The 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar Is the Coolest 911


The 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar is the coolest 911. Today I'm reviewing the new 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar, and I'll reveal you all the peculiarities and features of this special cars and truck. I'm also going to get behind the wheel of the 911 Dakar and show you what it's like to drive.


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00:00 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:09 THIS …
01:23 Offroader 911 Summary
02:24 Why Did Porsche Make This?
03:16 Yes, it is lifted
04:55 Chonky Tires
05:28 Skid Plates
06:19 Tow Hooks
06:45 Plastic Cladding
07:15 Roofing Basket
07:42 LED Flood Lights
08:05 Roof Basket Add-on
08:56 Front Trunk
09:24 Other Changes
10:16 Performance
10:45 Weight Cost savings
11:45 Interior
12:29 New Drive Modes
13:48 More Interior Quirks & Characteristics
15:59 Pricing
16:25 Rallye Design Bundle
17:15 Market Position
17:45 Driving Experience
22:00 Last Thoughts
22:25 DougScore

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The 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar Is the Coolest 911

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  1. This is the perfect car not gonna lie. You can go anywhere with extreme good overall performance

    1. @Uncle Bob49 No unfortunately i don’t have one, but there’s a porsche dealership next door which had one, so i could take a look at it

    2. @Henk159 i wish you good luck finding one, seeing one is quite special, driving one even more!

  2. Kinda intrigued by this, kinda worried about this. Although people have been doing aftermarket conversions for decades, so I guess Stuttgart leaning into it isn’t bad.

    1. I’m a huge Porsche fan back to the 356 days. To me this car is such a cynical, trendy version of this, the greatest sports car in history.

      You can almost hear the conversation from guys who haven’t a clue about anything mechanical repeating what they heard from Magnus Walker.

    2. ​@Nomen Clature people have bitched that Porsche never does anything new for years, but when they try something new or even just tweak the formula… damn, do the flames get lit.

    1. @Steven Williams it’s different when you ruin your car’s value with all those dirty uncool mods and when it’s a factory built rare collectible.

    2. Doug is the type of guy to also recommend a Lamborghini Huracan (Sterrato) if someone’s looking for an off-roader

    3. @Василий Мельник I said nothing about aftermarket modifications. I was referring to when “Porsche” used to rally their cars.

    1. @Василий Мельник tan would work well, but the 911 is what Porsche *is*. Makes sense to have a car this special for the 911

    2. they are a joke in the UK they break down constantly newer 911s and that one gets spanked offroad all it can do is a thin layer of mud and gravel thats it.

  3. Turning a sports car into an off roader seems much cooler than turning trucks into street racers. I never got the racing wheels and tires on an SUV thing.

    1. i think both ways are cool, it’s just that suvs that are optimized for pavement are too standard nowadays

  4. I love the heritage of the Dakar. I remember watching the highlights as a kid in the early 90’s but I can’t help but see this as 911 Allroad.

    1. @Max yep. I’m the one who posted the comment originally and checked my notification that someone had liked it to open it up and see my exact comment directly under mine with 405 likes where I have 3. The likes are whatever but, definitely made me feel a little violated like they stole my sht lol

  5. Honestly the lift makes the rear-engine silhouette look a lot more balanced. This may be a new dream car for me😁

    1. the best porsche for a zombie apocalypse. probably needs much less gas than a porsche suv.

    2. @Fify Kaqiqi Pain I like the Sterrato mechanically and I’m certainly glad it exists, but I honestly just hate the looks😅 Some cars look ugly in a cool way, but to me, the Sterrato looks ugly in a cheap/tacky way. I haven’t seen one in person though, so maybe it’ll grown on me🤷🏻‍♀

    3. More cars should be lifted and the bumpers sculpted to take on bumpy roads with little thought of damaging the undercarriage.

  6. The first modern porsche you can drive round the streets without bottoming out over speed bumps.
    That’s why it’s cool, you can use it.

  7. Would love if the grand tour or top gear tested it. They would really put it through its paces.

    1. There’s a thread on Rennlist which suggests that may be the case with the 992.2. I am hoping that is the case and Doug seemed to allude to that at the end of the video.

    2. @CurvyVic It doesn’t even need to be an “off-road” option, just give me a 911 with the same ground clearance as a Camry so it can be driven properly in winter or on crappy pot hole ridden streets.

  8. Living in the Midwest with awful roads and even worse winters this car would be an absolute blast. I’d love the chance to drive one around here.

  9. Must say I enjoyed this review the most for the latest Doug’s review, something with the spark is back here

  10. If I could afford this car, I would totally take it on a cross-country trip, using the camper option.

  11. Really need to see this race a Lamborghini Sterrato. Love to see companies green lighting these specialized cars

  12. Doug: “I’m not a porsche guy, by any means…”
    Also, Doug, every time he reviews a Porsche: 🎉😁😃😃🤪

  13. It seems there is starting to be a following for “overland” Porsches. What people are doing with older Cayennes is so cool, its beyond words. I would love to have an overlander Cayenne.

  14. It is pretty cool how far they went with this. They really gave it their all. Even have accessories like a roof tent lol

  15. this, to me, is the best looking 911 of this generation. it looks INCREDIBLE. i think it’s amazing they’ve made this, and the same with the Starrato. both great, fun designs and actually functional. i would choose this 911 if i could have any, and i live in the city centre lol

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