tour of our collection. While he was going to, we chose to trade vehicles for a bit. I let him my uncommon 6-Speed manual Ferrari 575m for the very first time, and he let me his right-hand man Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Series! The tuned 850HP twin turbo plat aircraft crank V8 truly packed a punch!

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Gave Me The Keys To His 850HP !

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  1. What watch is Tim wearing? I seen it many times before and always thought it was an Apple Watch with a case. I know he has hundreds of omegas but wtf if that thaang

  2. Hey i’m looking for a clean auto 350z to manual swap later on down the road. Is there any way a normal person could get auction access? Im also in AZ but figured i’d ask

  3. I kinda got the idea of how big Jeff is but next to Tim he’s a giant!
    These YouTube colab videos Tim is doing with so many is amazing.

  4. at the end of this awesome day, did you or shall i say were you able to make a good swap on cars payment and all and most of all add it to your awesome collection of cars?

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