The 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Is Surprisingly Luxurious


2022 Mercedes-Benz evaluation! Today I'm examining the brand-new 2022 Mercedes-Benz , a great compact luxury sedan. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new , and I'll reveal you all around the brand-new . I'm likewise going to evaluate the experience of the brand-new .


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The 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Is Surprisingly Luxurious

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  1. Surely the C-Class offers navigation as an option. Doug, you do excellently detailed reviews, but it’s sometimes a bit annoying how you so often generalize your opinion on a car’s features based on what options happen to be included or not included in the particular review model. Often this can be seen in rear USB plugs or wireless charging pads, for example, both of which tend to be extra options or part of some comfort pack in many, if not most, cars. Pay an extra $300 when configuring if you need them, and there they are. Same goes for rear climate controls. You can clearly see the cubby in the back that will be replaced by the climate control panel if you just option it in, but here it’s just called a drawback, without any mention that it’s available if you just get the 4-zone climate pack.
    It makes perfect sense for MB to not include navigation as default, because they have to pay for map licenses, and many will probably be happy with Waze or something through their phone. But to imply that C-Class doesn’t offer navigation at all, is just wrong.

    1. I loved reading this comment! In addition, Doug would sometimes very vehemently denounce car makers e.g. for not homologating a certain model for the US – there is a lot of math behind every decision, area managers and in fact dealerships (you know, people who invested millions of their own money) had the chance to commit to volumes and at the end of the day finance says go or no go. Without all the information, Doug becomes like one of those emotional online complainos he so much likes to make fun of.

    2. Fellas, let’s all remember we’re here because we love Doug and find his videos to be a great joy to watch. I had no intention of starting a Doug-bashing thread, but just wanted to give some constructive feedback, because the quality of these videos is great and consistent. Doug has been responsible for inspiring my automotive hobby and I have learned so much useful and silly things about cars from Doug’s work.
      I know it can be hard to put in effort to make a steady supply of videos for our enjoyment and only see nitpicks and complaints, so I think it’s important to say this: Doug is the kind of guy to make consistently entertaining and informative videos that get such a passionate following that we all want to contribute to the creative process by offering feedback. If you’re reading this, Doug: Thank you!

    3. Yes, but standard in most cars, should not have to select and pay extra to get such common features you get in mass market brands

  2. Am I the only one that was surprised Doug didn’t make fun of the climate vent “face” in the rear seats 😂😂😂

    1. There was a similar vent in another car Doug reviewed a while ago. He made fun of it then so he did.

  3. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the limited speed adjustment when in close proximity to objects is meant for the elderly who have a habit of mixing up the gas and brake pedals. This is actually a very good feature to have for every car in the future, glad to see it’s actually being implemented now.

    1. @Darsh “The Situation” Chattopadhyay I was thinking something more along the lines of the death penalty

    2. @Darsh “The Situation” Chattopadhyay Thanks to our incredibly car centric infrastructure here in the states, losing your license is essentially a death sentence here.

      “Hey grandma, you are getting to old to drive so now your entire social life, independence, ability to even get food for yourself and leave your home has been revoked! Have fun losing your mind trapped inside your house by yourself!”

    3. @BCC It was a few years ago. Different models are likely to have different software and hardware.

    1. @Applejaxman Now they need to make complex systems, chips, create controllers, design the user interface,… It is a more complex process undoubtedly. Maybe its cheaper in the long run due to economy of scale and being able to reuse it for many other purposes, unlike a button.

    2. @Applejaxman you are seriously comparing Buttons with no screen and complex Software like MBUX? Damn, cars enthusiasts are really out of Touch with reality.
      I dont get how hard it is to understand that not only customers (people with actual money) clearly like Touch screens and that it is getting just more and more expensive on manufacturer side
      Mercedes, poerche etc have massive custom pane of Glass for their Touchscreen and you would still say some hard plastic Buttons used for Generations are mor expensive lmao

    3. @BW and your keyboard will never have ability to utilize more computing Power, screens have a lot of ways, with Animations and smoothness being the biggest ones so they are more complex and more expensive due to that.

    4. @BW you talk as if physical Buttons arent ready on the shelf because they were used for decades and on top of that you ignkre quality control that Goes into Touchscreens, you talk just about testing. Why would you need physical Button to test your soft at all, in the end it is just a Way to send Signal, that can be simulated on Touch screen

  4. I’ve been anxiously awaiting your review of the new C-Class for a while, keep up the good work Doug!

  5. For those that are wondering, built-in navigation is actually available. It’s standard on the top trim level and a $650 option on lower trims.

    1. @edu I think there are a few use cases where Sat Nav is preferable. Usually if you are outside of cell network. Somehow though I don’t think there’s a lot of crossover area in the Venn diagram of people who shop Mercedes C class sedans and people who are frequently outside of cell service.

    2. @Sam Lung What do you mean why charge? Cause it costs money… You think those integrated nav functions happen to just spontaneously be created?

      And its a Mercedes anyways… They’ve always had this policy. Pay the bucks if you want the goods. People should stop being dumb and buy cars they cant afford.

