Street Takeovers, Which Generation Land Cruiser Should You Buy? Doug DeMuro Q&A! THIS CAR POD! EP10

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Welcome to THIS CARS AND TRUCK POD! Doug DeMuro & Buddies provides weekly specialist insight and opinion, on the breaking automobile stories, the vehicle market, and audience Q&A.

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00:00:00 Introduction.
00:00:21 Kennan's Latest Thoughts.
00:07:00 One of Doug's Favorite Topics.
00:11:28 Filippo Loves Maserati Granturismos.
00:16:50 Kennan: A Questionable Opinion on German vs Italian.
00:25:18 The Marketplace Report! Kennan's Ideas on Mini Coopers.
00:30:18 The Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series.
00:37:32 Tesla Model X Prices Are Dropping!
00:40:05 Concern Time! … Or is it?
00:42:59 Community Questions! Which Lorry Regulation Would You Repeal?
00:49:50 Will Specific Strange Vehicles Be Popular?
00:54:44 Will the Quadrifoglio EV Succeed or Fail.
00:58:40 Why Does Kennan Seem Like a Florida Guy?
01:00:58 Outro.

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Street Takeovers, Which Generation Land Cruiser Should You Buy? Doug DeMuro Q&A! THIS CAR POD! EP10

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  1. Doug: * I * AM * NOT * BUYING * ANY * MORE * CARS * !!

    Doug, next week: THIISS.. ..and this is MMYY..

    1. THISSSS is a 2004 SsangYong Rodius. And in fact, it is MYYYY 2004 SsangYong Rodius. You might be wondering….WHY??? Now hear me out…

    2. @@MikeKayKwith the amount of money Doug has I would be going on side quests like owning all of those odd shitboxes just for the hell of it

    3. @@williamcarnero9595 He made a whole video explaining in detail why he doesn’t want the hassle of more cars, he has a family and a large business, and doesn’t have the time or desire to maintain a large fleet.

    4. @@MikeKayK I understand even I sometimes don’t want more than 2. 1 daily driver that does most things well suffices. With free time those things seem more doable

    5. @@MikeKayK it would make an interesting video, but he’d probably loose interest in it after driving it like the Mercedes A class. Might as well get a Dacia Sandero

  2. The 202 AMG wagon actually came in C55 form with that engine already installed. As few as 8 were ever built, because you had to buy a $60k C43 wagon and pay another $40k to have it converted and a new VIN created. The 202 C55 was probably faster than the e39 M5 but was so rare and unmentioned no one ever tested it.

  3. When I see someone driving an old fancy car I think they must be a mechanic. When I see someone driving a new fancy car I think they must be in debt.

  4. 8:30 its so ironic that the Throttle House video on these came out today but this was probably recorded a month ago

    1. Exactly!! I have no need for another car, but found myself looking up Hyundai Genesis Coupes today. A manual transmission, 348HP car for 10K is pretty tempting

  5. Filippo is the only “realistic” enthusiast on anymore. Others have or have had Ferraris/Porsche Carrera GTs/Lambos then there’s Filippo struggling to find a reason to get his dream $40,000 car, a Corvette C7.

    1. Yep Filippo is the only one I can relate to. Makes this much more enjoyable. I really dont give a damn about Koenigsegggggg

    2. Agree. I still wonder where Kennan gets the money to drop six figures on a car. It sounds like he’s from a middle class family and he was never famous on YouTube (that I’m aware of). I think his title is managing editor at cars and bids. I wouldn’t think that would command a high enough salary to afford the cars he wants to buy.

    3. ​@@clothestravelWe don’t know how much he put in to create that bussines but also I wouldn’t be surprised if he made some not safe financial decision to buy car he likes. It seems like something he would do, just like Doug with his Ferrari

    4. @@clothestravelseems like the kind of guy who is good with his money and doesn’t blow it on stupid things. You budget accordingly, if you want to afford a six figure car, you can do it.

  6. Love the podcast guys, just please try to talk one at a time. I can’t hear what’s being said at times because someone is interrupting

  7. I love how every time I start to feel like I am doing okay, Doug and crew are here to remind me that they are on a different level.

    1. @@mosasa1307 just cars mostly. I have a 996 and love doing track day with it. The comment was really about the idea of taking $40k, buying a depreciating asset, sell it and buy another one.

      I’m not in a position to do anything like that, and am not sure I ever will be, given retirement is looming.

    2. ​@@EdDale44135 Maan you have 996 and going on a track with it, you already are on other level to most people lol

  8. Doug: “I’m not a Porsche guy.”
    Also Doug: owned 2 Porsches, worked for Porsche, had 5 Porsche company cars, owned a Mercedes and Audi made by Porsche, calls the Porsche Carrera GT the greatest driving car ever made and HAD HIS WEDDING RINGS mounted to a toy Porsche Carrera GT

    1. I love the Carrera GT *individually*, but I am not a Porsche guy. I have owned only two Porsches, one for just a few months. I have owned seven Mercedes-Benzes!

    2. Haha when you put it like that he is a closet Porsche lover. Nothing wrong with that. I’m a Porsche lover and only have one a low mile 928 among many other brands.
      I think you can love various brands.
      I love older pre 2002’ year Mercedes. I have had 6 and currently own 3 of those low mile ones. A 95’ E320 sedan, a 95’ E320 Station Wagon, and a 99’ SL 500 and will be buried with these. I absolutely love how simple, comfortable, practical. Luxurious and pretty cheap they are to run. . They are the best cars ever made ( W124, S124 and W129) 🥰
      W210 are nice and drive great my mom had one. But the quality was lacking (compared with it’s predecessor, and had that ugly round fugly front end. Like Doug said the AMG engine on those are wonderful.

    3. If Doug demanded to see the DME overrev report before he bought the CGT, he’s a Porsche guy.

    4. @@DougDeMuro hahaha I understand. I do agree you’re not a Jerry Seinfeld level of Porsche nerd. You’re very open to all car brands, and I appreciate that. As a car enthusiast I know you’re not a Porsche guy. But if you told those facts to a non-car enthusiast, they’d think “wow this guy’s into Porsche” 😂

  9. Filippo consistently has the best takes and is always brushed off by Kennan and Doug… Please listen to what Filippo has to say.

    1. Filippo is annoying, it’s a car podcast where alot of people like exotic or rare cars and he just like idc about them! A true car enthusiasts likes all cars regardless if u can afford them or not

  10. The guys talking about different SsangYong models made me realize how wide-ranging their car knowledge really is, quite impressive.

  11. Great question. Tough choice between headlights, mirrors, chicken tax (small trucks would be amazing), and the corporate gas mile standards from 2008 are what ruined cars and moved us to SUVs and crossovers.

  12. Part of the beauty of cars and bids is the way you guys use and interact with the site and its community. That is a strength, hope it never ends

  13. Doug, if I could politely make a request – I and i’m sure a lot of other people like to listen to podcasts while falling asleep. This has been my new go to, except the tire squeal that the end sometimes snaps me out of dozing off. Not sure its necessary, would really appreciate if it was omitted!

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