The 2023 Toyota bZ4X Is Toyota Finally Going Electric

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2023 ! The 2023 Toyota is Toyota's first electrical car– Toyota lastly going electrical. Today I'm going to evaluate the Toyota , and I'll reveal you all the quirks and functions of the . I'm also going to drive the bZ4X and show you what it resembles behind the wheel of this new electric crossover.


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The 2023 Is Toyota Finally Going Electric

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    2. I appreciate NHTSA cars about people enough to push driver assists, but some of us don’t need them. You know….because we know how to drive.

  1. Doug is the kind of guy who would be a Shrimp boat captain, if he didn’t do car reviews.

    1. Aye, There she blows! “Doug would catch a whale and be fined a endless amount of money, and then the court would find out he is secretly a car collector and take all his cars away” Bubba Doug Shrimp Co. is now sad 🙁

  2. Doug when you review EVs please talk about the charging stats, especially in comparison to others. This has a max charge speed of 150kw

    1. @Andrew Walker the noise of ICE cars sucks compared to a horse and buggy. No horses neighing? 0 driving passion for me.

    2. @Andrew Walker I care, that’s why I watched the video. You saw what Doug was reviewing in the title. You could simply not watch this review if EVs offend your delicate sensibilities so much. Lots of people care. EVs are super hot sellers right now, and for a lot of very good reasons.

      Because you don’t care that doesn’t mean lots of other people don/t care. Lots of people buy Brittany Spears records, but I don’t care. That’s why I don’t go to her webpage to tell her I don’t care.

    3. @Staily Dormer Maybe we’re just keen to not screw up the environment nearly as much as by burning gasoline, not to mention the running costs of 1/3 that of gas power.

    4. @Andrew Walker Just because you breathe out of your mouth doesn’t mean everyone else does too. Lots of people are considering an EV for their next car and the number increases every year. These cars are going to become used cars eventually and then even more people will be buying EVs once they can afford one.

  3. Pretty clear Toyota and Subaru are both relying on their considerable brand loyalty to sell these things. This and the Subaru EV (being built at the same Toyota plant) along with the Mazda EV all seem like they’re intended more to build manufacturing/design capability than to really move units. I think they’re planning to build just a few thousand in the first model year.

    1. @Castor Chua These things will sell anyways at a certain price point because of the amount of other evs going for over msrp.

    2. @Tim Austin Scotty Kilmer can be entertaining sometimes, but there’s also lots of misinformation on the channel. I also watch his videos, but know to take the information with a large grain of salt.

    3. @Zachariah Sampson i used to watch him but now I don’t like his bait click headlines. What misinformation you found on his channel?

    4. The Mazda EV I think is just for compliance purposes. I really don’t think even Mazda is serious about selling those right now as you can only see them sold in a selected few places. It is a stop gap until they get their own platform in place. Right now, they’re a small manufacturer in comparison so they don’t have the deep pockets to compete with the other major car manufacturers in the EV space.

    5. @Tim Austin Yup. And if I’m not mistaken the majority of the first year’s production is allocated to Europe, where they have compliance issues with their diesels.

  4. You should review the Kona and Niro EVs when you get the chance Doug. Would love to hear your thoughts on them!

  5. Unfortunately off-road ruggedness needs to be combined with high range when it comes to EVs because you can’t charge fast near a lot of the places you would go off-road. Toyota, please take note. It would be nerve racking driving this thing to Sequoia national park and arriving with like 10-15% charge at the top, then camping…

    1. Yes!!! I live “near” a national park and even then I’d have huge range anxiety taking a family and gear driving there let alone off-roading in a ~200 mile range EV.

    2. that is where Toyota got it right with focussing on hydrogen, except they don”t go far enough to present its advantages.
      with the even higher energy density and better efficiency than petrol or diesel cars they could make a 5k mile range hydrogen car.
      that way they could pin the range anxiety argument on all other cars, petrol/diesel, cng, and battery alike.

    3. @illdeletethis hydrogen has high energy density without the container weight but with that added in it’s just not there. Batteries have already been shown to provide upwards of 400 mile range on the model S Tesla so they can do it they just decided not to at Toyota

  6. I am starting to think Toyota made this car to make EVs look bad. Charging speed for this vehicle is ABYSMAL. Also Toyota says this vehicle will be in “EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES”. You can’t even configure it in my area because they basically say you will never get one here. The car starts at $42k according to Toyota but it is likely that it will top $50k with options.
    I honestly think Toyota is trying to convince people that EVs aren’t ready for prime time yet so they will just buy a Toyota Hybrid instead.

    1. Look at the 2023 RX 450h or RX 500h hybrid. Barely 26 miles per gallon is not really consider hybrid and those are only 4 cylinder? Lexus is in big trouble

    2. @Marc Bynum maybe 450h but 500h is only 26m combined. By the way why the heck they downgraded to 4 cylinder? After poor sale, I thought they learn the lesson from new LS 460 6 cylinder from 8 from previous gen.

