The Ferrari 550 Maranello Is a Beautiful, Underrated Supercar


This is a 2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello and I enjoy whatever about it. The 550 Maranello is definitely stunning, has V12 power, a gated handbook transmission, and it's surprisingly rare. We are enjoyed be providing this 550 Maranello for sale on CARS & BIDS !! Today I'm reviewing this Ferrari 550 and I'll show you all the numerous quirks and functions. I'll also support the wheel and examine the driving experience.


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00:00 THIS …
00:29 It Can Be Yours On CARS & BIDS!!!
01:09 Introduction
02:03 V12 Powertrain
02:32 Vroom Vroom
02:49 Gated 6-Speed Manual Transmission
03:28 Outside Styling
03:51 Production Numbers
04:44 Entering
06:04 Interior Quirks & Characteristic
08:44 Interior Design
09:41 Gauge Cluster
10:26 Pininfarina
10:59 Interior Storage
11:37 Trunk
13:21 Original Window Sticker
15:18 550 vs 575
17:07 Lovely Styling & Style
18:29 Driving Experience
23:36 Last Ideas
23:59 DougScore

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The Ferrari 550 Maranello Is a Beautiful, Underrated Supercar

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      My friend got banned lost his PSN account everything, because he called someone a CS

    2. That’s the problem with today, platforms protect people which nurtures weakness because all they got to do is disagree and report rather than defending yourself like a man. This further violates freedom of speech which is our right. No thick skin what so ever. When did men become whiny woman?

  1. Idk why cars had to get so angular over the past 10+ years, the curves on this thing and a lot of 90s sports cars are still beautiful

    1. Kinda why I today’s feel Aston and McClaren might age super well in 30 years. Except for that new Aston thing.

  2. Best sounding v12. That hood still is iconic. 550, and the 575 are the last of their kinds.

    1. Not as loud as today’s cars though.
      A very “popular” mod were the Tubi aftermarket mufflers to allow a deeper breathing …❤

    2. The quieter exhaust is part of what makes them so great! They’re not obnoxious like some redneck “muscle car” shitpile.

  3. Man this car is 24 years old and it still looks great and timeless today. It’s aged very gracefully.

    1. too true, also 550/575m Maranello was probably the closest thing to an ‘attainable’ Ferrari one would want to own for their entire life. Had the looks, the sound, the gated shifter…. and the timeless appeal. Back in the late 2000s they were actually pretty in reach of upper middle class money on the used market. Though reliability and servicing was a big oof, it was still lot more ‘attainable’ than any mid engined italian sports car too.

    2. It blows my mind that this car will qualify for historic license plates in most of America next year.

    3. I think my 18 y/o G35 Coupe (Sport) looks better and probably drives better (minus raw power, of course). We do share the fact that the wheels don’t ‘fill’ the wheel wells stock.

    4. ​@@anasevi9456Yep also the 360 is attainable imo and looks a hell of a lot better than the f430

    1. Its always “just one more car” You are too young to swear off more cars Doug! I bet my collection you buy more than one!

    2. I’m a supercar fan but you should review a 5th gen camaro z28 since you review lots of mustangs

  4. The seat color kind of reminds me of an old-school baseball glove, like that option on the early Audi TT, with the same color, and baseball-type stitching.

    1. I thought the same thing. I’m not really sure why he plugged the auction, cos you know he’s going to buy it.

    2. And then a long explanation about why exactly he decided to add it to his “stable!” Gotta love Doug. 😂

  5. Welp, I can cross the 550 off of my ‘maybe one day’ list. These will be going for a billion-ish by next week. Thanks, Doug.

    1. Or you can get the 575 Maranello, which possesses some of the suspension features missing in the earlier 550, plus other improvements. I think you can recognize by sight the 550 vs. the 575 typically with the rims–the 575 rims have a bit more detail.

  6. Sport button makes sense because when you press it, the suspension become firmer for better handling.
    These Ferrari were to be fast confortable and safe cruisers with airbags, ASR, ABS . Sport and NO ASR buttons were here to change the driving experience to a more sporty one when you needed it and not by default!

  7. I genuinely think this is one of the most beautiful cars of all time. It’s the perfect balance of beauty and looks that could legitimately kill.

  8. First the Diablo SV and now this. Doug is reviewing the entire car list from NFS Hot Pursuit

  9. BadBoys 2 had a really awesome chase scene with the Ferrari 550. I saw it in theaters, the engine/exhaust sounds are amazing. You can find clips in YouTube too.

  10. I got to drive one. In college I worked at a kart track and one of the regulars had one. He bet me I couldn’t beat his lap time, and driving his 550M was the stakes. I won, and he let me drive the piss out of it. Amazing experience.

    1. @@pex_the_unalivedrunk6785 Once in a lifetime thing man. First and last time I really drove a Ferrari. I went to school in Austin, dude was a Dellionaire. One of the very early hires. He didn’t GAF either, drove it from Austin to Houston almost every weekend.

    2. ​@@embiggens1That’s so awesome! And nice to hear they actually drove it rather than have it sit in a garage.

  11. I was a detailer at a Mercedes dealership here in PA, and the owner had brought his 550 in to have it detailed back in 2019. I didn’t know how special this car was back then, luckily i still have the photos on my phone!

    1. @@macbook802 its rare…its a gated v12 Ferrari, which most would consider to be special. So…not just another car. Your camry is just another car 🤡

  12. This in my eyes is the ultimate Ferrari. When I hear the word Ferrari I think of this. Of course the supercars like the F40 or F50 are more iconic, but this is just such a timeless, perfect looking car and embodies the spirit of Ferrari perfectly.

    1. To me, the F355 is the best looking ever; the maintenance though. My pockets aren’t that deep or I’d drive it daily.

    2. I only like 4 Ferrari models, this, 355, 360 and 430. I think they look great without being over the top.

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