The BMW Z8 Is a Beautiful, Analog Exotic Car with M5 Power


BMW Z8 review! The BMW Z8 is an uncommon and distinct BMW– and good examples are costing well over $200,000. Today Kennan and I are reviewing the Z8, and we are taking you on a trip of it– and I'm going to reveal you why the BMW Z8 deserves $200,000 and why it's a future timeless collectible BMW.


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00:00 THIS …
00:31 CARS & BIDS!!!
01:03 Summary
02:13 Powertrain
03:18 Quirks & Features
04:51 Interior
05:11 Retro Design
10:28 Retro Gauges
12:16 Handbook Transmission
13:01 Central Control Stack
13:49 Navigation System ??
14:58 Convertible Top
15:47 Neon Lighting!
17:18 BMW 507 Styling Hints
17:53 Outside Design
18:44 Trunk
19:56 Driving Experience
25:28 Last Thoughts
25:47 DougScore

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The BMW Z8 Is a Beautiful, Analog Exotic Car with M5 Power

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    1. Doug is the type of guy who uses his various cars that he owns as guest bedrooms while the carrera GT his main bedroom.

    1. Don’t like that he was very clearly reading Doug’s transcript. Not letting have his own character.

    2. Maybe Doug is grooming him to be his guest host. Doug could be at the point where he wants more free time in his life to do other things.

  1. Probably the best modern retro styling ever, mainly because it used the purity and simplicity of the original car (the 507) and not replicated it. That’s the difference between paying homage and parodying

    1. That’s how you do it right , keep the elegant ,timeless parts and modernize only as much as you need to to keep it good.
      A brilliant car even today IMHO !

  2. The BMW Z8 is great and as you mentioned in an older Video, it’s true that the Alpina modified Version has less Horsepower but yet i still see them more often for Sale here in Germany than a normal BMW Z8. In fact, at our Car Meetups and Driving “Grand Tours” the only BMW Z8s taking Part are Alpina ones. Makes me wonder how many there are out there
    Also Doug! Really enjoying you uploading 1 Video per Week more than usual!
    Prost & Cheers from the Bavarian Alps

    1. Chartreux, The Alpina models really get unfairly dissed by the car guru’s. 99% of the owners will drive these (if they ever drive them) will drive it like a grand tourer, gently going from stop light to stop light on their way to dinner. The automatic provides much better low-end (RPM) grunt which is more suitable to normal driving and it probably feels more powerful. It’s his 2nd time doing a (normal) Z8, he’s overdue for an Alpina Z8 review.

    2. @rich gallagher
      Definitely agree with you, while i’d also prefer a Manual in that Car, i know Alpina does a lot to their Models that make it more “Grand Touring”. Horsepower isn’t everything.

  3. Kennan seems like a nice guy and nothing against him but Doug IS the channel and two people is fine for the Sunday type videos but these car reviews need to be done by yourself.

    1. ​@TEEDUBS if that really happens this channel will die, nobody can match Doug’s energy and personality

    1. Maybe Kennan in just the driving segment? I like when they’re driving and talking about the car

  4. BMW really wanted to add as many steps as possible before someone could drive this car: take the key out of it’s leather pouch, flip the little chrome tab away from the key hole, unlock the door, get in the car, put the key in the ignition, turn the key, press the push start button, and FINALLY you can drive your car.

    1. This car was my favorite roadster as a kid…Then I saw all of that along with that radio “navigation” reveal 🙄. Man…if adult me ran into kid me I would say “shut up and go watch some more James bind kid” Then that kid would punch me in the nuts over the slow LC 500c

  5. 16:55 That’s how lot of lights are done in Europe, where a rear fog light is mandatory. The left one is normally a fog light, which is a lot brighter red bulb (usually as bright as brake lights). This looks like a US spec model (since it has red turn signals), so the bulb and button are probably removed.

