The 1990 Mitsubishi Sigma Is the Weird Luxury Sedan You’ve Never Heard Of



Sigma review! The Sigma is a bizarre high-end sedan you've never heard of– but today I'm examining it. I'm going to examine the Sigma and show you the quirks and features of this unknown Japanese luxury sedan– and I'm going to show you all around this uncommon and wacky Mitsubishi luxury sedan.


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The 1990 Is the Weird Luxury Sedan You’ve Never Heard Of

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    1. For real. Just go to the Doug score and see what car is the best. That system that was tedious at first then became a whole encyclopedia for almost every car and what the benefits and downfalls are

    2. @TheIronEmald it’s a pretty dumb system lol he measures every car based on its practicality and fun levels. So the best SUV in the world is going to score low because it’s not fun for joyriding, and the best hypercar in the world will score lower because you can’t take it grocery shopping. A fun gimmick but by no way actually measures the quality of vehicles lol

  1. I believe the “bragging” of having a 4 speed auto was a jab at companies like Buick, who during this period offered 3 speed autos on their luxury cars, like my 92 Century.

    1. I grew up in Australia and around the late 90s there were cars that came with four-speed automatics in Australia and three speed automatics in the United States. Cars like the Hyundai Accent, identical cars built in the same factory came with different gearboxes. You would think with the proliferation of interstate highways that people would want overdrive.

  2. these are the types of videos i love the most

    obscure older cars with a lot of unique elements to them

  3. The triangles obviously aren’t “pointing towards neutral”- they’re pointing forward and backward… as in the direction the car will go in that gear. Then park and neutral are rectangles because they don’t make the car go either way.

    1. @pinut187 lmao i highly doubt that. doug isn’t bad faith like that. he gets a lot of things wrong from time to time as many people do.

    2. I thought the same too and was very surprised at how Doug wrongly described that one. it was pretty straight forward

    3. Lol I bet many noticed that right away. Wow Doug is such a maroon. I still cant get over how he’ll talk about a car thats three years old being “old” and “out of fashion”. Hes only where he’s at because hes whyte.

  4. mitsubishi in the 90s was truly innovative geniuses, although their tech doesn’t seem to last in these 90s cars, it was still ahead of the time, like the 1990-1993 3000gt active aero, if I’m not mistaken they did active aero before active aero was cool

    1. First mass produced gasoline direct injection engine (i have one), first traction control (nex gen Sigma had it), smallest mass produced V6 engine, 4WS+AWD.
      4G63 engine – one of the most sucessful engines in the history of motorsport, from rallies to drag racing (Evo, Eclipse)
      4B11 engine – after 15 years its still the most powerfull 2,0 inline 4 engine in the world, in the Evo FQ-440 MR it had over 440hp STOCK!!

  5. 13:05 it’s pretty cool to see the Gallant with the floating roof long before most modern cars adopted/copied it

    1. Almost all jdm luxury models had floating roofs in 80s and early 90s. My dad had nissan laurel he imported from Japan and it was the coolest thing ever. Roll all the windows down and you feel almost like in a convertable.

  6. I owned this car, except it was the 1988 version. I always expected to see this car here. What a weird experience it was and yet simultaneously cool too

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  7. 4:44 – The arrows aren’t pointing to Neutral. The down arrow is supposed to replicate back, meaning reverse. The up arrows are supposed to replicate forward, meaning the forward drive gears.

  8. I had one w 2.4 liter 4G64, auto-leveling air suspension, dark blue plush seats and a bit different switches on the dashboard but basically the same, and here in Europe it was the “Mitsubishi Sapporo” despite it had nothing similar with earlier 2-door Sapporo Coupe just the name. And yes, it was a rare, lovable, easy-to-drive and pretty comfy car in the 90s, I loved it.

    1. My parents had a 1978 sigma in New Zealand and when the automatic transmission died the only country selling a brand new replacement was south Africa and it took 3 months to arrive 🤣🤣🤣

  9. The 1988 version which I had actually I’d say was WAY quirkier in this with massive amounts of analog buttons, the steering column and center area was very different and strange. It also had an option which you could get to alter suspension as well. The turn signal stalk was extremely odd. I felt it was oddly overpowered, at least the 88 version felt that way. It had a 3.0 Chrysler V6 and it HAULED. So quick for what it was. The 88 also had a sigma logo instead of it being written out. I hope I can find one again because I think Doug would love to see how strange it was in contrast to this one. What a weird car.

  10. Wow! What a cream puff! I hope the next owner takes good care of it. I remember finding a galant sigma at the junkyard and thought it was cool. I remember seeing it had electronic magnetic controlled suspension

  11. mitsubishi has so many cars nobody knows about. the galant amg, the mirage asti rx and many criminally underrated cars like the starion, the fto and others. i hope doug gets to review more mitsubishi products

    1. @Aubrey Seaweed GM? Mitsubishi made stuff and Chrysler badge engineered and sold it, there was a little development together but not much. Where are you getting General Motors from?

    2. @Daniel Erickson The VR-4 can now be imported into the states if they were made in 1997 in Japan. 25 year rule in effect this year.

  12. Wonderful car, I love it. Especially the gear selector. Maybe I’m old but i’d rather have this than swipe on a screen to switch into reverse.

  13. I love how you can hear the leather squeaking while Doug is in the car. Truly a staple of 80s-90s luxury cars

  14. My grandmother owned the successor to this car that was mentioned in the video, a (not sure of exact year) 2nd generation Diamante, I would estimate somewhere between 1997 and 2000. It was very well put together for what it was, just a shame that Mitsubishi really seemed to have lost their way not long after that car was produced.

  15. Fun fact: the “Sigma” was sold as the “Sapporo” in Western Europe – and its successor, the Diamante, was sold as the “Sigma”. But neither of both was succesful here, to be honest.

  16. These came out in australia in 1987 and was called the magna. Interestingly, it replaced an outgoing model called the sigma which we had from the late 70s (around the time that mitsubishi took over chrysler in australia). The luxury model was called the magna elite. Mitsubishi ended up doing a luxury model later on called the verada

    1. TM Magna came out in 1985 featuring a widened body. Certain 1990s era Mitsubishi Diamante models sold in the US were built in South Australia, perhaps the last export until the 2003 Pontiac GTO.

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