The 997 Porsche 911 Targa Is the Quirky 997 Nobody Remembers


This is the 997 Porsche 911 Targa. It's a rare, surprisingly practical 911 that lots of people do not know exists. We are thrilled to be offering this one for sale on CARS & BIDS !! Today I'm examining this 997 Targa, and I'll show you all the many peculiarities and functions. I'll also get behind the wheel and evaluate the driving experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:43 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:25 History of the Targa
06:19 How the Targa Roofing System Functions
08:46 A Hatchback??
10:42 More Targa Touches
11:26 Next Generation of the Targa
12:43 Powertrain
14:33 Interior Buttonfest
16:21 Sport Exhaust & Suspension
17:22 Technique Cupholders
18:43 Rear Seating
19:45 Front Trunk
19:59 Driving Experience
24:32 Final Ideas
24:54 DougScore

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The 997 Porsche 911 Targa Is the Quirky 997 Nobody Remembers

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  1. This car has my heart. I had my dream spec and it was totaled out about a year ago. All the other 997s I’ve had I’ve loved but not the same, still looking for the perfect car.

    1. If you look at the menu at 15:35 his audio settings have been adjusted to compensate for blown speakers. Blown speakers is not a listed quirks and feature on cars and bids website

  2. Always loved the 997’s, either turbo, gt3rs or the targa, man, they always looked and perform good, truly masterpieces

    1. Doug got lazy. Also if he finally does again i hope he stops stupidly getting in from driver side and use the passenger side like a normal person would(especially since its most often the passenger seat that os mkst optimized for quick ingress, old toyotas had special levers for rear passengers to fold and slide front passenger seat with one lever press in the foot well.

    1. If you look at the menu at 15:35 his audio settings have been adjusted to compensate for blown speakers. Blown speakers is not a listed quirks and feature on cars and bids website

    2. That might explain another reason these didn’t sell especially well. I think people tended to consider the Targa a ‘Chick Car’.

    3. @@macbook802 Or they just didn’t feel like bass… I set my sterio like this all the time and also do the opposite and I can assure you my speakers aren’t blown, I installed all 12 of them myself.

  3. being a multi millionaire, Doug no longer has to squeeze himself into ridiculously small back seats with stupid and hilarious music playing along 😔

    1. @@Nitrousbirddoesnt she have her own job as an car journalist with her husband that she’s been doing for a while now?

  4. Yes, that is exactly what I want, I DO want 200 physical buttons that instantly work rather than a touch screen with no feedback that lags like hell

    1. Yea.. most auto journalists (aside from Throttle House, SavageGeese and The Straight Pipes) are obsessed with big touch screens. It’s honestly annoying to me. Big screens tend to blind people’s eyes even while driving at night, and it could cause some people to have seizures. Most automotive YouTubers dont realize. This is why more and more newer cars have gotten big, heavy and expensive over the last decade or two.

    2. @@jonanthonylosito2004 lol, screens never bothered me in dark and in most cars they automatically darken in the dark. And if some screen could give you seizure you have no business driving a car.

    3. Why exactly do you need instant access to things like “disable proximity key”, or “passenger airbag”? Buttons that don’t get used much don’t have to be accessible, especially if they’re only adjusted when parked.

    4. It must be because if you only have a day or two with a car, a touch screen is better as it feels more similar to our devices. But the buttons are something you eventually get used to after ownership and then know where everything is by feel. @@jonanthonylosito2004

    5. What’s awesome is you can get this awful infotainment system replaced with a modern touchscreen one from porsche that eliminates most of the garbage buttons, but keeps the important ones.

  5. 997.2 Targa 4S is probably my favorite 911 just in terms of design. The light bar and sheer sense of width looks great.

  6. Absolutely love all the buttons in the cockpit there, it looks so damn cool and is so damn functional!

  7. That’s more of a sunroof than a targa but it’s probably one of the nicest options for a 911 that will mostly be a cruiser. Certainly better than a convertible.

    1. the targa’s were junk, sketchy mechanics for the roof. Many, many stuck open in the rain and good lord the repairs to the roof were (and still are) VERY expensive.

