The Ferrari Monza SP1 Is an Ultra-Rare $2 Million Super Ferrari


evaluation! The is a seriously uncommon and unique automobile– with a $2 million price. Today I'm evaluating the , and I'm going to reveal you all around the SP1. I'm likewise going to the and show you what it's like behind the wheel.


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The Is an Ultra-Rare $2 Million Super Ferrari

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  1. Doug please give the scores one by one like you did before, it was way more fun like that, excellent video as always

    1. @Josh Bacon Doug is a type of a guy to drive japanese Nissan Skyline on reverse into McDonald’s drive through and order sushi despite they sell burgers

  2. I am so glad to see the Miura in the intro. I have been wondering when his review of it was going to come out. It’s my favorite car of all time. I can’t wait for it!! Good work Doug.

    1. Son unos de los *X.HOTGIRLS18.FUN*

      Sun: “Hotter”
      Sugar: “Sweeter”
      Joonie: “Cooler”
      Yoongi: “Butter”

      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.#垃圾 [[]]].

    2. He did a shot like that with a mint RamCharger, and I thought the same thing… Well its 8 months later and still no RamCharger review lol! Don’t get too excited, who knows when he’ll post what.

    3. @JJ Legend There’s also an Autech Zagato Stelvio we haven’t seen. I’d rather watch a video of that than a Lexus crossover.

  3. This feels like they turned their homework in late 😂 They could’ve taken more stuff off the passenger side but they didn’t would’ve saved more weight and the fact there’s no USB c port in a 2 million dollar car is crazy seems to have a lack of attention to detail and last generation technology 😂 cool idea Poor execution of it tho

    1. In the SP2 there is a usb c port on the passenger side footwell near the door opening. You just can’t see it on this one since the whole passenger side is covered up

    2. @Mateo even further proving my point that they are lazy Super sad that they even have it in the car but they couldn’t make it accessible $2 million that it better work it just seams like an amazing idea but just seems like too many bean counters got in the way and at 2 million I just feel like you’re smart enough to have that much money you’re not gonna spend it on this unless it’s an investment just saying

    3. It’s not really built for practicality and USB C is still not the most common port type.. Also fun fact, USB C ports production have seen a massive disruption in the past year and a lot of cars have had to cancel their orders and go with USB A instead, could just be that supply chain management wasn’t worth it for this car which clearly is compromising on practicality already. By that extend we might as well question why it doesn’t have wireless charging by now.

    4. @MISTER SIR another good point is the wireless charging you are right I was also wondering why there’s a vent in the passenger side with all the guts and everything seems like they missed a good opportunity to drop a couple extra pounds off the car I understand this car is not for practicality @ 2m It’s just lacking that wow factor other then having no roof in my opinion

  4. Honestly for 2 million I’d think Ferrari could have made a custom SP1 passenger side rather than just cover the SP2 door area.

    1. No, it is even better than a motorcycle.
      ” Sorry, truly have no room so I can’t give you a lift to San Bernadino.”

    2. umm if you watched the video Doug indicated that the car is built as an homage on the 250 Testarossa, a racing car from the ’50s. The Testarossa is also street legal. when you were going on road races like the Mille Miglia, you would need a second seat for the navigator. If you’re doing track racing, the second seat was covered up to reduce drag and increase top speed. This was a common practice back then, just look at the Jaguar D-types, Aston DBR1s and so on. Personally i think this car is very very cool and Ferrari will sell them all, if they haven’t already.

    3. @Dale The driving experience is nothing like a 812, it’s completely different. Furthermore there’s much more carbon fibre in this car to justify the increased price tag.

  5. I wish Doug talked more about the air vent for creating a virtual windshield and how well it worked when driving.

    1. I’m not sure he ever got to going fast enough for it to really make a difference. For a car that is meant for the race track I could see the virtual windshield not really kicking in until 80 or 90MPH. At the speeds he was going (seemingly no more than 40) I doubt the virtual windshield did much. It would have been great if he could have got the car on a race track and really tested it.

  6. Doug is the kind of guy to drive a non street legal multimillion dollar car through a construction site!

  7. My guess for the glovebox and air vent in the “void”: Ferrari start by making the SP2 model first (the one with a passenger seat), then delete stuff accordingly for those who order the SP1.

  8. I thought Doug would bring back going through the Doug Score one by one for this special car. It’s way better than just showing the final score.

  9. I feel like Doug would have a ton of fun in a Renault Sport Spider from the late 90s. Drove one once in Germany, they’re an absolute blast. Slow, but so much fun!

  10. I’ve always wondered what the passenger compartment in the single seater Monza looked like, no other YouTuber showed this, Thank you, Doug

    1. Son unos de los *X.HOTGIRLS18.FUN*

      Sun: “Hotter”
      Sugar: “Sweeter”
      Joonie: “Cooler”
      Yoongi: “Butter”

      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.#垃圾 [[]]].

  11. Doug’s never driven a car in anger on a racetrack. Even on a cool day you work up a sweat behind the wheel, and air conditioning is a MUST. That’s why this has it.

  12. Drove behind an SP2 in central Beverly Hills for a while a few weeks ago. It sounded mean, but most supercars do when you never shift out of first, no matter the speed. The occupants definitely weren’t wearing helmets. It was interesting, but not as beautiful as I had imagined that one would be in person.

  13. 29:28 You know for someone who rambles a lot and tries to go over every detail, you would think Doug would go over the personal experience of the virtual windshield. He probably only got up to 60mph but he could have at least lifted his visor and see if the virtual windshield made any difference. I’m glad that he’s able to drive all of these rare cars but its such a wasted opportunity not to talk about the biggest quirk of this car.

    1. Even with the visor on he’d still be able to feel the wind, I think he just forgot about it once he got to drive it.

  14. Let’s give a major shout-out to the guy who let Doug DeMuro review his car and gave him permission to drive and have fun with it, even though it only has like 15 miles on the odometer. Bravo, good sir. Also, I’m disappointed Doug never touched on whether that air slot actually did anything.

    1. Son unos de los *X.HOTGIRLS18.FUN*

      Sun: “Hotter”
      Sugar: “Sweeter”
      Joonie: “Cooler”
      Yoongi: “Butter”

      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.#垃圾 cmm

  15. That’s nuts. They should have just made the SP2 with an easily removable passenger seat and an optional passenger area panel if you wanted the solo feel.

  16. Best looking modern Ferrari, absolutely love the design. And the bold specs out there are a huge plus too. Very few seem to be finished in some resale-red.

    1. agreed, definitely the best looking modern ferrari. The 458 was gorgeous, everything else apart from the Monza hasn’t really impressed me looks wise.

    2. @ferris5150 The roma and 296 GTB are probably my 2 favorites, if you don’t include all of the one-off/few-off multi-million dollar supercars.

      The Monza is my favorite one over 1 million dollars, no doubt about that.

  17. Damn, Doug really narrowing that list of legendary cars to review. With Miura and Jaguar XR-15 reviews now coming, there aren’t many historic supercars left out there to review. Soon he will have done them all.

  18. Doug’s the type of guy to drive a $2.5 million dollar car that he doesn’t own, and still leave one hand free from the wheel at all times to gesture wildly.

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