Spotting the RAREST Cars on London’s Streets!

Here are a few of the supercars lining London's streets! Throughout this unprecedented time, while out for a daily walk in my local area, I'll show you a few of the vehicles around consisting of a Porsche and SLR McLaren, plus a variety of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Rolls-Royces, Aston Martins, Bentleys and plenty more.

The early days of the Shmee150 YouTube channel were car spotting videos around the streets of London even going back a whole decade earlier. In those times it was really different, phone electronic cameras remained in their infancy and social media remained in the extremely early days, absolutely nothing like how we understand it now. Many fond memories were entrusted to me from that time, albeit rather various these days, nevertheless we do now find ourselves in rather an unusual scenario. Offered the nature of the present global situation, many nations worldwide have introduced brand-new guidelines and social distancing to prevent the spread. In the UK those are rather specific in their nature allowing a variety of particular activities; rarely visiting the stores, medical requirements, taking a trip to work if your task can not be done from house, and taking a form of day-to-day exercise in your local area, starting and finishing from your home.

I am fortunate to live right in the heart of London, drawn to the area by the presence of nice cars to start with, but this has indicated in current times I've posted on Instagram and other pages when I've seen great vehicles about while strolling periodically. A lot so that for this trip in response to your demands, I have actually assembled a video of the different supercars and high-end vehicles that I've seen on the streets.

Oftentimes these are now parked up and dirty from weeks of standing still, however we're also fortunate to see a few good automobiles on the relocation. With the enhancing weather and the absence of congested streets and traffic, it's in fact indicating anybody going out is more likely to take their better car than a regular runabout and as such the percentage of intriguing vehicles is high. The essential takeaway from the experience is that London has never ever, ever been so empty – the basic lack of cars driving on these streets is something to witness.

Along my travels then the automobiles I've managed to discover consist of countless AMG G63s and Rolls-Royces, a SLR McLaren, Porsche , Lamborghini Huracan Performante and Huracan EVO, numerous Aston Martins, Maseratis, Ferraris consisting of a few GTC4Lussos, a Bentley Continental GT3-R, Porsche 991.2 GT3 RS, two Brabus G700 G Wagons and even a Lamborghini Spyder. Unfortunately obviously, many having actually not driven for a while are fairly dirty and plainly in need of a drive.

While the circumstances are deeply saddening at the minute, I hope some pleasure can originate from seeing a couple of supercars about. Please do value that this is not a channel for medical or political discussion, the UK standards are clear and being followed.

CRUCIAL NOTE: In order to avoid the spread of COVID-19, nations all over the world have actually put into place 'lockdown' guidelines that vary from one to another. The actions and behaviour you see in this video remain in line with those released by the UK Government at the time at which it was recorded. The video is published to entertain and distract from the gloominess of the existing situation. Finest dreams go out to all those are affected by this worldwide crisis, ideas are with you in these trying times. You can read the specific UK standards here:

Thanks for seeing, Tim


Spotting the RAREST Cars on London's Streets!

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  1. These are unprecedented times making London’s streets exceptionally quiet, however let’s take a look at some of the amazing cars that are to be seen. The highlights include a Mercedes SLR McLaren and a Porsche Carrera GT amongst quite a few more rare and exciting supercars. IMPORTANT NOTE: This video is filmed in line with the UK’s guidelines as part of a walk around the local area where I live. More info:

    1. The Chillionaire if you put the N95 mask filtration to scale, the coronacrisis plandemic would be 6 feet tall walking through the 60 foot doorway of the PPE mask…… Freedom has always been the answer, now it is the cure too… Less tyranny, more bald eagles, and the World will be a better place

    2. always made me wonder, those turbine wheels on the SLR are specifically made as a “left side” and “right side” wheels for the “turbine” to face the same direction on both sides?

    3. I’m probably going to try this myself because there are some rare cars (common for Europe) but not in America. Also that GTC4 Lusso was the same one. I saw the registration.

  2. Shmee is a walking car Wikipedia. He will probably forget more about cars than we will ever know 😂

    1. Liondog Gaming erm.. Tim’s not that much of a walking Wikipedia. From cars post 1990-ish, he knows little to nothing.

    2. Modern cars, yes. But if his video with Jay Leno is anything to go by his knowledge/interest in older or more obscure cars is really pretty limited

  3. The Aston Martin DB11 has to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made in this decade. Stunning machine!!

  4. Can you imagine parking your 458 on the street for a month while you’re out of town? Different reality.

  5. If i’ll had a supercar, I’ll be so afraid to leave it on the street 😳
    Such good findings btw, love from France 🙂

  6. For a minute I thought YouTube was recommending one of Shmee’s videos 9 years later, i’m not complaining this content is great!

  7. Thanks for encouraging us to stay safe during these unprecedented times and a great car spotter you are.

  8. It’s great to see you spotting in London again! Hopefully after lockdown we’ll see you around London some more 😉

  9. Imagine being an owner of one of theese seeing him and thinking: I’ll let him have a look he’s probably never seen a car like this.
    Little do they know….

  10. I’m quite enjoying all these automotive youtubers doing car spotting vlogs. The excitement that y’all still have only makes me appreciate the hard work y’all do even more.

  11. Really cool video. Love that in this time of craziness you can still produce old format content and it is so refreshing and entertaining. Thank you Shmee!

  12. Wow. This is a throwback. Love you shmee. Your one of the best YouTubers on this platform. Been watching you for years and I still love your videos. Keep up the hard work. Thank you for the entertainment through these hard times

  13. Let me thank you for the effort you are making to keep us all from going insane by providing this content. Really enjoying the old school car spotting. keep it going and stay safe Shmee

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