The 2022 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 Is Completely Insane


2022 Land Rover ! The colony Rover is absolutely crazy– and today I'm examining it. I'm going to show you all the quirks and functions of the brand-new , and I'll show you all around it. I'm also going to the and reveal you what it's like behind the wheel.


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The 2022 Is Completely Insane

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  1. 1:22 Doug finishes Carsandbids ad
    1:26 Engine
    1:54 “and today, I’m going to review…”
    2:15 “quirks and features of…”
    4:13 mismatched colored brake calipers
    4:59 QUAD exhaust and sound
    5:17 changes made due to V8
    5:54 pricing differences for V8
    7:00 2 door – ness
    7:35 Doug climbling inside the rear seats
    8:29 SAFARI WINDOWS!!!
    9:07 Rear seat CUPHOLDERS
    11:17 Cargo cloth divider thingy

    1. 7:34 Who gets in the backseat of a car backwards? That’s a weird quirky feature about Doug 🤣

  2. Minimalistic design, triple the price. That flinstone car looking real tempting right now. Amazing review

  3. Honestly, I miss the breakdown of each category in the Doug Score. It was interesting to see WHY Doug gave each score.

    1. Agree! it’s one of the reasons that made Doug stand apart from the other reviewers. Without the reasoning for the score and panning shots, the videos feel less “Doug Demuro” like.

    2. I think it’s better like this. The lengthy dougscore segments were always skip worthy for me just to see the scores at the end

  4. I love the fact that they are going V8, when all the other companies are downsizing their engines!

    1. @Tony is that basically the aluminum supercharged Jaguar V8? Just picked up a 2002 XKR with the older 4.0 version, awesome engine.

    2. @Tony you mean Jaguar Land Rover uses Jaguar Land Rover engines?

      You might as well have said Jaguar uses Land Rover engines

    3. @Seany8787 kind of, V8s are designed by Jaguar and intended mostly for Jaguar use.
      I wont call the Lamborghini v12 a vw engine, despite are part of the same group.

  5. You know they are going to sell like 6 of these and then discontinue them. Then 5 years from now we’ll all be lamenting how no one makes cars like the Defender 90 V8 anymore.

  6. 13:23 Of course the Defender has a front recovery point. There is one recovery eye centered underneath where the skid plate is. You can’t see it from the high angle you show.

    1. Also please checkout accessory VPLEP0436 FRONT UNDERSHIELD – it is alternative plate which expose front recovery hook.

    2. Came here to ask whether they had done away with this. Usually can be accessed under the plastic shield by removing 4 screws, or all the time if fitted with the aluminum front undershield as another commenter pointed out…

    3. Legally every car has to have a tow point both front and rear (I forget which market though) so it will definitely have one

  7. I really appreciate that they offered this in two-doors, if all you see are four-door SUVs, how boring cars have become. The Wrangler, Bronco, and this are all on my list, only because they offer them in two door, thank you!

    1. @Sils Wei Exactly my thoughts, I suppose the only pros of a 2 door is it kinda looks cool to some people? What a waste of money

    2. @Sils Wei no. Shorter wheel base is better for off road. The longer the wheelbase, the less approach angle and the more you need to compensate. Think about it. Plus I think most of these “off road” tanks look more proportional as a 2 door. 2 door broncos and jeeps look more purposeful than the suburban mall 4 door.

    3. Those extra doors sure are nice when your homies want to come wheeling with you. But yeah if you don’t have any friends just get the two door.

  8. Doug, accordingly with Wikipedia, a Yaris is just 3995mm long, which means half a meter shorter than this Two Doors Defender

    1. Even if he meant the sedan, it’s still way shorter. Since when is 4400 considered compact lol, even a Golf is 4300 and it ain’t compact.

  9. That thing is seriously awesome! A new vehicle that actually excites me doesn’t happen often and this thing dose. So many are going EV and hybrid and they chose a supercharged V8! I LOVE it!!

    1. @Wesley Bundy I’m with ya. I figured it would be expensive but not $115,000 but, as I was told at a car show once. “Cool ain’t cheap and cheap ain’t cool” 😂

  10. I would never want to own one, but I like that someone at Land Rover said “let’s shove a V8 in the 2 door defender” and someone else said “hmm, good idea”.

    1. Can I send mail mail it to you for tomorrow at noon 🕛 tomorrow at your convenience

  11. Has a front tow hook… it’s under the cover under the bumper (can add an exposed tow hook metal shield there as an option). Can sync the climate temp up by simply pushing the button in the top right corner of the button pad…. It’s the little things.

    1. That button with three arrows and the passenger icon? Weird.

      But also I think Doug means fixed tow hooks. All cars have the removable ones.

  12. I’ve been watching Doug for about 2+ years now. I’ve never seen him so concerned about a cars speed & proportions before. Looking out the back window it was swaying about a little too lmao. Great review!

    I think the massive 5 spokes are really insane looking, Not a fan but it fits the insane engine inside of it, Really noticable with the spare! Honestly it looks like they where just having some fun producing this cars concept

    1. Exactly!
      Watching too for a long time and never heard him say something like this.
      Inb4 iconic crashes

  13. I think your videos would benefit from more illustrative pictures. Examples would be of the smaller size infotainment screen in your defender, or the smaller rear lights that the old defender used to have.
    Great video!

  14. I have to say that Land Rover has come a long way since I had a Series III 88″ (the short version compared to the long one which was 109″) in the 80’s. My 88″ had a petrol inline four of 2286 cc which produced 71 HP and 162 Nm. I also had a long version (ie 109″) which had a petrol inline six of 2625 cc which produced 86 HP and 179 Nm. Fantastically nice cars both, but from a completely different era. A big difference from today’s Land Rover Defender 90 is that my Series III 88″ actually had 7 seats including a jump seat in the center front. Of course it also had a so-called safari roof with 4 roof vents and side windows. It also had 2 spare wheels. One mounted on the hood and one hung on the back door 🙂

  15. I think this is cool, I like when auto makers build stuff out of the norm that is possibly a little nuts.

  16. I’d like to see a high speed collision avoidance test LR did with this one. Looks like it’s built to flip and roll.

  17. I’m surprised that in the US-model, the warning for the camera use, says: “Camera use not recommended above 25 mph.” (25 mph = 40 kph)

    In Europe – especially in my place: Germany – this use is limited by state-law to a maximum of 6 *kph* , which is about 3 mph and counted as _walking speed_ …
    Because, the use of screen (especially touchscreen) by being distracted for more than a maximum of 1 secs, will be seen as forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving,
    which can result in a very high fine (by German standards) and the confiscation of a driver’s license for several months.

    I know, the high standards of driving rules in California (which are quite the same like in Germany), so … *that **_high speed_** for that use, is really weird!*

  18. I give Land Rover a lot of credit for coming out with a V8 when most manufacturers feel a turbo 6 is sufficient for the top of the range.

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