Sleeper Turned Racer 1000+hp BMW E30?? (DTB 029)

If you bring a cool automobile by Tire Slater Studios we're gon na wan na take a look at it, particularly if you've revealed us cool automobiles in the past, so when Joseph informed us his made quadruple digit power we wanted to think him! Initially glance this is a total sleeper, but it's been transmogrifying into a drift racer for a while. Over fenders to suit fat Mickey Thompsons, sun roof erase, M50 manifold swap … Sure it's "NOS ready" but we understand it's a work in development. This thing boogies and paints the backyard with all sort of burnouts, smoke, and fluids!

412 MOTORSPORT/ 1991 312IS

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Sleeper Turned Racer 1000+hp E30?? (DTB 029)

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    1. Another 4 doors car that looks really good it’s the icon Mercedes Benz 190e 2.3 16v Cosworth, I remember DTM racing with e30 m3, both are beautiful cars, Saludos desde Cuzco 🇵🇪

    1. @salsarriba A white Huracan would disagree with your statement. Also, you’re all talking out of your asses and never driven something with more than 100whp.

    2. Who goes on a platform as big as Hoonigan & Fabricates Horsepower Numbers?Their Automotive Page on IG & the owner Of that E30 who is also On IG Can clearly prove to you that the E30 is the real deal.

  1. What a vibe. Fuel everywhere, smoke out the filler door, caught fire on the way over, power is a total mystery, throws down… 10/10

  2. These bonus videos have been hitting hard and they’re really a win win for everybody if you think about it. I know the shreditors work hard but these seem pretty easy to pump out and all of us fans love the laid back donut garage vibes whether we were a fan then or just started watching. Plus you guys are showing love to the community on top of it all. Really gonna be a bummer if this series goes away after e30. Maybe upload tangents a few days out of a week to keep it going but also manageable? Idk but that E30 fucks harder than my step-dad.

  3. It just looks like one of those cars that would never have anywhere near 1000 hp, even with the wide tires. Definitely the definition of a sleeper

  4. Honestly i was thinking here we go, another 1j or 2j.Very impressed With the M50s Power Potential.What a Sleeper & Build 👍🏽.

    1. m50/52/54 setups can make 450whp on stock ecus and head gasket/studs, get standalone and build the block your making great power, get into the 3.0l or S engines and your making crazy power on pretty simple setups

    2. I have a US s50 in my 1990 e30 sedan with PTE 6466 making 730whp at 22lbs e85/flex fuel on forge piston and rod set up

    3. @Adam Taylor I think it’s cool to see bc it’s “period correct” I guess, but at the same time if your gonna go through the hassle of swapping another i6 in why not go m/s5x platform, more stock power, and definitely better option to boost imo

  5. I have said this more than once… mad props to the editors that put the music and video clips together when they showcase a car!!! My favorite part of all the videos. ❤️🥹🫠

  6. Builds like this make me happy to own a 2 door coupe e30 cuz everyone loves an e30 how can you hate it 😂

  7. Hoonigan: We’re trying to have better fire response time 11:40

  8. This guy’s “I DONT GIVE A F***”meter is on a different level. I own an E9x car and I have a lot of money wrapped up in a car I love to hate so I know how he feels🤣

  9. Man I hope the Bonus Channel uploads keep going, it’s so good! It doesn’t even have to be daily, could be a couple or 3 times a week, and longer Tangents every once in a while. Thanks for the awesome content guys!

  10. Goals, only M52 turbo for me. Also love that it spun 6th gear, and rather than turn it down he just adds grip

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