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    1. @VSM News please tell me you’re joking. 🤦 You realize the ocean can also be impacted by pollution, right? Especially closer to the coasts, like at the dock

    1. I don’t think the person that owns the boat cares, he or she will probably call you broke for using a vacuum pump

  1. Fill your pool with dirty water. And cover your decks with salty water. Result (!). Half a mill well spent (!).

  2. There goes your fresh water storage. Fill your pool with water and treating it then boiling and you have drinking water.

  3. What if a shark quickly came in and finds a way to enter your yatch😏.

    And no one notices due to that dustly colour of water😬 and when someone jumps in pool the shark does its work.

    It sure will be a nightmare for overthinker like me

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