The 2023 Hyundai Palisade Improves on a Great Thing


The 2023 Hyundai Palisade is a midsize household crossover that has actually been extensively updated– and today I'm going to reveal you what I indicate. I'm evaluating the Palisade to reveal you all of its peculiarities and features, and I'm going to take you on a tour of the Hyundai Palisade and it to reveal you what it's like on the roadway.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:16 THIS …
00:45 Introduction & Competitors
01:42 2023 Updates
02:23 Lighting
03:14 Outside Styling
04:14 Remote Controlled Driving
05:41 Interior Changes for 2023
07:13 Gear Selector
07:41 Center Control Stack
08:50 Center Console
09:30 Rearview Mirror Camera
09:55 Sunroof
10:29 Infortainment
11:43 Sounds of Nature
12:12 Gauge Cluster Screen
13:03 Motorist Assist Tech
13:49 Interior Quality
14:28 second Row
15:56 3rd Row
17:35 Freight Area
19:24 Powertrain
20:15 Driving Experience
20:25 Good Powertrain
21:19 Convenience
22:21 Not Interesting
23:03 How It Compares to Rivals
23:57 Final Ideas
24:25 DougScore

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The 2023 Hyundai Palisade Improves on a Great Thing

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  1. It’s so weird how Hyundais and kias used to be so crappy and now some are seen to be cool. Hyundai and Kia really increased the designers salaries

    1. Only cosmetically. They still need to get better engineers to make their cars stop starting on fire 😂

    2. ​@Fifthcell for everytime someone makes this comment, another Hyundai or Kia gets driven off a dealer lot.

      Stay salty.

    3. Isn’t that like how every Asian car brand developed over the years? Honda went from making the little City (literally the name is the Honda City) to making the NSX, same thing with Toyota with the LFA. Korea is lacking Supercars and they have the ability to make one, just no Electric version pls

      EDIT – I think everyone is overrating these Korean brands too much, more than JDM boys overrating their Supras. How about you all check better rivals like the CX-90?

    4. Except in the late 2010s, had my 2017 santa fe sport punch 3 holes in the engine block at 131k. Replaced by hyundai for free though.

  2. the fact that this is “a midsize suv” when it’s considered a high-end huge suv in my country it’s just mind boggling

    1. It’s not even an SUV. It’s a crossover. An SUV would be a Tahoe or Escalade. The XL versions of those SUVs would be full-size.

    2. Trust me when put against the Cadillac Escalade(the “full-size” one that is longer than a yacht), this is “midsize”.

    1. It’s funny to know that there are countries out there where the Tuscon is considered full-size

  3. Doug the kind of guy who reads his cars a bedtime story before tucking them in and asks do they want the night light left on.

  4. Purchased mine in October ’22, and just used my remote parking for the first time two weeks ago. I was very glad to have it. Cars on either side of me were parked too close to open my doors, and I backed in near some bushes and couldn’t open the liftgate. I never expected to use it, so it was not a factor in my buying decision, but without that feature I would have needed to go into the restaurant to try to find the owner of one of the cars parked next to me.

    1. ​@CortMarshal I would be better served by dropping 50 pounds, but thanks for not saying so. 🙂

    2. @CortMarshal One time after almost a year is not a reason to buy a tiny car. Not everyone wants to drive some wimpy little hatchback.

  5. I like the fact that very little glossy black plastic exists in this car! And the separate, mostly physical HVAC controls. Nice job Hyundai!

    1. I was thinking about that myself. The great thing about those physical HVAC controls is when someday the infotainment stops being as good or responsive if you replace the stereo/infotainment, you don’t lose the ability to change your climate controls like many modern cars these days.

    2. The fact that the fan speed is still a touchscreen is very amusing, all things considered. Consider how much better it would be to use if it was just a knob…

  6. I live at an apartment with a 22 Sonata Limited, and the remote driving has actually been handy for letting rear passengers enter the car with me rather than pull out and wait for them

  7. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the fact that the rear window shades are actually the same size as the windows. In the Highlander, there’s a gap on both ends of the sunshade that lets unshaded light in, where this car doesn’t have that gap.

    1. Same on my mom’s ‘22 MDX. The gaps are small enough to where they don’t make a difference thankfully but I can imagine they must be an eyesore in the Toyota.

  8. 5:35 – There should be a setting to allow you to touch the front handle twice and it unlocks all doors. (That’s how it works on the current Sonata)

    1. That’s what the problem is, it works on the front but not the back. Most cars have it to where it will unlock all doors with putting your hand behind the front door handle.

    2. @David Lake Which ones? Most cars I’ve had over the years have ONLY ever had the buttons on the front doors.

    3. @humansoup Once you have it, you will miss it when it is gone. Our Atlas has the unlock on all doors and it is really nice getting the kids in. When I take out our CX30, with just unlock on the front, I inevitably always try to unlock from the rear doors first before realizing my mistake.

    4. I have a palisade calligraphy and when i grab the door handle twice it unlocks all the doors. I believe its a feature u can change in the settings because mine has it

  9. Almost every car review channel dropped a video of the New GT Mustang today. And then there’s Doug and his Palisade. Gotta love it

    1. Think of which of these videos will get consumed more to actually go and buy one of these and you shall have your answer.

  10. Can we appreciate the center console area where piano black gloss trim is absent?? No more scratches or fingerprints. This should be in every car.

  11. Doug: “no weird styling decisions”. Also Doug: “you expect to see running lights here, but it looks like grill, but actually it’s a turn signal”

    1. I think that is because they blend in so well with the rest of the styling that it isn’t weird, it is a nice aesthetic. They don’t feel ostentatious or out of place.

  12. You could place the message settings on the front screen with a simple setting change. It’s actually really cool because you see the visual of what setting your on, 😊where it’s messaging and turns on and off as you press the button. It’s the opposite of the way he described it and a real positive. He should’ve asked a salesman before reported on that feature. My salesman explained it without asking and it’s really nice.

  13. Props to Hyundai, Kia, Honda and Toyota for keeping the physical HVAC controls. I appreciate a good balance of physical and touch controls.

  14. I’m willing to bet the back door not unlocking with the key fob in your pocket is a safety feature. You don’t want someone being able to open the back door when you’re getting in the front door.

  15. The one thing I hope they improved is the road noise/sound insulation on this refresh. My wife has a 2020 Limited and we love it, except how loud it is on terms of exterior noise, especially at highway speeds. My 21 silverado rst is much much quieter on the highway than our Palisade Limited.

    Great work as always, Doug!

    1. I think that was a major issue that Hyundai addressed. My wife has a 2021 Calligraphy and the road noise (or lack thereof) is great.

  16. Got my ’23 Calligraphy 2 months ago and LOVE IT!! Actually to go against Doug, you can control the seat massage feature in the infotainment center ❤

  17. It’s crazy how this car changed the entire segment. Every midsize suv stepped up their game after this and the Telluride were released

    1. No they may have more space but the 2017 gmc acadia is still the best in class for ride quality and handling

  18. I really hope eventually the GAC GS8 gets to the US market. I think it will have some impact, especially at the right price point

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