The 2023 Honda Pilot Is a Big Improvement


This is the 2023 Honda Pilot, a huge improvement from its previous models. Today I'm evaluating this Honda Pilot, and I'll show you all the lots of quirks and functions. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the Honda Pilot and reveal you what it resembles to .


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:16 THIS …
00:43 New Styling
01:36 Trailsport Design
01:56 Powertrain
02:29 Third Row
03:58 2nd Row
06:31 Offroad Pilot
07:40 It's Raised!
08:45 Interior Offroad Goodies
09:33 TrailSport Cosmetic Upgrades
10:25 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
10:39 Infotainment
11:23 CabinTalk
12:00 Cam System
12:34 All the Chargers
12:56 Gear Selector
13:26 Many, Many Modes
14:00 A Lot Storage
14:45 Gauge Cluster Screen
15:38 Trims & Rates
16:20 Freight Area
17:24 Driving Experience
17:51 Maximized Usefulness
18:12 Why It's Good
18:52 V6
19:28 Disadvantages
20:06 Steering & Handling
20:22 A Good, Affordable Automobile
21:11 Final Thoughts
21:37 DougScore

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The 2023 Honda Pilot Is a Big Improvement

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  1. The sizes of vehicles in the US continues to shock me. It’s crazy to think that this monstrosity is only considered ”mid-sized”!

    1. You’ve probably never witnessed the biggest suv ever that Ford made called the Excursion!!! Biggest suv ever made!!! An I still own one…. THERE AMAZING LOL

    1. honda for you they are one of the few companies that amazes me to this day. I’m especially fond of Lotus and Pagani, Aston Martins are great too. But Honda has made some of my favorite vehicles, they put a lot of love and care into the build

    2. I’ve had my first Honda for 2 years now and it’s still my favorite. Simple, user friendly, easy to work on and fun! Super reliable as well, 120k miles in 2 years no issues lol

  2. Brilliant climate control design! Honda seems to have improved what already was a good, proven and reliable SUV. Smart move.

  3. Feels like it’s been so long since a regular cars have made it on the channel. I wasn’t a Honda design fan until 2022 and 2023. Seems they finally figured out how to make things look good. This and the Palisade video are super entertaining AND super helpful!

    1. Eh, I feel like the new civic looks like what the accord could’ve been. Prefer the look of the old civic

    2. Nah. Nondescript road cork bored the pants off me. No real quirks nor features, just Doug being enthusiastic. A hateful car.

    3. New civic looks great and the new accord looks even better. The new HR-V too. I’m not even a Honda fan.

    4. @theunexplained1925  I still haven’t warmed up to the new Accord, but the rest of the lineup is looking solid now, especially the big volume sellers- CR-V and HR-V. The HR-V (at least on the outside) looks way better than what it costs.

  4. The plastic trim you pointed out, while intended to look like metal, isn’t a skid plate. The actual skid plates would be underneath the vehicle and may actually be stainless steel.

    1. Yeah I found that hilarious, that’s literally just the underside of the front bumper, so yes it is plastic. Just a little further back, you can see the skid plate. You’d think he’d know better.

    2. @orenji as much as he knows, he only knows what he knows…. not exactly an off roader kind of guy

    3. It has the critical skid plates that protect things like the fuel tank and transmission/transfer case.

  5. Doug can you do a follow up video, covering more rare cars that you wouldn’t ordinarily recognize are rare.

    I loved the detail you went into in that video and you really opened my eyes and many others to some seriously cool and quirky rare gems.

  6. The new Honda Pilot looks so good. I like they went for a more boxy style. As a matter of fact I love that these vehicle manufacturers are going back to more boxy designs. I always dreamed of vehicles looking more boxy but having modern technology, though I do prefer older technology because it’s more simpler.

    1. I also liked boxy SUVs, but the ones on the market currently are from brands with a bad reputation for reliability; Chevy, Kia, Ford despite looking good. Really excited to see the new Landcruiser, and hopefully be able to afford this one once it’s a few years old 😄

  7. I’m surprised the home-style electric outlet didn’t come much sooner, such a common sense idea.

    1. Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix from 2003 had a home style outlet….to my knowledge, as did Avalon XLS from 2001.

    2. @Carbzav I meant as being more mainstream. I know there were a small handful of cars that had it but it was never as common as it is today.

  8. I love these types of reviews. I know they aren’t the most exciting/viewed videos, but they are so helpful when looking to buy a car. Other reviewers are often so sterile when it comes to taking about features.

    1. ⁠​⁠​⁠@Holding my Keyboard “still going to be cold?” YES IT WILL STILL BE COLD. what kind of third row do you have??? honda third rows have zero problems. especially with sending cold air through a tube in the roof

    2. This car drives like a slug. I recently test drove one. I much prefer the crv hybrid…but I’ve owned 2 crvs so im biased.

  9. One more quirk/feature of the cargo area, the subfloor area is sized so you can store the (easily removable) middle seat if you have the 8 seater configuration. Allowing you to have a 7 seater day to day but covert it to an 8 seater when you need it.

    1. I always wonder why the didn’t give the MDX enough underfloor space to store the removable seat. It’s such a good feature.

  10. I really like this new Pilot especially the Trailsport! I personally like the half digital/ analog gauge cluster because it looks much cooler than that BMW looking digital gauge cluster thats gonna break at any moment, and I don’t need more features than that. I also have no idea why you would compare this to an X5 and the GLE though. Like… Those are complete different cars. You gonna have to take a break from reviewing several luxury cars and review some normal cars Doug.

  11. Seems pretty nice for going on ski trips. We had a Ford Windstar. Our dad got us a TV/VCR combo that fit between the front seats. A 10in CRT TV that can run off 12v cigarette plug or wall outlet, and I still have it today 😂 it’s the only VCR I have for watching old tapes and home movies.

  12. Although this is still a 3.5 V6, it’s a new engine. It’s now DOHC and was built to comply with new emissions standards going forward. Between the engine, the new transmission, and basically SH-AWD, it’s actually quite new underneath.

  13. I can’t be the only one who wonders if the 3rd row button to move the seat in front works if someone is sitting on it. I feel this is definitely something siblings would try. 😂

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