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    1. The price it asks for
      U can get lambo, McLaren, ferrari, porsche or anything for that price which have which have even better exhaust😂😂

  1. Really beautiful car, love the design and details! And if it rates a Supercar Blondie “Holy Moley”, it must be a great ride! 💚💚💚

    1. Appreciate your comment!
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  2. They did a supercool job on this one!! I love the color, the design, the rims, the louvers and of course that growly roar! Plus it has a magic crystal!🔮✨💚😊

  3. The true ‘Aston Martin’.
    The last era of what, how Aston Martin should be.

    1. @wood Freewoman Mam I’m willing to wait to you to help me I know you have a kind heart thank you mam

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  4. Yo Supercar Blondie that was a wicked video, I love Aston’s. My favorite is a 1970 Vantage. My Mom who used to drive Ralley for Vauxhall in the 50’s used to have a Jag E type in a very similar colour to the Mansory you just reviewed, minus the metallic addition. Her’s was a flat British racing Green. Love the exhaust overhaul. Fitting. Cheers, keep it up Blondie,!

  5. I love it! Really, really love it! And that exhaust note is intoxicating!!!!😍😍😍😍😍 Thanks for featuring it Alex.⚘

  6. Loved this Mansory Cyrus. Hope I’ll own and drive something like this one day. Insha Allah

  7. 100% Agree with you, Aston is at the top of the list for exhaust notes!!! Love the end girgle sound on this one, very nice, without being obnoxious!!! That collage carbon fiber has been used in the cycling world for years. Thanks😁

  8. Cool video as always. BTW my 1960 Imperial (Chrysler) had metallic silver leather with ribbed cloth inserts and black dash, door cappings & wool carpet. Mr favorite car ever.

  9. I love what Mansory brings to the table my dream would Uras Evo and the GT40 or any of there cars would be fine what a beast loved the silver interior.

  10. Hi!! I’ve always wanted to see you tour a Tesla Roadster! Even though it isn’t exactly the super supercar and it’s electric, I’ve alway wanted to see more detail and you driving it. I’ve also always wondered if it lives up to the 0-100 km/h in 1.9/2.1 seconds so if you could show us :))

  11. Your content make me more motivated to work hard… until maybe someday i can able to buy any or even the cheapest brand of car for my family and self… thank you for showing us the latest and luxurious cars… stay safe and God bless…

  12. Hey @supercarblondie.
    You really doing something amazing💯🔥. Love your energy ♥️.

  13. I am still amazed how superblondie earns more money then most of the guys with knowledge and good quality channels on yt. It tells a lot about viewers though

  14. I would love to see Aston Martin incorporate this front end to the DB 11. I actually prefer the body style and the interior over the DBS.

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