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  1. The SL65 Black Series was by farrrrr my dream car growing up. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve learned that they aren’t the best vehicles 😅 I still think the styling is incredible though.. &, V12 💪🏻

    1. It’s like the idolized/Hollywood mafia boss. Very polite and well-mannered, but can give you a nice pair of cement swimming shoes.

    2. Go to some drag racing events. The sleepers some people create in their garage take it to another level

  2. Not really a villain but Dax Shepherd’s Continental getaway car from Hit & Run fits this perfectly

  3. The Escalade does not deserve any respect. It’s just some cocky old guy who drives it. I’m getting the way and having fun with it on the road.

  4. I’m going tomorrow to buy a 96 Impala SS with 40,000 original miles, one owner original Windows sticker original tires, and original seat covers for $20,000.

  5. Best Evil car ever was the Black car in “The Wraith” with Charlie Sheen 1986. I was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

  6. Another very fitting car would be the mercedes 600. Its the Nr. 1 choice of a car for dictators.

    1. Buick GNX. Big turbo from factory only available in black. It was a trim package for the turbo regal.

  7. Oh yes “presence, respect.” How about the actual designs as to why?
    I swear dougs channel was way better 8 years ago

  8. If the Impala SS is on there, as it should be, I’m surprised they didn’t mention the murdered out wide body Chargers.

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