The £200,000 Mercedes Maybach GLS: Better Than A Rolls-Royce?

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It's lastly time to return the Urban Defender 90 to @Alexanders Prestige Ltd! Whilst doing so, I find an extraordinary Mercedes Maybach GLS in the display room … the ₤ 200,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan rival.

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The £200,000 Mercedes Maybach GLS: Better Than A Rolls-Royce?

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  1. Offtopic, when is the MC20 review coming?
    Saw a two-tone Maybach GLS the other day deep blue top black lower half, cream interior looked lush!
    Edit: looking forward to the MC20 review.

  2. Spotted a GLS600 Maybach yesterday on the road near Wilmslow, has a huge road presence and I spotted it before seeing the bright orange Urus that was next to it at the lights.

    1. As someone that lives in wilmslow, today on my walk to school I saw a Black badge RR wraith, a Lamborghini huracan performante, a 488 pista and 3 Aston Martin v12 vantages. It’s a crazy place to live

    2. @James Sherlock yeah our office and a lot of our customers are based in Wilmslow and Alderley so you become a bit numb to all the supercars after a while, probably why the GLS was a draw as you don’t see many

  3. I first thought he would show us the new Omega x Swatch Moonwatch , but this red dial is super cool too 😎

  4. Not sure for me…. I think Mercedes are trying to hard with the front view, plus the old Maybach vehicles had the Maybach emblem in the front which this car has the standard Mercedes emblem …… can anyone truly compare this next to a RR MEANING Roles Royce …… that’s pushing the boat out way to far….. personally the new style RR ….. Range Rover has far more conservative approach ….. Less is often more appealing than over the top design ……. Finally the rear computer screens should be concealed rather than it looking like an add on with no finesse? As you can tell I’m not a fan ! Great review though ……. Question ….. Have you seen the Volvo XC 90 Excellence ……. Now that cars interior is a class act but do not see them here…. Have you ?

  5. hey mate, great video! also congrats on that new omega, seems to fit you well and i would love to see it next to your 360!

    1. I would think the amount of eyes he puts on their business more than pays for a door ding and crack on a windscreen.

    2. @RAZGR1Z Obviously not but even if they get one sale because of Sam the price of that windscreen is covered.

    3. Idk because they did give it to him for 3 months! That’s a huge amount of time – And it’s an off roader 🤷‍♂️

  6. Picked a Schumacher Speedy up a few years ago, my favorite watch purchase so far! Lovely piece happy to see you pick one up

  7. It’s a truck. A very expensive truck; with a load of electronic toys.
    Can’t wait for the Masser drive though.
    Alexander’s do always have an insane selection of dream cars.

  8. Look Sam, I don’t understand how you manage to make such entertaining videos. I subscribe to many car youtubers but, the one I see it, you are the best of them all. Your attention to detail when filming is amazing. It’s like watching a full feature movie everytime. More than tha, you go beyond cars and manage to bring a life stile kind of approach whithout being boring. Congratulations.

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