  6. I can easily understand that Doug wants to have more time for his family in the future and he is trying to have his coworker that does some part of the job. I like him but I was watching mostly for Doug and his reviews. It kept me here – even if I couldn’t afford most of the cars but he was fulfilling my curiosity. It is just maybe my opinion…

    1. Doug no longer owns the channel, it was bundled with Cars & Bids for the recent sale. I think he still owns a chunk but not all of it. His role is likely to evolve more into business management so we can expect to see a number of presenters on the channel.

    2. my hope is that once doug gets the channel to basically run itself, he can go full jay leno mode and just pop in and do what he loves and not worry about the rest.

    3. I don’t have a parasocial relationship with doug, I’m here for the quirks and features so while I understand that some might want doug for who he is, others might not care. As long as the person isn’t obnoxious, it doesn’t matter to me

    4. @Ian Hobday I think the Channel will suffer then, because Personally I Love all things Cars, Trucks. Boats Planes and what ever else moves, but was only watching because of Doug and his amazing Personality. I’m sure Kennon is great in his own right, but heruins the whole vibe and flow; for me.

  7. I used to have a Z8 model car, but never knew much about the car itself.
    Well, it’s weird-looking for me, but I honestly liked it, after all, it’s a manual and it has the engine from the BMW M5.

  8. I am a firm believer that Doug has access to a time machine and went into the future and brought back his adult son who is Kennan.

    1. Doug should have brought Kennan to Jay Leno’s Garage then we’d have three generations all in one video.

  9. Guess this the future of Doug Demuro!! I don’t know if I can say I like it.. Nothing wrong with supporting your friends or helping them out. He’s not bad or anything it’s just not the Doug vibe we all have grown to love!! Especially the veiwers that have been here since the beginning!! Keep these for Sunday videos or bring back More Doug Demuro and upload them on that don’t destroy the formula we all like it will never end well it never does!! 👽🛸

  10. Youtube has served its purpose for Doug after parlaying his popularity into life-changing success.

    It is now a nuisance for him to cover cars; he’s mentioned before having reviewed almost everything he’s wanted to, so likely he wants a successor for the shtick. You can’t blame him as it’s a lot of work and the dude has a wife, infant (toddler now?), and noodle at home.

    1. Your Mother is an infant toddler. 😂 nah I completely agree and already saw this inevitably coming as cars and bids took off.

  11. As much as I like Kennan in the garage videos. I prefer the reviews to be just Doug. I’ve been watching Doug for the past 7 years and the thing that keeps me coming back is Doug and his personality, not the cars.

    1. I like the cars too, but will probably stop watching if this guy takes over reviews, no offense to them. They are too similar to be a duo, and Doug’s solo work, while quirky, is up there with other solo presenters like Harry Metcalfe, Jay Emm, Sofyan Bey, and Rory Reid’s AutoTrader videos

  12. Watching Doug with a co-reviewer is like watching Porsche throw extra doors on the 911 and call it a Panemera. Thank you for not saying “a Doug score” in unison!

  13. Just a couple things… one, I feel like Doug is doing so well now he’s trying to pass the torch to his buddy and not do as much YouTube… two, Kennan is like Ricky Bobby and doesn’t know what to do with his hands so he just keep waving them around.

    1. Agree. The hand waving is distracting and annoying. Get used to it, it looks like Doug is training this guy to be his successor…

  14. Kennan is really good at adapting his style to Doug’s, or perhaps copying it. I can’t help but feel that Doug’s lining Kennan up to take over the car reviews while he (Doug) retains creative control behind the scenes.

  15. I used to work at a bmw dealership in Puebla Mexico and when this car came to the dealer it was huuuge! But when the alpina version came (from request of clients) everyone went nuts… Absolutely gorgeous and incredible car!

  16. Honestly one of my favourite cars. Fell in love with it probably around 2010, so I would have been around 10 -11 years old and it’s just always looked amazing to me and still does! Sorry to anyone who had to read this little story😂

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