The E34 BMW M540i Is an Ultra-Rare, Ultra-Special Sport Sedan


This is a 1995 BMW M540i and it's one of the rarest BMW sport sedans around. It has V8 power, a manual transmission, stunning styling, and a lot of cool things borrowed from the M5. We are enjoyed be using this BMW M540i for sale on CARS & BIDS !! Today I'm examining this M540i and I'll reveal you all the many quirks and features. I'll likewise get behind the wheel and evaluate the driving experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:30 It Can Be Yours On CARS AND BIDS!!!
01:02 Only 32 Made!
02:21 Performance & Styling Upgrades
04:30 Under the Hood & Powertrain
05:44 Other Outside Quirks & Characteristics
06:52 Exterior Styling
07:34 Interior "M" Touches
09:10 More Interior Quirks & Characteristics
10:50 Driver Focused Interior
11:14 Center Control Stack
13:26 Much More Interior Quirks & Characteristics
17:42 Rear Seating
20:04 Trunk & Freight Area
21:11 Driving Experience
25:39 Last Ideas
25:58 DougScore

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The E34 BMW M540i Is an Ultra-Rare, Ultra-Special Sport Sedan

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  1. No matter how rare this car is, to the unknown bystander you will always look like you slapped an M badge on your 540i and think you got an M5

    1. It was a hint of things to come. A preview of a future when BMW slaps M badges on everything.

    1. This review was the most on point perfect review capturing the essence of the car absolutely perfectly. Having owned multiple E34 5ers, Doug got it 100%. Especially the turn signal stalk. I thought I was the only one who felt they were special / unbeaten by any other car! The vent in the centre stack … some say it’s for fresh cool air in the cabin for the driver to keep him/her awake on long nighttime drives!

    2. BMW’s now look like Generic Chinese knock off version of themselves, something out of Grand Theft Auto.

    3. @DougDeMuro yes thats rare *BUT* a even rarer 5 series turned up on a UK YT channel called: the late brake show… with old ex top gear and 5th gear host johnny wilkinson.

      its the 5 series Hartage edtion. how many? well you can count the number on 1 hand. and yes hartage is still around modifying bmws (& bmw minis) it was the other tuner when you didnt want a alpina modified bmw

  2. I find it so funny how he talks wanting to use the turn signals, when BMW drivers are specifically known for not using them haha but he is right. They are very satisfying to feel

    1. And ugly too. They now look like cars out of GTA. More like a Chinese knock off version of themselves.

    1. @@UltimateCARNUT I thought not many people knew this small detail regarding their latest designs. It`s sad when Hyundai/Kia actually look so much better than most BMW`s today. It`s even more obvious regarding former designers moving to the korean brands when you check their interiors. Pity BMW, you were the one besides Porsche, who made cars for enthusiasts.

    2. Now they design for Chinese market, which is the largest, and they have weird tastes by N. American standards.

    3. @@rebeltvr6046 Unfortunately this is also true, they cater to their tastes in terms of design which it seems in the Western world doesn`t translate to better sales. I mean XM as a tribute to their M division, what were they thinking? everyone wanted an M1 successor not that gigantic land yacht.

  3. Fun fact 1: The seatbelt design in the back was supposed to avoid passengers to bump their heads together in case of side impact.
    Fun fact 2: You can almost take the whole car apart with the tools in the trunk.
    Nice review, thanks from a former E34 B10 Alpina owner, Germany

    1. I’ve used wrench for spark plugs from the tool kit to change the rear window struts on my touring, if you know, you know what that is😉 great first fun fact

    2. @@bavariancarenthusiast2722 Sure 🙂 – the notchy shift action from BMWs late 90s is often caused by the so called “CRV – clutch reduction valve”, if you remove that little sucker, located directly at the gearbox / clutch line, the shifting will greatly improve, this costs almost nothing and makes shifting a lot smoother !

  4. I have an E34. “Airmix” in the center console is wonderful. Point of this feature is: You can adjust the teperature via climate controls-this Temperature is for your legs and for Windshield, but if you don’t want cold air blowing in your face because it’s too hot, you can adjust the middle airvents and the ones on the door to blow colder air than adjistet in the middle. In my owner’s manual it is called: “warm legs-cold head; in order to prevent getting tired on long trips one can adjust middle airvents to blow fresh air”.
    I really think this is a great feature especially in winter when you have warm jacket on and you don’t want to sweat because of 22°C warm air blowing at you. BRING AIRMIXES BACK

    1. I agree. Current BMWs still have a similar temperature adjustment for the center air vents – independant from the A/C controls.

