Storm Chasing In A $750,000 Tornado-Proof Tank!

We headed to Twister Alley to meet extreme meteorologist and check out how he drives straight into the world's deadliest storms!

His SRV Boss 3 is a $750,000 monster transformed from a Ford F350, ready to take on anything Mother Nature tosses its way. We drove into the eye of the and got to experience chasing Twisters first hand!

Unique thanks to @ReedTimmerWx for taking us on a chase and for offering video footage for the episode.

Presented by Gabby:

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In A $750,000 -Proof !

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    1. @@Xmc1-0 Wow, besides the Dominator the TIV is another throwback name I LOVE to hear!! (Binge watch Tornado Chasers, S1 – S5) 😍👍✨

    1. Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    2. Thai 4MM = 12.4
      Sa 2 = 5
      Dubai 1 = 3.1
      บอย ท่าพระจันทร์ 230KM
      P โทน 1500M
      พิธาน 2000m
      Man city 1 = 3.1
      Elon 1 = 3.1
      UK 3 = 9.3
      China 1 = 3.1
      Usa 6.6 = 19.2

      ข้าวสาร 150,000 กระสอบ

    1. Except.. she is Not.Too scared.Its just kinda bad..wanting to capitalize($$) on putting someone else at risk Mrs.Blonde(in talking about this wonderfully brave girl she sent instead).

  1. Great work Gabby! Really cool video! Impressive doomsday vehicle lol. Reed is a character. I made sure to give his channel a follow.

  2. i cant beleve im seeing this.
    Childhood meets car entausiasm

    Fun thing for all the people that dont know Reed

    He has his own humor, He´s super energetic, he is entausiastic like no tomorrow, He has passion for his job and he tries to seek knowledge to keep people safe

  3. Love to see you do another video (s) and dig a bit deeper into the science during more episodes. Great editing! ❤

    1. Kinda like when we in the SE (Florida in my case) happen to see The Weather Channels’ Jim Cantore in the the area….lol

  4. You’ve got Konigseggs, Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Ferraris and they are all quite similar. But what can’t they do? Drive into a tornado and sit there. So glad you gave Team Dominator a chance to take you on this experience to branch out to different areas of the the motor world!

  5. Red is a blast to watch live on Youtube. while the season itself for major tornados is over its crazy just how intense some of the stuff they get into is. Double Tornados, Crazy flying Debris and the the fact that in the face of violence of mother nature at times he has the knowledge and skills to safely navigate it all.

  6. 3 months later; was starting to think you guys would never upload this lol

    Still super stoked you guys got to see Reed and the Doms. These vehicles are frankly the only reason why I really got into tornadoes and storm chasing in general. 😀

  7. OMG great tvideo – so happy you got to enjoy the Reed Timmer experience lol! He’s intense, goofy, brilliant and he and the other crazy cool storm chasers are a massive asset to the entire weather industry!

  8. Really gotta respect how this guy is just living his best life. Passionate about what he does.

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