The 2023 Fisker Ocean Is the Quirkiest, Newest Electric SUV


This is the Fisker Ocean, the new totally electric SUV from Fisker. Today I'm examining this Fisker Ocean, and I'll reveal you all the lots of peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the Ocean and reveal you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:34 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:10 POWER
01:46 Introduction
02:42 The Key
04:02 California Mode
05:05 Back Cargo Side Windows
05:31 Lighting Quirks
07:07 What is Fisker?
07:55 Solar Roof
08:52 More Exterior Quirks & Features
10:01 Interior Quirks & Features
12:11 Infotainment Screen
13:57 Increase Mode
14:43 More Interior Quirks & Features
19:53 Rear Seating
22:04 Freight Area
24:04 Driving Experience
29:22 Last Thoughts
29:52 DougScore

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The 2023 Fisker Ocean Is the Quirkiest, Newest Electric SUV

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  1. Test drove one this month. Super smooth ride. Very solidly built. Quieter than my tesla. Software lag wasn’t an issue. Can’t wait for my mid range ocean ultra to arrive. $50k for 350 miles and 3.8 0-60. Can’t beat that.

    1. Until you realize 350 miles in an EV is not really 350 miles, and thats at 100% SOT which they don’t recommend. Also good luck charging on road trips. Im no Tesla fanboy by any stretch. This interior is way nicer on most other ev’s, but I would not own a non tesla EV if I had any plans to road trip. Would you buy a gas car that could only fill up at certain gas stations and those stations filled slower? No way. Limiting the boost mode to 500 is so stupid. That should be eliminated immediately. Dial it back some if its going to hurt the car.

    2. Sounds great until you have to throw it away in 5 years because the batteries are dead and the company is out of business you fool.

    1. I’ve had many experiences where I’m in heavy traffic and my first heads up someone wants over is when they get mad and aggressively try to butt over. I simply wasn’t in a position to see the rear signal and the car lacked the mirror signals. Great idea, no doubt.

    2. I wish they would have made the turn signals yellow. Yellow signals are safer because they’re differentiated from brake lights. It’s why Europe and Asia require yellow turn signals all around.

    3. I believe it was designed so that semi drivers could see it is what they said. I owned a new car a few years ago with the turn signal in the rear bumper and a semi driver told me he couldn’t see that I was changing lanes so I knew it was a problem and I’m glad someone addressed this.

    4. ​@BWAgreed, most cars differentiate them well enough but some don’t and having them all be amber eliminates all ambiguity

    5. @afterburn2600 reminds me of some KIA (carnival i think) turn signals in the rear bumber which you cant see in a traffic jam… had someone indicating for a while and nobody was letting them through cause they couldnt see them…

  2. I’m a fan of Fisker’s designs over the years and I think this has a lot of features that should/will make their way into competitor’s offerings. I hope Fisker sticks around so we can see more innovative ideas in the future.

  3. Congrats Doug! The first Rivian auctioned and now the first fisker ocean auction! Cars and Bids is a serious force in the enthusiast car auction world!

    1. Nothing about this screams ‘car enthusiast’ … also i reckon someone bought it, realised how bad it is, sold it on cars and bids before it depreciates

  4. The design interns certainly had fun with developing this car aha. I thought the design of the Karma was wonderful, despite the controversy surrounding the car and the company throughout the decade. The Ocean seems to be going in a new direction, it’ll be interesting to see where it leads.

    1. I did too. I love the look of the Karma. It had personality and beauty that make it feel like a car that nobody else would have. I feel the same way with the Ocean. Very quirky and a TON of awesome features. I LOVE that the climate controls have their own separate screen(which means if it ever fails it would be SO MUCH cheaper to replace than the large screen) which is seems a LOT of electric car manufacturers have made the mistake of putting them in the same screen as the main one.

      This seems like the only compromise is the lack of a glove compartment, and even with that they still offer extra storage throughout the front of the car.

    2. My state gave the first Fisker millions of dollars to open up in a recently closed GM plant. Fisker took the money and ran. The plant ended up getting sold to Amazon, who tore it down and built a massive warehouse. It would have been cool to see Karmas coming out of the old GM factory.

  5. Who else can’t wait to see Doug review the Aptera? What’s also cool is that they’re located right in Doug’s neck of the woods. I like what direction Fisker is headed in. The Ocean seems like a great car, and the other cars they announced seem like they should be able gain some traction in the EV space.

    1. I’m with you but Doug doesn’t review prototypes, he always wait until there’s a production model (or very close production intent), that’s why you haven’t seen a Cybertruck review either.

    2. Idk if the aptera will ever make it to production tbh, but the fisker pear looks promising, it has a solar roof, nothing like Aptera though.

    3. @feandil666I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think the cyber truck is anywhere near being reviewed yet. He reviewed the Rivian truck prototype, a prototype of the Bronco, some crazy electric racing type super car and a few others.

  6. So glad you finally got a chance to review this car! Knew you’d like it. Wish it had a frunk, but that’s not a deal killer. Do you think with some over the air updates they’ll be able to tweak suspension enough for the handling to be noticeably better than a Model Y or Mach-e?

