The 2008 Audi S5 Is a V8, Manual Beauty


Audi review from Hoovie's Garage! The initial Audi had all of it– gorgeous styling, V8 power, and a 6-speed handbook transmission. This is a special car, and I'm going to take you on a complete tour of all of its quirks and features. I'm likewise going to Hoovie's and I'll show you what it resembles behind the wheel of this S5!


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00:00 THIS
00:33 Hoovie's S5 is for sale on CARS & BIDS!
01:12 Powertrain
02:43 Vroom Vroom
04:00 Styling
04:54 Interior
10:43 Yes, it has back seats
11:47 Cargo area and lighting
13:54 Driving experience
18:03 Outro
18:28 DougScore

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The 2008 Is a V8, Manual Beauty

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    1. Idk who taught you design but you’re wrong. Front end has aged terribly but the rest is nice enough. Interior cracking in the seats,I’m good. I’ll pass

    2. Welllll, 2015. 2020+ cars have more of a sharper body, angles, sides, front, back, etc. Still a beauty today and probably one of my favorite Audis.

  1. First time i saw this car on the road back in 08-09 my jaw dropped.

    Ever since, i knew i needed to get my hands on one. After about 4 years i got slightly used 2011 s5 and still have it to this day.

    110k miles on dash, she still purrs beautifully. I don’t ever wanna get rid of her

    1. Similar boat. Got my 2010 “Raudi” S5 in 2013. Absolutely spectacular, even at 145K miles. I have a tiny for sale sign inside the window. Never advertised anywhere. People still inquire. I’m just not that motivated to sell her! 🙂

  2. I’ve been lucky enough to recently buy a 2008 S5, and I must say it’s fantastic.

    One thing that cannot be overstated is how good they sound. Loud but not obnoxious, everyone smiles when they see the car.

    It’s also great to have fun at low speeds and mountain climbs, although you will be hitting the speed limit sooner than what you might think.

    On mine the clutch feels a little more rubbery than on previous S4s or what Doug says, but might be the car.

    That said, you need to be ready to keep refueling the car constantly 😅

    I would definitely recommend if you can keep it running. In Europe you can get one for 14-18k depending on the condition and in the UK they are quite a bit cheaper.

    1. @Kixkalbetiri Idk bro I have the new S5 and I would still own an old model if I had one just for the V8

    2. @Mobius 1 I imagined it would be a bit of a money pit haha, but it’s a car I quite like. Same for the S4 and RS4 B7 and even the 4.2 R8 models. Thank you for your answer man, I appreciate it!

    3. @Mobius 1 I owned a 2007 S5 for while (UK owner) and it was reliable but VERY expensive to run and maintain, I sold it when it got to 75k as the fear of future and inevitable repair bills got the better of me. I sold it to 19 year old chap who was sinking his inheritance from his grandfather into it… he’ll realise his mistake one day

  3. This was my first performance car and it was an absolute pleasure to own. Other than maintenance I couldn’t have had a better time with it.

    1. @Bones N Harmony picked mine up at 70k, but 80k miles Id had to replace the dampers, motor mounts, injectors, diff, sunroof shade, and loads of other things.

    2. The main issue for this car is the E92 M3, which outperformed it in almost every way. The old Audi setup with the engine way out front meant these always understeered a lot when pushed hard

    3. @993mike tbh i never rlly saw the E92 M3 as the competitor, the 335i was much more comparable and they rlly both go toe to toe with each other.

  4. I actually prefer this type of infotainment system over touch screen. I have had both and you don’t need to take your eyes of the road while driving when the buttons are located where your hand normally rests.

  5. One of the most nostalgic things for me is turning the headlights to the parking light position whenever I was driving anywhere so that ppl would see the LED’s🤣🤣

    1. i guess you never figured out that somebody disabled your DRL option in the car menu. the LEDs are also much brighter in DRL mode as opposed to the parking light mode

  6. This is one of my favorite cars ever made. I’m a fan of Audi and I like coupes so when this came out, I was among the first in line to get it.

    1. Old Audis usually go for peanuts because if you couldn’t afford them brand new then you definitely can’t afford to run an old one. I remember back in the day my mate buying a ten year old S8 for £2.5K.

  7. Just a heads up, those LEDs headlights actually DO stay on as DRL normally but there is a setting to turn that off under “Exterior Lighting” menu in the MMI. Someone must have just turned that option off on this car. I believe the S5 was also the first non-R8 with LED DRL since it came out shortly before the A5 was released.

    1. almost bought this but got a E92 335i which is a wayyyy better car. the N54 is legendary. about 500whp now

    2. Also it does have cruise control BUT not adaptive, this car’s option list in particular lacks the radar which would have been near one of the fog light caps (right one iirc)

    3. @Finn Parker That is correct, the S6 got DRLs first. Then everybody tried to modify their Golf V with them 😀

  8. Had a 2013 S5 8.5 with the APR tune. 430ish hp. The car was amazing. Never had any issues with the car. Wish I could have kept it

    1. I have a 2014, and the same thing; no issues. it’s amazing, and every chance I get, I tell people that in a world of Mercedes and BMW, Audi is the unsung hero of European luxury brands.

