The 2023 Acura Integra Is the Return of a Legendary Car


review! The is here– and today I'm going to show you around it. I'm going to take you on a full tour of the and show you its quirks and features, and I'll offer you a full introduction of rates and trim levels of the brand-new . Have a look at the most comprehensive tour yet of the new Acura !


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The 2023 Acura Is the Return of a Legendary Car

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    1. @PinkSparklyGamer and the accord has 250hp 2.0 turbo that flies!! With a 10 speed trans which is a huge plus imo

  1. I’m amazed by the number of complaints that the new Integra is “just a nicer Civic.” Uh, yeah— so was the old one! I assume the complaints are coming from younger people who weren’t around for the older Integras and only remember the Type R. I *was* around back then, and I can tell you the vast majority of 1990s Integras had a 140-hp 4-cylinder, cloth seats, hubcaps, and a 4-speed automatic. It was basically just a luxury Civic back then, too.

    1. 100% true, I remember saying to myself “Would I rather drive the Civic or the Integra?”. The choice came down to styling.

    2. The old Integra was a different body for a Civic, but it was still sporty, sportier than the Civic in fact. The new one is a cross breed between a Civic sedan and an RSX, which was just a plush Integra.

      I understand your opinion, even agree with it, but the Integra badge doesn’t suit this car. It looks like competition for the Jetta GLI, not the type of car the old Integras were up against.

    3. And yet the current Civic Si in Canada gets most features the Integra has. Most people probably don’t want to go out of their way to deal with the scarce Acura dealership

  2. Acura has registered “Integra Type-S” as a trademark, and “Compact Type-S” was in their leaked release schedule after TLX and MDX Type-S.

    1. @Logλn L like bro why are you so upset about cylinders? I mean I love V8 cars but I wouldn’t be upset by a small car with a powerful 3 cylinder. People love the Yaris because of the way it drives. If you drive the car, you’d forget that it has 3 cylinders. Just ask the owners in a GR Yaris forum or something

  3. I’m kinda torn on this car. I think it looks good and I like the interior, and I’m a sucker for sportbacks, but it seems like there is some odd business decisions being made. I don’t believe for a second they didn’t deliberately withhold features from the Si. And if I’m understanding it right, the manual is only available as an option on higher trims? That seems fishy to me too.

    1. From an american perspective charging a premium option for the manual does make business sense because in every instance, the auto version of any given USDM car sells far better than the manual. I hate to see the 6 speed being more expensive too but the sad truth is that Acura needs to make money to save it’s dying brand and there aren’t enough enthusiasts in the market to justify the investment of making a car just for them. But again this is just in america and canada.

    2. It has the same hp as the 20 year old RSX…
      And the rsx did it without a turbo and a screaming 8600 redline.

    3. @ronnelmnop Which is well worth it if you’re looking at the Civic. The civic was never meant to have the features an Acura has. An accord would be the next best thing in Honda’s lineup but you’re still paying in the mid 30’s for a Touring trim. But the accord does have more power.

    4. @Das Brot Acura isn’t a dying brand. They do sell a lot of SUVs and also Honda helps them since they are the same company

  4. Also, I think the Infiniti Q50 counts as a competetor, and which I think will be its closest, even though it doesnt sell that well.

  5. Thirty-plus years ago, I was driving a first-generation Acura Legend, that I would up having for 13 years and 250k miles. This car seems more like what that Gen. 1 Legend was as far as size and utility than any TL, RL, or whatever Acura is selling today.

  6. Most guys seeing a new stick shift: chuck it around, see how reverse works, row the gears a few times.
    Doug: 17:18 – slow motion fondling.

    1. I did that (row through the gears while the engine is off) at the LA Auto show in the new Ford Bronco’s and the Ford people asked me to leave. So I told them I’mma go buy a Chevy

    2. @James Thompson I did the exact same thing in a GR Vitz at the Mega Web Toyota showroom in Tokyo. I wasn’t asked to leave though.

    3. @win7ermu7e Yes the new 6 speed standard transmission in an H pattern with three pedals. I wasn’t even going crazy with it. I drive stick shift daily I know what I’m doing XD

  7. The ILS was such a beautiful car, one of the best looking sedan on the road IMO, its sad its discontinued.

  8. I love watching Honda/Acura doing his own thing. In a world lead by crossovers, CUV’s and SUV’s a nice sedan is the resistance.

  9. I’m interested to see what a Type S version of this car will introduce, I’m honestly torn with the overall styling of the car being that it doesn’t have that unique head turning design the older models had. However I might be interested in grabbing one of these later on just to see what aftermarket applications are available for this platform for sure! Definitely not a horrible looking car, just looks a bit odd and bit generic looking from the factory unfortunately

  10. A shame about the mandatory A-spec badging. “A-Spec” will forever be synonymous with expensive badging and non-performance related cosmetic trim pieces. There’s precedent for only offering MT on a type-S model and the fact that they’re pushing A-Spec from launch really shows you where Acura is right now.

    1. A is for appearance. S is for sport. So a spec is of course an appearance package… which is what most people actually want. They just want to look sporty not be sporty. Or pay the insurance of sporty. The Type S is for those who do.

    2. @Sean Lafferty There’s no doubt people will pay up for cosmetic-only trim pieces, but Acura’s take on “A-Spec” trim has never commanded any of the market position that you get from Audi S-line or BMW M-sport.

  11. I actually really like this car. It’s just that… when rumors began about an Integra revival… this was the LAST thing I pictured in my mind.

  12. This car, especially compared to the Civic has been made to sell. The fact it looks like a sedan but has the practicality of a hatchback will be a very popular thing and more car companies will start doing it (here in the US) and with the starting price difference it seems like a no brainer to pick this one if you want that good ole Honda performance. And it looks sexy as hell too.

  13. I love that for once in modern times, Acura is FINALLY offering a manual with the higher spec package.

  14. I was really anticipating much more from Acura or maybe there’s more to come, but for now the only main practical difference there is from my 2017 exl , is the hatch and cargo room and 3 tech-safety differences for such a high starting price.

  15. I really like there’s a defeat switch for the “start-stop”. That feature may be useful at long lights, but in my area lights are short. Add a/c, it becomes an annoyingly clunky experience.

  16. As nerdy as Doug is, I can’t believe he didn’t mention that it’s really a Liftback, not a Hatchback.
    Great car. Could definitely see Acura using the Civic Type R engine to make a new Integra Type R.

  17. That is an absolutely beautiful car especially the rear profile it’s very head turning and premium looking

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