The 1991 Oldsmobile Bravada Is the Old-School Luxury SUV


This is the Oldsmobile Bravada, the initial high-end SUV. Today I'm reviewing this Oldsmobile Bravada, and I'll show you all the lots of quirks and features. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Oldsmobile Bravada and show you what it resembles to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:43 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:22 "A Sports Jacket Wearing a Tuxedo".
02:31 The Only High-end SUV to Fail.
03:48 Other Bravada Issues.
04:17 Powertrain.
04:37 One Big High-end Benefit.
05:32 Exterior Styling.
06:32 Outside Quirks & Characteristic.
07:53 Digital Gauge Cluster CRT Screen.
09:46 Leather.
10:09 Red, Red, Red.
11:02 Additional High-end Touches.
12:56 More Interior Quirks & Characteristics.
14:57 Rear Seats.
16:21 Freight Location.
18:47 GM Was Suprisingly Impressive.
19:55 Driving Experience.
23:51 Last Thoughts.
24:22 DougScore.

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The 1991 Oldsmobile Bravada Is the Old-School Luxury SUV

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    1. Me, too. I don’t even watch the super cars or most of the new cars, but stuff like this is YouTube gold.

    2. @@jeromemartinez1266 probably even better for you since your not familiar with this car there I’d guess. I like seeing other countries older cars.

    3. @@festivalflightcrew2895 exactly, for me it remember me the 90’s movies, cars from USA were considered as exotical and rare machines.

  1. THIS is the earliest I’ve ever commented on a Doug video. Love the old and obscure car reviews. Keep them coming!

  2. So this is the “first” Luxury SUV, huh… It’s way cooler than I was expecting. Loved the interior’s color, this red is just so beautiful. I must say, it’s just cooler than a S10 Chevy Blazer

    1. I feel like Doug was quite clear on this. He never said “first luxury SUV”, he did say the first upbadged luxury SUV, where the manufacture took a ‘base’ vehicle and dressed it up. Range Rover and (SJ) Wagoneer were on their own platforms

  3. I didn’t think Doug would ever review a car that I own like it, I have a 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada in Black, and I just love it, keep what you’re doing Doug 👍

  4. 9:15 this is a common problem in all those vehicles on the S10 platform. My friend’s 2003 blazer does the same thing with the analog cluster if you rev it in park.

    1. The needle for the speedometer would get stuck if you went above 75-80. That turned into a real unsolved mystery with my parents’ blazer.

    2. I can confirm. My ’93 Sonoma did the same thing. It’s RF interference within the wire harness that throws it off a bit. The actual speed sensor on the transfer case output shaft.

    3. I was looking for this comment. Had a 93 Sonoma with the regular cluster and it would do this and it would pull a ford ranger and count backwards after being at 80mph for more than a few minutes.

    4. My 94 Bravada was one of them that didn’t have the problem before the CPI system and other issues killed the truck. It also had the exterior spare, which was way better for functionality.

      I still miss the S10 SUVs and trucks. They were terrible but amazing all at the same time. 😂

  5. I always thought the 4-door Blazer and Bravada looked weird. It basically looks like they took an S-10 Blazer and cut two rear doors into it in a hasty reaction to the Ford Explorer.
    The Ford Explorer really freaked out GM, apparently.

    1. @@KyleRohde But did the Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy/Oldsmobile Bravada COMBINED ever outsell the Explorer?

    2. @@KyleRohde Good point… did you know MAZDA had a version of the first-generation two-door Explorer, called the Mazda Navajo?

  6. That “Oldsmobile” badge font is burned into my brain. My family used to own a ’91 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, and I would be responsible for washing that tank. I’ve cleaned that badge a thousand times. Always brings back the smell of car shampoo whenever I see it!

    1. No, it’s the Oldsmobile variant of the Chevy Caprice station wagon. Same sort of deal as the Bravada; just some cosmetic changes and slight interior upgrades (including a glass moon roof window).

  7. As a German i’m insanely fascinated whenever Doug does a Review on some 1980s-1990s etc. Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Buick and other US Brands that either aren’t sold here in European Countries or have a different Midel Line-Up here.
    Funny enough, when you’re a Car Guy and see a 1991 Oldsmobile Bravada on the Autobahn it will grab your Attention more than any Porsche because they’re more than rare.
    Prost & Cheers from Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps

    1. Indeed, because Porches are as common as Taxi’s…A 1991 Oldsmobile Bravada is a special type of vehicle both because of the known and historic name…preceeding the Porsche by decades and because of what it represents in the motoring world.

    2. @@kanjionshasteen9159 Sadly, their transmissions were crappy, so most of them went to the junkyard a long time ago! But realize also that the Bravada was always more rare than the Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy (even more rare would be the GMC Typhoon, which only existed for model years 1992 and 1993)

  8. My friend got arrested in one of these 20 years ago in highschool. The cops never found his pot in the Hidden space behind the glovebox.

  9. As a (former) professional mechanic who has worked on thousands of GMs, I reallly appreciate that they added the “build sheet” of RPO codes to their vehicles. On so many vehicles that have different options for brakes, transmissions, differentials, suspension, etc you have to just look at the car and say “I think it has” whatever option, often getting it wrong. With GMs, you look at the RPO code and immediately know what options the vehicle has and what parts you need to buy. Every car should have it.

    1. I’ve never noticed that. It was a way to tell if a WS6 was a real WS6 so i only ever checked my WS6 lol… I honestly thought all cars had this 😂😂😂 ya learn something new every day. That would be really helpful for mechanics.

  10. I’m sure the views are not the greatest on these types of videos, but random 80s and 90s car reviews like this are definitely my favorite type of Doug videos.

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