The 2022 Porsche Cayman GT4 RS Is the Best Modern Porsche


Porsche Cayman ! Today I'm examining the brand-new 2022 Porsche Cayman , and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the . I'm likewise going to take you on a thorough trip of the and reveal you what it resembles, inside and out. Then I'll the brand-new Cayman and examine what it's like behind the wheel.

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The 2022 Porsche Cayman Is the Best Modern Porsche

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  1. Although a few Porsche models get rated higher in the DougScore, this is the one I’d have — hands down. For me, the best modern Porsche.

    Porsche, please make it with three pedals!

    1. @Abay Amangali im just mad cause the damn affordable compact sedans love to Give us manual only as if thats good for sales lol ….. Sti…Type R… Focus RS etc

  2. I love the fact that Porsche continues to produce cars with soul and sportiness like this Cayman GT4 RS

    1. @Kaelin Middleton Bull on the weight. Miata’s weigh the same as they did when they first came out. The are also not bigger, much faster and not really any more insulate. People WANT bigger, faster and insulated. The want the hear the engine, yes, but not road or wind noise. All the Honda guys are wining about the SI not having heated seats, WTF people.

    2. @Jimmy Two Times Same for every friggin car these days. Don’t get me started on BMW’s. E-series for life!!

    3. @Jimmy Two Times I assume you have not driven any of the newer heavier Porsche? Def do when you get the Chance.
      Because you dont feel the heaviness at all, which surprised me as well, even surprised Chris Harris, in fact it feels half it’s weight, especially in Handling.

  3. I remember seeing this car being used to show off Porsche’s new synthetic fuels, it will forever remain iconic to me.

    1. @vlchrxs – Gang nope. It’s a stupid comparison. Hope they never change tbh. Porsche are in it’s own league

    2. I agree. Why change something not broken.
      Also, idc who u r, if u byy a Porsche, ur also buying it because its a Porsche and you want it to be immediately recognized as such.
      So with that, this car is absolutely beautiful 😍 🤩 👌

  4. Doug: “The Cayman GT4 RS is better than any other modern Porsche”

    Also Doug: Places the Porsche 911 GT3 exactly one place above the new Cayman GT4 RS

    1. GT3 has better tech (as it is based on a newer platform), looks better and according to some reviewers that pushed both cars to the limit GT3 handles just a bit better

    2. @oscar7364 i think gt4 would beat gt3 rs easily in a small circuit with a low of aggressive turn. 911 seems to be too large for some small circuit

  5. Vs the standard GT4, it Gained 2 points on acceleration and cool factor but lost a point on fun factor, qualify and comfort. Beating the GT4 by 1 point in total score but price tag doubled. Doug just destroyed the new GT4RS 😂

    1. Thats the point. He loves the car but the way he scores cars have nothing to do with his opinion but the car itself. So yeah he didn’t “destroy” fhe GT4 rs

  6. This looks insanely good and sounds insanely good, from what I’ve heard Porsche’s GT lineup have incredible chassis and they are really great cars to drive.

    1. @Brandon Johnson so wouldn’t that be more credit to GM then doofus? Porsche been refining that 4.0 for YEARS as you note. It’s like Toyota fanboys – “the tundra is so reliable” yeah it was a shitbird copycat design dating back to 04-06 for 07 model year & they JUST redesigned that pig for the first time since. Again- Porsche gets some credit but Ferrari? GTFOH they’re art not cars. And if you got the real$$$ you can have Ferrari make a one-off for ya

    2. @MS I’m not arguing the LT6 isn’t an epic engine but it’s not *the most powerful NA engine period* and not even in a splitting hairs sense they made 5k 599s only a few 1000 of those were GTOs with 670 ish hp then the F12 that came out in 2012… which are in the 700s HP there at least 5k of those.

      Probably more F12s than there are ZR1’s so I don’t really get your point that none exist…does ZR not count as the most powerful corvette then because there’s only a few thousand?

    3. @MS I’m not sure where you get this idea that these super cars have un-reliable engines.

      They generally are far better suited to running on a track than domestic US cars which are built for short blasts of power. The engines run for endurance races are homologated so you have these cars running 24hr non stop at full tilt.

      They’re just expensive to service which is different from unreliable… there’s people that have driven Ferraris past 200k mile point without rebuild or tear downs… people just don’t drive them like that usually.

    4. @Jared Champagne I assume that’s something like an EVO engine that’s turbocharged…

      Much more work trying to get NA power you’re pretty much stuck around 90 Ft/lb per liter so the only option is to get more power is revving faster. To get 300hp out of a 2L naturally aspirated you’d need to be capable of going up to at least 10k RPM and make peak power at 9k or run something exotic for the fuel.

    1. @Conor There’s no problem in having an automatic transmission, the problem is making it look like a manual transmission, making it look like something it isn’t. We hate pretentious marketing like that.
      That’s why most enthusiasts hate SUV’s because they PRETEND they are off road vehicles, they PRETEND that they’re sporty, they try to be something that they’re not.
      We don’t like pretentious products because they make it look like companies think their costumers are dumb.

    2. @bindingcurve u do realise that they made it that way because many customers actually shift up and down with that stick and not witch the paddles. Many costumers complained about the 992 911 because it isn’t possible there because they only put a small switch in the middle.

  7. 8:22 makes the car more aerodynamic by letting out air trapped in the wheel arches-> reduced air pressure – > reduced air pressure gradient ->reduced drag coefficient

  8. Hey Doug, just FYI: the logo on the front hood is not only a decal for weight reasons, it’s also because embedding it in the carbon fiber hood would increase cost and complicate manufacturing. It’s not impossible, just cheaper that way. The put it on every carbon fiber front hood.
    The weight-saving-claim is probably just a marketing thing and negligible.

  9. Having lived with a Cayman S for many years, I think even this track focused one should get a bump in practicality. The front and rear trunks make this thing great for daily driving and can handle some real luggage if you need to.

    Question for Doug, what is the line between sports car and super car. what car in your opinion is the entry point to supercardom?

    1. I think he commented on it before, but a “cheep” version of the car kills it from making the list.

  10. That engine note is unbelievably intoxicating, seriously one of the greatest engines of all time

  11. I agree with just about everything you’ve said, I have a 2009 Cayman S that is a complete track car, stripped out interior coil over suspension yada yada yada. I was dying to get my hands on a GT four with a PDK, and was looking forward to this car as well. When I saw that they were basically going to be unobtainable for at least a couple of years, I went and bought a 2019 GT3RS. It’s quite a special car, I don’t regret my choice. And I still have my Cayman. The wife and I both track our cars, and we do about 50 to 60 track days a year.

  12. When it comes to styling, this is def a 10/10 for me. Beautiful outside and the sound is just glorious.

  13. I love the classic Porsche design sooooo much and this is definitely the most beautiful to date. I’d say this is peak Porsche

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