    2. @@nealvaughan6538 you stumped me on that one. Long-time 911 cab manual driver, and the cab is great BUT cab maintenance is not cheap. Cab top installer does not do cab mechanicals and many will do motors and pistons but not all the other piddly can bushings.

  8. I had one of these. That hatchback makes it the most practical 911. The back seat becomes an easy access cargo area. The top tends to have a lot of squeaks and rattles though. I sold it on Cars and Bids!

    1. The hatchback was hands down the best part, made it to easy to fit luggage, backpacks, groceries, really anything.

  9. My buddy retired and bought this car in Silver. I’d never seen one before, and was shocked at how the targa operates. We’re in the PNW so lots of rain and intermittent sunshine. It’s the prefect solution for year round use.

  10. I have been watching Doug since 2017 and he has always started with the most important part of the review instead of keeping it for the end. Respect

  11. I own a 996 Targa, so a couple more fun facts: unlike the 997, the 996 is only available with RWD. This particular Targa roof debuted in the 996 and the roof itself is a carryover part from the previous generation. Most of the part numbers, if not all, are 996 numbers.
    If there is a malfunction with the roof, your wallet is going to bleed. Speaking out of experience… this cars roof seems to work perfectly.

    1. The Targa looks good, but it’s essentially a glorified sunroof. The glass roof is marginally cool, but in terms of owning a car, I would never want a glass roof. If you live in a hot area, you’ll understand why

    2. What year is your targa? I am a huge fan of the 996 targa myself and have came close a couple of times to getting one, well that’s been about four years ago and I’m really starting to think I missed my window on it sadly but I’m still looking. Congratulations on having my favorite car period.

    3. ​@@peterjordansonthe2nd731 really you can have it tinted with something like 80% sun/heat blockage and you don’t even have to have any dark tint. They have nearly clear tint just for blocking heat.. sure a targa ain’t for everyone but glorified sunroof is what it is. The rear hatch opens panoramic sunroof are on lots of new luxury vehicles and I think they are awesome but not for everyone

  12. I love that Porsche didn’t cancel the Targa when no one bought it, and instead vastly improved the next generation Targa in the 991 and made it one of the most coveted trims of the Carrera lineup.

    1. I certainly never forgot these. I was like 10 when they came out, I thought they were awesome, had the die-cast 1:20 model sitting on my shelf until I moved out of my parents house.

    2. @@hobear637 It’s to late to feel old at people born in the nineties. Get this: I was born in 2005 and I turn 19 in a couple months!

    3. Exactly. Compared to the Targa, the Cabriolet looks boring. The 991 Targa has all the correct design references, the hoop, the Corvette-like-before-the-Corvette rear windshield, the lot. I just love the Targa and everyone should too. 💗

    4. ​@@aa134368well seems like cancelling out a Targa model could be a disaster for Porsche in general.

  13. To me, a targa top almost always looks better vs a convertible. Helps keep the roof line and shape of the car without looking awkward like most convetibles based on coupes do. This 911 is really more of a sunroof though…

  14. The silver trim piece is the most obvious giveaway to a 997 being a Targa. Also, all non-Targa models had rounded glass where the pillar met the rear deck. The Targa model’s glass met at a sharp point.

  15. Dough, singlehandedly, just raised the value of the 8459 997 Targas produced by a healthy 100 percent or so. Gotta admire this guy!

  16. The 996.1 Targa is available in 2 wheel drive whereas the 997s are all AWD. IMO the hatchback 996/997 targa is the missing link that shows the evolution from the 928 to the watercooled 911 (sales figures even seem to confirm this). As an owner and someone who thinks the 928 is just about the perfect car, however, I’m on the hunt for a 996 Targa 2 manual but they are surprisingly rare.

  17. Understated but phenomenal review. I love when he delves into a specific vehicle’s history especially. You can almost perceive the wave of memories from his Porsche days flooding back as he spoke during the driving portion. THISSS is the type of review I cherish more than others. Well done Doug!

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