    1. Would recommend, I think they’re great value for what they offer and overall great cars. I’m on my 4th, get a B8.5 if you can.

  9. I had a 3.2 A5 of this generation as my first car in high school. It was great in every way. Those back seats are big enough…

  10. The key fob slot in the dash was used if the car didn’t have the keyless/proximity option. You inserted the fob in that slot and then started the car with the start/stop button (or push the fob in to start the car, I can’t remember). When you did that, the fob would remain locked in the slot until the car was turned off. Then you’d pop it back out.

    1. False. If the car did not have the keyless option, you push the key into the slot with your foot on the brake and it starts the engine, cars without keyless/proximity do not have a start button. Cars with the keyless can be started with key in pocket and push button, or by being placed in the slot and pushed.

    2. My BMW E92 335i had the same system. It can be started by pressing the button regardless if the key is in the slot or not. If it is inserted it remains locked in there until the car is off. But my gf had a same year 328i which also had push button start but the key had to be in the slot for it to start so it gets me when i have to drive her car.

    3. Doesn’t it also serve as the location to use if your fob battery died? All the Gm cars had spot to put your fob in the event the battery died so that the transmitters could still pickup the signal from the fob. My assumption without looking it up is this slot also served that purpose. Way smarter than Cadillac who hid the spot in the center console on SRX’s meaning it would get buried in whatever people stored in it.

  11. If any of you are looking to get this range of S5, I highly recommend getting one with the “Prestige” package. The interior bits are trimmed in carbon fiber, and a few other things. Also, read up on carbon build up, and watch out for the “Sport differential system fault”. If this shows up as an error, they effectively have to replace the entire rear end. In my experience, things started falling apart around the engine, but these V8’s were damn near bullet proof.

    1. Meteor Gray with black leather interior and carbon fiber trim on mine. Just had to do my first carbon cleaning around 125k miles. I don’t have the sport diff, so hopefully I can avoid that issue.

    2. @Rusty Cans how much was the carbon cleaning? I’m buying an S5 Monday with the same build but it has the sport diff

    3. @JH Cars I’d have to pull my paperwork. I can’t remember if it was $800 or so without labor. I go to an independent that does VW/Audi/Porsche. Noticeable difference in power and mileage, so that was a bonus.

    4. Lets not forget about the Catalytic converters clogging and the engine needing to be lifted to replace them.

  12. Would love to see Doug review the V6T supercharged S4/S5. Not the V8, but a simple flash tune gets you a lot more power, as opposed to the V8 which will need bolt-ons to see an appreciable increase.

    1. The supercharged V6’s are more common. Almost all model Audis from S5 to Q7 from 2012 all the way up have that same engine. Nothing special about that engine. These V8 manual Audis are the last of dying breed and will skyrocket in value soon just like the rest of the German V8’s.

    2. @Kassanova …….? The V6T Supercharged Audi engine is literally the last German supercharged engine EVER made. Germany still makes V8’s.

  13. Audi made a lot of stuff as options, including LED Taillights, which this S5 does not have. There is a ‘normal’ sunroof aswell, but I think it was only in the 4-door ‘sportback’ version of the S5. You could get heated rear seats, blind-spot monitor, lane keep Assist and many more things. Even the Infotainment system came out in a few different versions. The High-End one had better resolution screen, more settings, CD-Changer in the back of the car + DVD “Audi Multimedia” in the center console, bluetooth and B&O Audio system.

  14. I’ve always loved the S5. I wanted to get one, but slightly out of my price range. So I opted for a E350 coupe instead. Not quite as sporty or as fast, but still checks the sports luxury coupe boxes for me. Great review Doug

  15. The Alfa 156 wasn’t a bad car. It actually won the European Car of the Year award in 1998. I owned 2 and they were great. Fun to drive, modern interior for the time, reliable enough and the design is timeless.

    1. He clearly knows nothing about Alfa Romeo. 156 is most successful model of “modern” Alfa Romeo. Good looking, awesome driving, with fabulous V6 petrol or R5 diesel engines. Forget attention needed twinsparks.

    2. I also had two Alfa 156s. These were beautiful cars that were a joy to drive and were also very usable family cars that worked well even in the Finnish winter. I drove them more than 400,000 km in total. Not bad.

  16. LOVE the older S5. Epic exhaust note. Higher HP# then my 2016 B8.5 but almost a half second (0-60) slower stock and less tunable. 100% agree this body style is much more timeless than the new B9. Now we need Doug to review the B8.5 🙂

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