Taking My Ninja H2 To An Exotic Car Meet

You guys asked me to take my H2 to a meet so i provided!:-RRB-.

( Take a look at the links to my Motovlogging setup & Gear!).

– Chin Mount -.

– GoPro HERO 7 BLACK -.

– Canon 80D -.

– GoPro Mic Adaptor -.

– MotoVlog Case -.

– MotoVlog Mics -.

– Rode Vlog Mic -.

– Wind Muff -.

– Helmets – (AGV).
– (Scorpion ST1400).
– (Scorpion AIR).

– Gloves – (Alpinestars brief gloves).
– (Dainese Onslaught).

– Headset -.

Taking My Ninja H2 To An Exotic Car Meet

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    1. @Naresh Kumar man it seems like you cant read and understand, i never once gave the impression that the supra cant be beat🤦🏽‍♂️

  1. Imagine being able to ride your H2 and around bunch of hyper cars….because your V4R and R1M just didn’t make the cut… keep this up bro you wake up into a literal dream

    1. Harley guy at work never shuts up about how his Harley can beat any modified H2 doing 1/4 mile runs. Of course no one has ever seen him race an H2.

    1. @Jordan Brown bro that was an H2R which beat F1 car
      H2 is totally different bike it will lose to Chiron in drag race
      But H2R would smoke the Chiro or Agera RS

    2. @Sam TV YT Depends on the drivers for the H2 and the Chiron. H2 is 9.8s in 1/4 and chiron is 9.9s. Stat wise, Chiron just barely beats the H2, real world racing? Depends on drivers and their reaction times. I am talking about the base H2, not the H2R. Just to be clear.

    3. @Sam TV YT H2 and Agera are faster than chiron on the start…but after chiron will pull away…his max speed is 490/kmh…search it up on yt

  2. You should take one of your bikes to a classic car show, I think that would add some variety and it’d be awesome to see what cars you can find.

  3. Bro your vlogs are amazing and special one ia watching your H2 but i would really enjoyed your R15 cenemtography 👌
    Lot’s of love n respect 👍

  4. Thank you for this video I’m Thai, I’ve never been able to experience this atmosphere. But this video really makes it feel like you’re in that place.
    I hope that one day I will be able to move there.

    1. My mom is Thai and she worked hard for the same thing you’re aspiring for. It’s doable, it will be hard, but you can do it. She came with little, spending most everything she had to get here and leaving her nursing career in Thailand behind. She struggled to raise me while taking many jobs, speaking broken English, and trying to learn English aswell. Now she lives comfortably, doesn’t use her $ on cars/motorcycles tho but that wasn’t what she wanted. Good luck to you

    2. @keylimepiepower58 hey it is inspiring and i just wanna tell that ur mom is a great human being, take care of her

  5. Awesome bike love the Ninja H2 it’s a beast, just PLEASE man wear some gear to protect yourself. Too many good riders get taken out early.

  6. It’s a weird feeling seeing things that I’ve helped build in my small town on the other side of the country at exotic car meets.

  7. Ahh watching moto-vlogs takes me back to the days of riding. New to the channel, good content, deserves a new subscriber.

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