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    1. It can adjust the volume though. As I mentioned in another comment, if you look closely you will see the previous track symbol has a minus symbol next to it too, meaning this knob can do multiple function all at once. I believe the operation is like this:
      – Press once: Play/Pause – Answer/Hang up phone
      – Hold: Mute – Power Off/On
      – Double Press: Enter pairing mode
      – Turn once: Adjust volume
      – Turn and hold: Prev/Next track

    2. @NyanSiSTER I still feel volume should be a seperate button as the multifunction button makes sense on a bluetooth speaker/headphones, but not here, In fact I’d just rather have it all built into the steering wheel with separate buttons instead, and nothing on the dash.

    3. @Commodorefan64 There are some Singer out there with a 1-DIN headunit that have the both volume and track seeking knobs seperately so I think in general Singer will put a usual headunit in but maybe the owner of this DLS want a totally minimalistic interior with no sight of modern technology like LCD display (I do aware there is another small dot LCD in the speedometer) while still want some basic creature comfort like streaming music from their phone occasionally so this is the compromise Singer chose to do. Also putting steering controls will definitely ruin the retro aspect and the goal Singer has followed, creating a perfected classic Porsche with minimal modern touch as much as possible

    1. ofc still have the button. But have you every tried to use a multipurpose button. With parrying your phone or something like this. Its a mess specially when you don´t have a screen with it@Harold

    1. I don’t think so really. Whenever he reviews tech that is new to the market, he is fascinated by it. regardless of the cars price

    2. @Model_Building_Fan and in the contrary I think this feature can be really practical
      Combining features into one knob has the potential to be creative
      You could bring essential features out of a screen back into a knob.
      Once you get the gestics I’d is a nobrainer. What if you had something like this on the steering wheel? In the trunk? Wherever you don’t have space for a lot of buttons

    3. that’s not cheap at all. The radio and sound system of that car cost more than a corolla and rather have that dial than an immediately outdated regular slow screen. Its perfect for this car.

    1. ​@zafert85this Singer has a complete carbon fiber body and and an aluminum chassis. The engine alone costs about 400k, very expensive to make power from a naturally aspirated aircooled engine, they had Williams F1 make experimental heads to break 500hp. With Singer’s re-engineered suspension geometry to handle that power. Add ontop that each entrior is bespoke, even down to smallest detail
      2 million is not too outlandish for such a special car. They are also only making a handful of these cars.

  1. Probably some of the nicest cars on the planet. Especially from a driving perspective. But its hard to see 2M there.

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