    1. Yeah it Looked good but was very slow and odd to drive, it was fully battery powered but had a turbocharged engine to charge the batteries

    2. @Tyler Hare aka(Dr. Wers) I think I remember the original Fisker having an engine from General Motors lol I forget which one but if you say it was turbocharged then I would guess the one from the Chevy Cobalt.

  7. Nobody better to display the quirkiness of this car! Some really unique quirks! I love that California mode and that silly cargo window. That’s an awesome feature. Very interesting model.

    1. i feel like he excused a lot of dumb design decisions on this fisker tbh. could be that its on his cars and bids or that he’s drawn to quirky new things but this didn’t feel genuine at all.

    2. @A-donYep, he does the same with Tesla. It seems like he was a shill for the car because he has interest in the sale of it.

  8. I love my FOO – 1500 miles on it already and going strong. Great review – thanks Doug! Although, you should have noted that the screen will only go in the horizontal “Hollywood Mode” when in park so that you can watch TV while charging. Once you put the car in drive, it moves back to the vertical orientation. Also – the passenger tray you mentioned as a potential option for the center armrest actually comes out of the dash where the glove box would be. You showed it on the video but didn’t engage it.

    1. Interesting. Wondering about where you get service when something fails or breaks? Also, what kind of charger interface does it have? Quite a few of the current EV’s are switching to the Tesla interface because of the distribution and reliability of their network.

  9. I actually love the design language. It reminds me of the range rover evoque, that vehicle was SEXY. Also, small detail, but I’m not sure if anyone else was infatuated with the fact they made all the windows open at their own speed so that they all reach the top/bottom simultaneously.

    Edit: im actually shocked at the pricing of this vehicle. Usually quirky companies try to mega charge for the commodity value, but actual competitive pricing??? interesting

    1. Yes the Evoque is probabky the only sexy SUV but this looks nothing like it… Maybe a bit similar window height and waist line.

    2. Calling a $70,000 EV “competitively” priced is … interesting. It’s priced into the luxury segment, and carries the uncertainty of being built by a brand new company helmed by the CEO who failed the last time he tried to make a car company…. at a $20k premium to the model Y and other similar EVs from established manufacturers, it actually seems highly priced and clearly appealing to niche buyers.

  10. I’ve been thinking about getting an Ocean. Doug actually omitted a couple quirks/features: there are buttons to the sides of the rear seats that allow them to recline/incline, the headrests have a unique shape from the side that resembles an ocean wave 🌊, and the interior features over 100 pounds of recycled materials.

    1. Furthermore there is also a passenger tray in the instrument panel in front of the passenger seat.
      The cutout in the center console is not for adding a separate tray, but probably for the RHD versions where the driver tray goes.

  11. I’m genuinely excited for Fisker, Lucid and Rivian. They fill niches other car companies have been lethargic about, taking different approaches, and have different psyches than the old brands. Fisker is going for the most practical, value for money crowd (see the PEAR). Lucid is trying to be the new Cadillac. And Rivian is tapping into the Patagonia/REI crowd, with its outdoor friendliness. Real personality for all three, and different strengths, Lucid being supported by Saudis, Fisker by Magna Steyr/Foxconn, Rivian by Amazon.

    Compared to these, I think the Hummer is just what you expect of a GM EV. Mustang Mach-E and F150 Lightning feels..kinda exactly what you would expect from Ford. Hyundai/Kia is appealing to the design-focussed crowd.

    When shakeout comes, I hope these new brands survive instead of the old brands. They just seem hungrier and closer to what actual customer needs. I would spring for a PEAR with Toyota reliability in a heartbeat.

    1. I’m waiting for Volvo to make a classic wagon styled EV. It’s all SUVs so far, although the smaller more crossover-y ones are pretty close.

      My dream is for a retro styled “new 240” but I don’t think they’ll do it.

  12. i had no idea this car actually released. it’s probably my favorite looking EV right now and i thought it was never gonna be real when i saw it a few years ago

    1. That’s the bad thing, it doesn’t have the marketing that it needs. It’s a lot more cool than any Tesla.

  13. I like this one. I’ve watched a lot of videos on new EVs and this one is by far the one that interests me the most. It’s got some great design details, it looks good, and California Mode is awesome.

  14. Fisker is targeting the value market. For what you get between $40 to $70k, the value is insane. Plus you have a fantastic design. Next up Fisker is planning the PEAR, which is a slightly trimmed down Ocean for under $30k, now that could be an actual game changer.

  15. I’m genuinely glad Fisker was able to make it to production, I remember hearing about them years ago when it was a working prototype. I was worried that they would not make it to production and that the project would fizzle out, it’s good that all these new car companies come out and bring their own style to market pushing innovation and creativity in car design and features. These companies are making cars fun again, and I wish them the best.

    1. That california function to open all of the cars windows is something Honda has been doing for years. Pretty useful in the summer. Although I always wished you could program it so that the sunroof doesn’t open. Apparently you can’t in a Honda but maybe they gave you that option in this since it’s such a modern design.

  16. The 1978 Datsun Cedric 280C Station Wagon had a passenger side rear “shopping window” that is the same as the one on the Ocean. It was an electrically operated side window that allowed you to load items into the rear cargo area without having to lift up the tailgate.
    A clever feature.

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