  6. Unfortunately, Doug missed a lot of important features in this vehicle. I have one on factory order and there is indeed navigation because I have it installed in my car. It also comes with the navigation in the dashboard like other vehicles. Some major features he didnt mention is the augmented reality navigation and heads up display. Super cool if you ask me. Also, the new engine has a mild hybrid system that gives a boost to low end torque of about 130 NM which is pretty substantial compared to last model. There is also a redesigned key fob which is really cool. One of the most disappointing things he missed is the new ambient lighting. There is so much of it that you can even see it during the day. Its sad he missed so many great features that puts this car above and beyond its competitors in terms of technology.

    Edit: Wow, had no idea so many car bros would have their panties in a bunch over this comment. Must be that time of the month.

    1. @spartan246 I’m getting a BMW M440i January 2024 and have a Lexus is200t right now as my daily. Would you recommend trading that in and buy a 2022 C class now and try to pay it off before the Beamer?

    2. @spartan246 Except Lexus is not luxury… You need more than fit and finish to be a proper luxury car. Tech, design and performance are a must. And in all those aspects the Lexus rivals in the segment (IS and ES) are major fails. Bottom of their class.

      BTW, funny how the hard plastics are mentioned here. Same places filled with hollow hard plastics as in the non LS Lexus’. The ES is full of them in the lower parts of the interior. And the ES is supposed to be from a superior segment, rivalling an E class on size. Youll never find such a soulless design in an E class. Or such a bland, generalist selection of materials…

    3. You’re talking to a bunch of people who can only dream of owning a brand new C class, that’s Doug’s demographic, the nearest they can get inside a new merc and discuss its features is on a youtube video, bunch of plebs 🤣🤣

  7. First C-class was the 190. Just wasnt called that at the time. But the “first” C directly replaced the 190. If the 190 had continued to 1994 it would have been renamed that year to C. Just like the w124 was.

    1. The 190 was the model W201. The first C-Class was the model W202 – so yes, the W202 directly replaced the W201. But calling the 190 (W201) the “first C-Class” is still wrong, since it was exclusively marketed as the 190. “C-Class” is a name – and it was first coined for the W202, so that’s the first C-Class by definition. You wouldn’t call the Beetle “the first Golf” either, just because one replaced the other?

    2. @xBris There’s a bigger difference between the Beetle and the Golf than the W201 and W202. You can clearly see the evolution from the W201 to the W202. Park a Beetle next to a Golf Mk1 and they look like they’re 40 years apart.

    3. @xBris No its correct calling it the first C-class since it was the first C-class in all practical real world meaning. The ONLY way it wasnt was in the naming scheme at the time. And nothing else. Haf nothing to do with the car itself. Had it been manufactured for one more year it would have changed name to C that year. Since all of MB:s models got that name change then. Regardless if new model or existing. What do you think is most relevant? What you call something or what it actually is in all practical real world sense? Tehy would have called it the C if it had remained 2 more years like the w124 did.
      No, the Golf didnt replace the Beetle. It was not the successor to the Beetle in any way design or purpose wise. Completely new design philosophy and segment. It got a successor much later. The beetle was also manufactured after the Golf came out. The C though was a direct successor and derivative from the 190 which ended prodution as the next gen replaced it.
      Its exactly the same with the w124. It just happened to live 2 years longer so it existed att the change of the naming scheme. The w210 was in the EXACT same way the succesor to the w124 as the w202 was to the w201. No difference at all.

  8. Weirdly specced car. Went for the Burmester sound system and the sunroof, but did not tick the option box for the nav function in the infotainment. But I think you can unlock it afterwards. Also left out all the little options, like charge ports in the rear (those do not come as standard, you have to tick the option box – but pretty much everybody does that…)

    1. Are people seriously using NAV nowadays? I’ve just got my car for a month and smartphone is literally the only thing I need when it comes to navigation. I mean it doesn’t even need to be carplay. You can just mount your phone up and connect it via bluetooth and have it guide it for you over the speakers.

    2. My second hand audi a3 has a 900 euro b&o sound system option but no cruise control, some people are just weird

    3. @neoqueto As far as I could see in the dealerships in Europe, there are two configs available for any car: the cheap “hey look, you can buy this today” and the marked every option available one. I’ve bought a dealership car (Fiesta 2020) used only as a display car for the clients to look at it and add more options to their custom order, but it never left the dealership floor and had literally every option available.

    4. To be honest, I have zero interest in navigation or infotainment systems. In an ideal case, I don’t even want a touchscreen. But a sunroof and nice audio is a minimum requirement.

  9. 14:42 I don’t know where that 500 hp figure for C43 comes from. But the order guide my sales rep sent me earlier this year said it’s only gonna be 402+13hp, so unless they put a 100 hp motor instead of that 13hp motor in the system, I don’t see how it’s gonna produce 500 hp.

    1. Car and Driver already did a full test and review of the new C43 and it is indeed just 402 HP. The 48V hybrid system does almost nothing to add power.

