The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V Is a Fast, Huge $150,000 Luxury SUV


2023 Cadillac Escalade V review! Today I'm examining the 2023 Cadillac Escalade V, which is a supercharged, expensive, huge high-end SUV with insane performance for its size. I'll reveal you all the quirks and features of the Escalade V, and then I'll get behind the wheel and the crazy new Cadillac Escalade V.


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The 2023 Cadillac Escalade V Is a Fast, Huge $150,000 Luxury SUV

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    1. @CADILLAC HERNANDEZ consistently makes the list of least reliable vehicles on the road. Since 2006 nothing has changed. Its probably even worse now that tata owns LR instead of Ford.

  1. I can’t be the only one who misses Doug’s in-depth DougScore analysis, which he used to do in the past. A big chunk of what I learnt from his videos came from that segment alone!

  2. Cadillac has really changed in the last few years, I can’t believe the _escalade_ is now the most powerful thing in their lineup!

    1. @Endeavors_DnB I know that I’m not an idiot unlike some guy called Mahim Mustakim, you know, that kid who attracts trolls with his stupid timestamps that I’m fed up with?

    2. @GeeGee Bro You owned a V2 and wouldn’t own a CT5-V Blackwing? Or do you mean outside of the CT4 and CT5?

  3. The fast folding seats is probably for the livery people who do pickups at the airports and don’t want to waste time switching from additional seating to luggage and vice versa.

  4. Although a cool variant, it seems to be yet another missed opportunity by GM after the comeback of the Blazer nameplate before the Bronco’s return (*really* looking forward to your Bronco Raptor review). Hopefully GM will fix this “mistake” by placing that power plant in the Silverado to compete with the TRX and Raptor R. — Great review as always! 🔥

    1. I’m a Ford guy for life but in my opinion GM doesn’t deserve hate. Yes I’d rather drive a Mustang GT over a Camaro SS or a Shelby GT500 over a ZL1 but tbh I really really really love the C8 corvette. Saw one in person a few times, and it looks really better in person then on the pictures. My dream C8 is a Z06 because of that exhaust sound alone. Corvette has been the only good GM car in my opinion

  5. GM really should put ventilated seats in the 2nd row… If Kia and Hyundai can in a 45k Telluride or Palisade GM definitely could in a 150k Escalade

    1. @Paul Yeah, unlike GM that… Löst over billion by recalling Volts/Bolts that catch Fire.
      Really cool.

    2. @Stinky Cheese people also dont need panoramic sunroofs, push to start, HUD, self driving features.. but do we still want them when we buy a fancy car… Yes.. because theyre extras and nice to have Duhhhh 😂

  6. I really like how GM trying to improve Cadillac’s image. Maybe Ford should try to sell high-performance / sportier Lincolns but really Lincoln is primarily focused on fancy. The Lincoln LS is pretty “close” to a sports sedan however. BTW great review Doug!!

    1. Lincoln already threw the Raptor engine in the Navigator and the next generation will probably be electric so throwing the Vodoo engine from the GT500 and Raptor R just wouldn’t unfortunately make since given their imagine but it would make sense in the Expedition

    2. Lincoln is focused on geriatrics. Ford has the SVT trim for many of their models. Don’t need a separate brand

    3. I wish they would but Lincoln is purposely staying out of the performance brand. Not only with not having a dedicated performance line, but in general not building to that niche. So many luxury makers are all fighting over the sporty segment. Lincoln’s brand pillar is “Quiet Flight”. They aren’t in this market and don’t want to be.

    4. GM as a whole will most likely not succeed their plan being the largest seller of EVs if not the largest in the US.

  7. Honestly I totally agree here 5:25. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have the brand name of MB. People who want an Escalade and can afford it will buy it simply because of that name, Cadillac Escalade. That’s been the staple of American boss level luxury.

    1. I thought it was a weird comment. “They don’t have the brand name of Mercedes…” Yeah, the have the brand name of Escalade. The MB just looks like a fat wagon. This looks like a (frickin’) Escalade.

    2. It goes the other way, too. Anyone shopping for an MB isn’t going to consider a Cadillac. Money can’t buy class.

  8. I love that GM brings out the best stuff at the exact moment the economy/market collapses. Every….time.

  9. Ahhhh so THAT’S how you open the tailgate. My boss got an Escalade and I’ve been opening the trunk via the key every time. Really good to know! Edit: Worth noting also the Escalade has soft close doors which are cool to use.

  10. This vehicle seems excessive in many aspects, but somehow I have more respect for it than I have for many other SUVs, because of its size. As opposed to compact SUVs, which are just heavy, but don’t offer much space, this is actually a really spacious van and thus fulfills a clear purpose.

    1. Actually it makes sense – those are one of the things a driver touches most after the steering wheel of course.

    2. @mrpibbsdotcom For $150k I’d also be annoyed if my turn signal is made of cheap plastic.

  11. I’m so happy that automakers are doing insane things like this before big, inefficient engines become extinct.

    1. @Nybotor1 a lot of people think a world where function is the sole reason to create would be a good thing.

      That would be a depressing, sterile, and soul crushing world. We need beauty and frivolity.

      If these people took a moment to look at there own lives and excluded everything that didn’t “serve a purpose” they would quickly realize this.

      “Put usefulness first, and you lose it. Put beauty first, and what you do will be useful forever. It turns out, nothing is more useful than the useless.” -sir Roger Scruton

  12. What an incredible, ridiculous machine! Sadly, GM being GM, if there is a way to nickel and dime something they will do it with the interior and do it in an extremely obvious way vs maybe saving a nickel somewhere inconspicuously.

  13. I love this car, what GM needed to be doing since they came out with the LT4. The stereo, I must say looks amazing but the best stereo I have ever heard is the Fender system in my old GLI. Can’t wait to hear this one.

  14. I remember when Doug wasn’t even at a million subs, so happy he’s doing well. He definitely works hard and earned his fame and deserves it

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