Taking the VTEC Mini To A Classic Car Meet (Will they hate it?)

We take the B16B powered Mini a vintage car consult with numerous Mini owners. But will they be as passionate about as we are or will they be unimpressed with the Honda power plant inside the precious Mini …


Likewise something to note around Vehicle Mods: we are typical men and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting vehicle mods and show you we have actually gone about , but we can't assure that anything we show you will work for your specific automobile, or that you will not harm yourself, another person, your automobile or your guarantee doing . Please be safe, be responsible and unless you understand what you're doing, not fool around with really serious machinery even if you have actually seen us make it look so easy. Speak with a certified mechanic if you remain in any doubt.

Taking the VTEC Mini To A Classic Car Meet (Will they hate it?)

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  1. I hope you weren’t expecting a big huge trophy in a Mini competition. How would you have carried it home?

    1. But it would be hilarious to give huge trophies out and watch people try to get them into their minis.

  2. Marty’s reaction to being driven quickly is exactly why I love my hopped up old car. Nothing makes you scared / happy like that.

    1. @Sean Gavin im a lefty and i dont write like that. i kinda curl my hand round so its on top of the writing

    2. Yep, left-handed!

      I knew a guy in school who wrote pretty much sideways.
      Not dissimilar to Moog.

      Stops your ink smudging so much and you can see what you’re actually writing

  3. Respect for Moog not taking that crap from the chairman… I find show and shines to be the most dull thing.

    1. @Alice Shaw these fuckers are there all day long, being able to sit instead of standing for 8 hours is not an issue; in fact, some people have health problems with their legs like deep vein thrombosis that requires them to not stand on their feet for long periods of time. I mean, not everyone can hire a trailer to have nice recliner next to their car ffs you must be like 15 or something or have no awareness outside your own mental world.

    2. @Kuro Murasaki Your’re a moron. Gym shoes was just saying that events that require participants to sit by their car for 8 hours is not his thing. It wouldn’t be mine either. I’d rather watch people drive cars instead of sit beside them. You must be like 80 or something or have no awareness outside your own mental world. Read between the lines sometime.

    3. @B Johnny you have a point but still who wants to stand in the blazing sun for 8 hours with no rest i mean if your going to a meet its more to see the cars and chat its not a racing meet if you guys wanna do that then this is not the place for that and this is coming from a guy who loves racing more then anything and think most cars except the rarest should be driven until the day they die and then brought back for even another round

    4. @Dr.Dylan`s game LOL yah old post, but I was just ripping on kuro for ripping on gym shoes. Ppl can have an opinon without the need for others to get nasty with them which is what kuro did when he attacked gym shoes with insults meerly because he said this kind of event was not his thing.

  4. Would love to see some track footage with the new motor! Looks like an absolute blast to drive!

  5. “We maybe not won our category, but at least we were only Mini there that can do this” and then overpass by Mini that did win JDM category and can do more than their Mini! LOL

    1. also to the guy hating on mcm, they do this content to show us that you dont need to be rich to do a mad build and have fun. its been the concept of the whole channel since the beginning. yes, it is easier to get better prices for cars when you have a successful yt channel but in a lot of videos you can see they overpaid for some cars, and thats not to flex but to show you that not everyones gonna give you a good deal but if it really is the canvas you want to paint on, it can be worth it.

  6. Cooper would approved this ! The most powerful engine you can fit in the lightest body possible !

    1. A Lister LT1C single cylinder high revving air cooled diesel under the bonnet of a Mini . . would cut grass big time , up in the NT of Oz , back in day . . five of us (some not small) went on a hunting trip down the track of a round trip of 500 kms or so with all our gear in a Mini Minor . . you can achieve a lot with Mini’s , but not if you are claustrophobic

    2. technically the best power the weight is a cart styled layout its extremely light weight balanced even better rwd or awd and to top it off cart engines for being so small can make huge power with a supercharger or turbocharger but i do love me some minis

  7. Great show, congratulations on coming second guys.πŸ‘πŸ½
    I’m glad your mini was accepted by other open minded mini enthusiasts, you guys put a lot of effort in and deserve some credit for your hard yakka.
    Well done guys πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

  8. The trillions of hours of energy, effort and sweat to convert this Mini and buddy is judging cleanliness of the floor mats and dust on the pillars…jeeeezzzz….

  9. “If you didn’t [have reverse] that’d be embarrassing …”

    It’s a Mini. There are three of you, just pick it up and put it where you want it.

    1. @Doubting Rich you and your boys wouldn’t be able to lift it because you’ve got a weak frame

  10. “if you don’t own mini you don’t know the feeling of owning a mini”

    it checks out

  11. I can remember when I did the Mini thing over 20 years ago (Oh how I miss it!), and there was a firm in the UK that would do a drive in conversion to a VTEC for about Β£4,000. So does that count as a classic conversion, being as you’ve done the same thing?

    Sidenote. There was also a firm at the time, offering a new replacement subframe. This one gave you mounting points for a Vauxhall (or Holden I suppose lol) engine. At the time (and they’re still great engines), the C20XE redtop was one of THE engines to have in a car. Compact, powerful in standard tune but could be well tuned and actually economical too.

  12. That judge at the end talking to moog about mini snobbery and how he loves how people modify them. That was a genuinely wholesome conversation

  13. I still love it so much… eventually I will get the older classic, instead of my 2016… just curious what transmission did you adapt for this build??

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