The Fastest 5-seaters of the 1990s — W124 500E v RS2 v M5 Touring + ND2 — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race

Just how quick was the fastest sedan in the world in 1992? The famous Porsche-built Mercedes-Benz 500E races the fastest wagons on the planet: the E34 BMW M5 and the RS2 Avant, which was also constructed by Porsche!

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Veteran automotive reporter Jason Cammisa and SCCA hall-of-fame race-car chauffeur Randy Pobst line up and race the Mercedes 500E (known later as the E500) versus the RS 2 and M5, and the results are surprising. Will the Mercedes' 4-speed automatic kill its possibilities versus the 2 other handbooks– a five-speed in the M5 and a six-speed in the ?

And what's with the six-cylinder E320 manual wagon and its DOHC 24V 3.2-liter straight-six?

The 3.8-liter S38 is the most significant straight-six that BMW has actually ever made, and it produced 340 PS (335 hp) at a crazy, independent-throttle-body shouting 6900 rpm. The 's much-smaller 2.2-liter, 20-valve turbo five-cylinder made 315 PS (311 hp), and the 5.0-liter quad-cam, DOHC 32V Mercedes V-8 made 326 PS (322 hp) however had variable valve timing so it creamed the others on torque.

The next concern is: can any of these 1990s legends stay up to date with today's slowest cars, the ND2 Mazda MX-5 Miata? You'll be amazed by the result.


0:00 Purple Manual Wagons– and a 500E.
0:50 Hagerty Motorist's Club Offer.
1:11 Visiting Specifications and Information.
2:06 Audi RS2 Avant Specs and Details.
2:41 Mercedes-Benz S124 E320T 5-speed Specs and Info.
3:11 Mercedes-Benz W124 500E/E500 Specifications and Details.
4:15 1/4-mile: 500E vs RS2 vs M5.
5:28 Walkback: How is the 500E so fast?
6:40 Launching and racing the .
7:40 AWD launch in the RS2– plus turbo lag in the 1/4-mile.
9:06 Jason and Randy kiss their own Valentine 1 radar detectors.
9:56 ND2 Miata vs Mercedes 500E 1/4-mile drag race.
11:16 Drag Race Outcomes Leaderboard.
11:25 Conclusion: power-to-weight is wrong!

The Fastest 5-seaters of the 1990s — W124 500E v RS2 v M5 + ND2 — Cammisa Ultimate Drag Race

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  1. legendary wagons racing head to head AND a legendary presenter talking about them? what a way to start my morning!

    1. Not quite , the assembling line at Mercedes was too narrow for the wide archers of the 500e. And hence it was supposed to get some Porsche parts anyways, they decided to get the cars on a semi, took them a mile and a half down the road to Zuffenhausen for its second stage aaand sent them back for final assembling at merc again

    2. Porsche designed and built the firewall and chassis modifications in house. I definitely wouldn’t claim that it’s a Porsche built car, but they did put their hands on every one.

  2. Love the disappearing drivers, and my favorite was, (I assume Randy) flipping Jason off while he’s breaking down the Audi!

    1. Man the production of these videos is amazing, how many cameras are they using at once, you can count more than 15

  3. Excellent video as always, but the continuous, no-cuts shot of the drag race at 8:42 and 10:59 is something really special that separates these drag races from the rest

    1. Couldn’t agree more, I understand it has to be also pleasant to see and full of emotions but I’m not really into that many cuts and different angles during the simple 1/4 mile race. Maybe we’re in minority.

  4. As a German who was a Kid in the early 1990s and a Car Fan this Video reminds me of my Dad’s Audi RS2 Avant he bought new and still owns it now!
    Lots of great Memories being allowed to ride Shotgun in it on the Autobahn with my Dad driving and going up to 200km/h (120mph) for the first Time in my Life!
    Prost & Cheers from Frankfurt, Germany

    1. @Gyula
      You mean the largest parking space?
      I always end up in a traffic jam there, doesn’t matter if it’s 2am or 2pm; the road was very busy and the lanes added in the 90s if I remember right. The A3 is the busiest motorway in Germany as it pretty much cuts the country in half, from The Netherlands to Austria.

    2. @Squad Goals I drove from Denmark to France thru Germany 2 years ago and I hated every minute in Germany!, roads in bad condition, many, many jams and people driving quite badly. Seriously I had big expectations and at the end I enjoyed way more my driving in France.

  5. Knowing how you guys feel about these cars this was probably one of Jason’s favorite he has done yet. They all look great, love the beamer but dang that Mercedes was fast. Randy flipping you off in the background when sitting in the back of the Audi was classic.

  6. That 500E is genuinely impressive, 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, this thing is still faster than most hot hatches these days.

    1. slower than a 1991 gmc syclone/typhoon or a 1987 buick gn, i think even the late 90’s ford taurus sho was quicker

    1. I had an LHD M5 in 99, then got an RHD one in 03 that I drive to this day. (New M5s are too big and I don’t need any more speed.) My dream for over two decades now is to make a one-off E39 wagon M5. (There’s definitely one, I think owned by BMW. It was in I think Evo magazine.)

  7. I love how Randy’s just flipping Jason off in the RS2 while he’s chilling in the trunk with the tailgate up🤣🤣

  8. I absolutely love these videos with Jason Cammisa. The quality of the videos are Beyond Compare, and really enjoy the effects of the car still racing in slow motion as he walks and talks around them.
    Couldn’t help but laugh out loud when Jason sat in the back of the Audi and you can see the driver( probably the great Randy Probst) giving him the finger.

  9. I must say the video angles and shots in this comparison are epically on point.. birds eye, side shot, rear shots you name it its there… love it🙏🏽🙏🏽

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