    3. @andy sky Because that’s not even close to the same segment. The LS is the pinnacle sedan for people with deep pockets and part of the reason people were so disappointed is that the competition for the LS features significantly better, more powerful engines. The 750i and S550 were rolling around with beastly twin-turbo V8s, while Lexus decided to “downgrade” to a V6. And it’s not a bad engine by any means, honestly it has more grunt than the LS460 did (I’ve owned two, so I have a fairly good amount experience with how it feels), but when you hear it went from a V8 to a V6…it really doesn’t help marketing. Although, to be honest…the ride quality, the very slow introduction of tech (do you know how long it took to get Apple Carplay/Android auto?) and the “sporty” feeling they have with less rear room is probably more of a killer for the LS500 than the engine itself.

      On the other hand, this segment is chalk full of I4 cars and quite frankly most people won’t care.

    4. @rustler08 make sense but im sure you prefer v6 over 4 cylinder on 2023 RX. Lot of people were complaining about it. Im gonna go for Cadillac Lyriq for better resell value after 6 years later since electric will be more mainstream that time

  7. “After low-mileage use, all of the hub bolts on the wheel can loosen to the point where the wheel can detach from the vehicle. If a wheel detaches from the vehicle while driving, it could result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash. The cause of the issue and the driving patterns under which this issue could occur are still under investigation”.

    1. Hey you aren’t you the guy who were crying about Doug not being back him explaining about scores? Yeah I’m glad it’s gone. Doug score is absolutely trash he keeps on contradicting himself. I don’t miss it at all.

      Knowing Doug viewers you not gonna see this right? They don’t reply because they are keyboard warriors

      And also aren’t you the guy where you never knew that the bronco raptor exists?

  8. 4:07 Now, Im not a fan of ‘reinventing the wheel’ on some of the most basic functions but why not try the idea of putting the gauge cluster above the driver’s POV.
    You’re looking ahead as is and the monitor [horizontally lengthened] doubles as makeshift sun visor. Just a my opinion

  9. It’s already got a recall for wheels that could potentially detach while driving and it’s overpriced. I just want an affordable, sensible sedan option in the EV market from them to replace my daily.

  10. Of the few Ads that Doug has done on his channel. This is BY FAR the best one. Informative car content! Great decision Doug 👍

  11. If I was a Toyota Hybrid owner and I waited 10 years for this abomination just to have a “Toyota”, this bZ4X would be a tough pill to swallow. It’s got less range than the 2012 Model S (while it was a more expensive car, this should offer more range), slower and less practical than basically anything else in the segment, and the name sounds like the name of a talking robot from the late 1980s. The only thing that is cool about this car are the knee/leg warmers. That’s the one innovative thing this car has done. Hopefully they will do better with the other “Beyond Zero” cars they make, because in my opinion, this is an epic fail.

    1. well to be honest the real life range of this is probably greater than the original tesla s. it depends alot on how you measure range

    2. @Perodua Kelisa Well, the EPA rated it for 265 miles of range. If I remember correctly, the Toyota bZ4X with the most range has 252 miles of range.

  12. Toyota always plays the ‘me-too’ game as opposed to the ‘me-first’ challenge. I’m glad they are finally in the market with a viable EV, but this car breaks no new ground and it doesn’t compete with Tesla’s packaging design (which is still the leader in that department) despite it being a clean-sheet project. I hope they sell a lot of them (and it does look a little cool), but considering their resources and talent, this is a disappointment in many ways. Seems to be the Toyota way and, to give them credit, it seems to work. Also this car has to be brand new, but the plastics inside already look battered and old. Not sure the interior will age well. And bZ4X? Well, wHAteVeR.

    1. They were pretty much me first with hydrogen cars, and also the earliest hybrids I see on the roads are Toyotas.

      Toyota wasn’t first to make hybrids, but they sold more of them and earlier than any other automaker sold in the US.

  13. Thanks NHTSA! As some one who’s lost someone to innatentive driving, I appreciate you’re effots. First time I don’t skip through an ad.

  14. You lost me at 0-60 in 8 seconds. Bye! 😂 One of the attractions of an EV car is the quickness off the line.

    1. @Darcy Detillieux they sell based on their past reputation of reliability. They know they can make literal crap and people will buy them.

    2. It’s inaccurate, the real 0-60 time is about 6.2 seconds in the awd version, Doug is being a little lazy I believe!. You can check it at the Alex on Autos channel review of the Soltera and in the Redline Reviews channel as well!

    3. @Darcy Detillieux be offended if you want. I am not going to buy an uncomfortable cheaply made car that I can’t stand driving especially if I have to pay a premium for it even if it’s supposed to be “ super reliable”

  15. I appreciated the sponsor from NHTSA. I’m also a driver assistance tech fan. Huge factor in my recent new car purchase. I probably will eventually own a Toyota E.V. Love the brand, love the ground clearance, like the features. I’ll wait until the range improves to the point I could practically use it as a ski car. At it’s current spec, it wouldn’t get me to my ski haunts (given cold weather range reduction for E.V.s)and back home, which is a non-starter for me. Also that rear cargo area seems less useful than it need to be with the steep rake. Would be concerned that I would struggle to get camping gear, backpacks, etc for 4 in that steeply sloped area.

  16. Is it just me or that I miss Doug explaining his scores? I want to see his thoughts on it because that’s the best part of the video IMO.

  17. According to Toyota, the meaning of the “bZ4X” nameplate breaks down into two meanings: “bZ”, representing the nature of a battery-electric vehicle by going “beyond Zero” emissions; and “4X” describing it as a compact crossover SUV, where its numerical digit is sourced from the equivalent-sized RAV4

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