The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto Is a $700,000 Supercar with 1,000 Horsepower


New 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto evaluation! The Revuelto is the most recent flagship supercar in a line of iconic Lamborghinis. It has a V12 engine with a plug-in hybrid component making over 1000 horse power. Today I'm reviewing this brand-new Lamborghini Revuelto and I'll reveal you the numerous peculiarities and features. I'm also going to get behind the wheel and show you what it resembles to drive.


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00:00 THIS …
00:34 CARS & BIDS!!!
00:50 Lamborghini's V12 Lineage
01:25 Power Summary
02:24 Quirks & Features
03:11 26 Button Steering Wheel
03:31 Adaptive Cruise Control
04:02 Turn Signals & More Controls
05:08 Drive Modes
05:57 More Steering Wheel Controls
06:23 Active Aero Spoiler
07:24 EV Mode
08:12 Center Console Controls
09:29 Some Audi Parts Sharing
10:31 Surprisingly Practical
11:31 Guest Screen
12:28 Infotainment Screen
14:17 Gauge Cluster Screen
17:42 Third Brake Light Bull
18:36 The V12
19:09 Vroom Vroom!
19:42 Rear Aerodynamics
20:10 Lighting
20:48 Styling & Style
22:23 Front Trunk
24:36 Driving Experience
29:41 Final Thoughts
30:03 DougScore

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The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto Is a $700,000 Supercar with 1,000 Horsepower

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    1. Ferrari are still using a V12 as well, and they plan to do so for as long as legally possible.

    2. What specific details don’t you like? The front end I agree looks a little goofy with the sensors, but the styling of the exhaust tips and tail lights are minty imo. Definitely glad to see they put that sexy V12 on display!

    3. @@hypefight8260 honestly not sure exactly what it is about it that throws me off visually. The side profile kinda reminds me of a C8 vette which doesn’t exactly help lmao.

    1. They have this in Crew Motorfest but I played it on a friend’s ps5 and it’s feels no different than other cars gonna wait 4 possibly horizon 6 2 drive cause playground car modeling better

    1. @@drunkenhobo8020 He’s my next door neighbor amazing guy his sense of humor runs as deep as his pockets🤙🏼

  1. $700,000, up $200,000 from the Aventador. Won’t someone please think of the rich?

    1. Remember credit is king rarely any rich buy these cars out right they give a hefty down payment to get an allocation and to spec the car pay monthly and trade up when the special edition comes out they never get close to paying the full msrp. Also remember with Lambo the new base model will have equal or superior performance to the highest edition of the previous model pretty sure the svj was 700 starting

    1. You don’t have the reflective sound that you get indoors and makes Doug harder to understand + more light outside so a more detailed image.

    1. That or a Golf … it is another Volkswagen after all … is this one also made in Mexico? 🤷🏼‍♂

    2. Becoming a Volkswagen product is the best thing that ever happened to Lamborghini. These are functional and even somewhat dependable cars that can be driven and enjoyed instead of a constant back and forth between the owner and mechanic.

  2. That cruise control knob is the same on my Audi A3. I got to say I wasnt expecting to learn that I the proud owner of a 0.1% Lamborghini Revuelto

    1. I had a Ford Transit van that had the same headlight control as the Ford GT. So I also owned part of a supercar

    2. My Dodge Challenger has the same power mirror control knob as a Maserati Grand Turismo, so I own 0.1% of a Masi.

    3. The buttons on the steering wheel of a Bentley Continental are the same as in a Volkswagen Golf. But honestly, I like that about the VAG concern; If you are used to a VAG car, it doesn’t matter if you step in a Skoda Fabia or a Bentley Bentaga, the car just instantly feels familiar to you!

  3. Fun fact! Since you mentioned that the upwards opening scissor doors is something Audis don´t have. The doors for the Revuelto are actually manufactured in the Audi Factory in Hungary!

    1. @@abel4776 Great, now I can’t unsee. Still a spectacular looking car overall, and will sell many, many scale models.

  4. On Stradman’s video, the Lambo tech points out that changing the drive mode of Corsa doesn’t also put the EV mode into Performance. You have to change that dial over as well for all 1k ponies.

    1. I really wonder if he’s ever been pulled over reviewing a car. He’d probably never admit it.

    2. @@AdamG1983 Likely not, indeed. That said, there’s a solid chance the cop would recognize him and let him off with a warning when he sees he’s reviewing the car. Whether that’s right or not I’m not going to comment on but it doesn’t seem too far-fetched to me. And if something like that would happen, it would not be smart to advertise that in the video, so even greater of a chance we’d never hear about

  5. Love that when Doug is showing what all the buttons do, I see from the tach that the engine is running, yet the red oil pressure light is on. Ruh roh.

  6. I like how they handled the sensors in the front, it’s very purposeful, symmetrical, and integrated. Other manufacturers could learn from how they’ve handled this.

    1. Spot on, brother. I hate it how most manufacturers just cut out a square in the grille and slap it there like an afterthought. Kinda like how some cars handled adding third brake light when it was made mandatory back in the day. Just slap it in there and dust off your hands. A bit ridiculous considering the price of some of those cars

    1. I like to think that there is a lot of people watching Doug review their car and finding out things they didn’t know about the car. Also congrats on owning one of these, enjoy it in good health.

    2. @@itssslashhere5245 yeah he does. His car was in the car wow drag race Vs SF 90. That also was his

    1. For motorcyles a “bar hopper” is one of those bikes that is likely uncomfortable and/or troublesome to ride but is fast and looks cool.

  7. I actually think the ability to go all electric is highly underrated. Parking, valet, leaving or returning to a quiet neighborhood at night or in the morning, sitting in traffic, all this is so much easier when you can turn off the 800hp engine basically and just have a really cool golf cart. I think it’s a huge luxury honestly. Love it.

  8. As an engineer of space flight hardware, I love to see those “hoops” 9:09 preventing you from accidentally flipping the hazard lights on or rolling down your window like it’s some critical flight control toggle. Honestly, not joking, it’s geeky and lame AF but I love it and I want them in my Subaru.

    1. Yep, that and the spaceship exhaust. Even the start button cover makes going for coffee feel mission critical. You buy something like this for the drama and even regular Audi cockpits are BEAUTIFULLY thought out. In fact the first B9 A4s absolutely perfected the tactile controls before they switched to touch screens— everything from the built in radio to CarPlay worked perfectly without taking your eyes off the road — the radio presets magnified the channel number as you touched them so you could pick a station with just peripheral vision— and the textured dials knobs and buttons all gave tactile feedback so you never had to look down even for deeper navigation features.

      It doesn’t get enough credit for safety and holistic design. They gave up with the refresh in like 2019 and went touchscreen.

    2. At the one shot there, I thought the Lambo’s rear lights had some sort of flashing style gig to them, like a jet, or some cop car 😅

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