    2. My current BMW still has it (2023) but is a few “presses” away under CLIMATE>SETTINGS>UPPER TEMP CONTROL

    3. @@jeffcicale under “bring Airmixes vack” I meant not only BMWs but other manufacturers, Volvo had same feature in the 90’s, in 850 I think. And to be honest if its hidden in the menu-nobody uses it. But if it’s right next to your vent-you are using it frequently. Another thing that car’s in the 90’s did better.

    4. My OG M2 (‘18) has it and I use it every single time I get in the car. Often a few times while driving too. It is the best thing ever and I’ll miss the heck out of it whenever I get another car. It’s hard to explain how great it is to fine tune the air temp that is blowing in your face while the rest of the car gets brought to the standard 69 degrees.

  5. 13:00 BMW didn’t abandon the cool/hot air dial, they still have it in the menu even on the 2024 models. Since the “digitalization” dating back in the E6X era, it’s been within the display menu, and is still there on today’s models

    1. Yep. and My 2018 3 series sportwagon has a mechanical dial – don’t want hot air always hitting your fase

    2. And it’s great! During the winter when your feet are cold you can heat them but still have fresh air in the higher level of the car. Doug probably never got cold in California so to him it’s useless.

    1. Does that include the first 7-series designed by Chris Bangle – that came out in 2002 (7.35 and 7.45 both V8 gasoline) never read any positive review about them (about the maintenance costs, the highly error-prone electrical systems, etc.). The design is of course a matter of taste (especially the back was not well received by many people). Also the (new/first?) infotainment system got a lot of criticism because of the lack of user-friendliness. And hear is a quote from an owner, (car not very old low mileage): “An airbag malfunction even once led to the temporary failure of all functions (this made the car stop)”. I did have a ride in a 7.45 on two occasions (purely by coincidence), of course it was a very comfortable (but I was not in a position to compare it with the competing Mercedes/Audi/Lexus etc. model). Oh, wait you’re saying “looking” but doesn’t a great looking car that costs a fortune not be a bit reliable also?

  6. lol Doug’s hair and clothes always look like you just woke up a toddler from a nap and had them film a video

    1. No, no, no, no, Noooouu, it´s Aunt Fräulen Rottenmyer, who beat him up badly with her basebal bat, because he was after her skirt, so she smacked him in the face…poor fella, this is why he looks like a toddler who felll oute his Bettchen (german for cot)

  7. I see this Ultra-special, Ultra-Rare E34 BMW M540i didnt come with a rear spoiler, but Doug did

  8. 12:30 the temperature dial between the vents in the middle of the dash was not annoying, it was pure genius. You could keep the car comfortable for your passengers and as the driver blow cool air on your face to stay sharp during a long drive.

    Without it, we are back to winding down the window and sticking our heads out for blast of wake-up air.

  9. I hope Doug returns to filming cars outside. The garage isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the outdoor videos.

    1. @@aarongrattafiori617 Because inside, he isn’t dependent on weather, and he doesn’t have to worry about passersby coming and chatting him up (meaning he may have to reshoot a portion).

  10. The styling of this car is why I love my E38. The proportions are so perfect. Not just peak BMW, it’s peak sedan styling.

    1. the early e38’s were kind of wack with styling. I think they realized later around 1999 that square headlights didn’t do justice. also clear front and real turn signals look much nicer.

  11. Doug, I can’t believe a (car guy) doesn’t know way the UDM had the center air control wheel. I will explain, on a cold night in the northeast, heat blasting to keep warm and your getting tired. Spin the center wheel to allow cold (outside air) to blow on your face to keep you awake while warm air goes to the right, left and floor vent. One of BMWs best ideas!!!!

    1. It’s a very good smell, but it does remind me of a tote of coloring crayons being opened up on a hot day

  12. I absolutely love the e34. Here in Australia, we got our own version of this car called the 540i Limited Edition. It was the only 540i manual we got. It had m5 throwing star wheels, m5 suspension and a full m5 interior as well as other stuff. They only made 72 Limited Edition 540i specifically for the Australian market because the later m5 3.8 didn’t meet the emissions regulations back then so bmw instead made the beautiful 540i LE which is today a collectors car

    1. I am pretty sure it’s same issue here in North America with the 3.8L not meeting emissions regs. The rest of the world’s M5s transitioned from the 3.6L to 3.8L in 1993 model but US models continued with 3.6L for one last year.

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