    2. You’re right. Little over 400 hp from the M139 engine and tiny bit of boost of 14 hp or so from the 48V mild hybrid system. The 500 hp figure is of course ridiculous. How are they supposed to extract the same amount of power that the previous C63s’ V8 used to make from a 4 cylinder without any assistance?

  10. I feel like a new category is how each vehicles drivers assist/ cruise control/ lane keep compares. The tech needs to be broken down a bit more to compare how it navigates highway merges/ overall driver feel.

  11. 13:08 “I like the sunroof control” Doug says as it fails to recognize his command 2x in a row in the background 😂

  12. “Seat adjusts to your size!”

    Tell us which was more comfortable Doug. 6’4” or 6’3”? Was it the 6’2”?

    1. Thanks for watching ❤️ ❤️
      You have been randomly selected among our winners today, contact me to claim your prize👆👆

  13. I really dislike how much the gauge cluster really just looks like a tacked on screen instead of a digitized gauge cluster. Audi’s cluster looked more modern than this 5 years ago.

    1. I rather dislike any screens like that in cars. Like they designed it and then went ‘oh crap, we forgot the screen….well…just set it on top, no one will notice’.

    2. @jblyon2 It makes a lot more sense to mount the screen like this… Its a screen. It should not be limited to the area and angles of the old instruments. If you use a screen, you do it so you can de-clutter de dashboard and push it back. A simple, minimalistic screen, properly placed so that it give the impression of greater space in the car. Whats nfortunate is the center console and its screen. Way to messy. Too many things going around there. The back of that screen will fill with dust. The EQ sedans configuration looks the best in terms of digital instruments ergonomy and design

  14. The C-Class has really kept up with its segment – as a leader! I like the new design. Thanks for the review Doug!

  15. Love this car – navigation, don’t care. Rear chargers, don’t care. Power trunk, yep. MB knows their customer. Gorgeous car and a huge step forward for the model.

    1. I’m with you up to a point. I feel like an idiot watching my trunk open and close electrically. I don’t get the appeal of that needless weight and complexity, especially on a small sedan. Am I missing something?

    2. @Gregory Mcclatchy It’s a luxury car. I want luxuries. No OEM navigation is better than Apple CarPlay. Rear seat power is negligible, at least for me (no kids). Power trunk makes the difference between a C class and a Camry.

    3. @Gregory Mcclatchy I guess it’s just a bad look for a brand like Mercedes (and at the Mercedes price) to have a non-power assist trunk. I think it’s annoying too but for the times your hands are full or you need to let someone else use the trunk it is handy.

    4. My wife has the previous generation (and had the one before that recently). This really looks more like a generation refresh than a new generation. It’s bigger, but just minor style updates, engine tune and screens. Hers has navigation, and I like having it. It works even when my phone occasionally doesn’t. That said, it looks better than Mazda’s navigation, but is functionally worse. I’d still get the option buying new, but I understand skipping it. I also didn’t care for the power trunk, but my wife loves it. The moment she realized it had a foot sensor she was sold. She loves not having to free a hand or touch the rear of the car (salty in winter) to open and close the trunk. The real selling point for us though is how short-person friendly the car is. She’s 4′-10″ (147cm for the sensible people) and it’s one of the few cars where she can get a comfortable driving position without losing circulation in her legs. Unsurprisingly, she’s also the buyer that considers memory seats as a requirement for purchase. Yeah, some of their options should be standard, and some dealers order some frankly stupid specs, but they’re nice when you get one with the right options (and ignore the repair bills).

  16. I just recently brought home the new C Class in Selenite Grey with the AMG night package and pretty much everything loaded in to it except the HUD and the AR navigation. These cars definitely do have navigation if you get that feature but the variety in the new C Class is there. For example, mine came with nav, but no wireless charger (part of the USB package which also includes rear USB ports). The enhanced ambient lighting is also a very nice feature. A few pretty neat features were missed but understandable as they just weren’t in this specific reviewed model, but if you’re interested in buying definitely look at all the available features.
    I mostly walked in to the dealer relatively blind just looking for a new car and I’ve been extremely pleased with my purchase so it was definitely nice to see this video pop up! It’s a very nice and sleek looking car, rides very well and very comfy inside. Doug’s right though, it’s not overly excitable but for a comfortable commuter with some pretty cool features and a nice look, it’s an awesome car and I love mine!

  17. 14:30 In the C43, the four-cylinder engine is good for 402 hp and 369 pound-feet of torque, with a 48-volt, belt-driven starter-generator can add 13 extra horses for a quick boost.

  18. Pretty nice car, however I wish automakers would do away with the “floating” screens, almost looks like you can grab and remove them from the car, as if a tablet was just glued there. It also just reminds me of the aftermarket headunits with the screen that would fold out of the unit, always looked stupid in my opinion. It would be nice if the screens were actually IN the dash, looks cleaner.

    1. Right on for all the reasons mentioned. Mostly the “tablet screens” just look cheaply integrated and not thoroughly thought out. On the other hand I like the approach some American automakers use right now. If i remember correctly, the Escalate has integrated screens. Looks way better.

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