The First 1,500 Miles In My NEW Porsche 911 GT3! [Driving To Austria]

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My new 992 generation Porsche 911 GT3 requires to be run in … I could consider no better method to do it than a cross-European experience to Austria!

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The First 1,500 Miles In My NEW Porsche 911 GT3! [Driving To Austria]

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  1. Man i really love the spec on this GT3….
    Like if ever get a chance to buy a porsche this might be the colour i would get!!!
    One of the best specs out there…
    (maybe exclude the seats) lol
    But u like it so great!

  2. A big 👍👍up to Sam,for sacrificing sleepless nights, night bottle feeding, nappy changing, so that he ‘has’ to do a road trip to a porsche event for all of us to ride along with.😇

    1. Yeah. I loved the comment about having a great night’s sleep and living his brst life. He’ll pay when he gets home lads.😅

    2. The amount of ads in the video drove me crazy ahah !! Nice shots, awesome video as always.
      Have you ppf it ?

    3. @Anthony Yeah, Porsche really giving Sam some ‘grease’ worth a lot so he can have content…just like with most of the journalists it’s Volkswagen-dominated because they pay so well.

      I mean the other half of car journalists are being hosted by Volkswagen at the Dakar rally…and the rest have Volkswagen press cars coming in through the doors and windows. No wonder with most car magazines when I do an inventory on what articles they’ve featured, it’s like 40% VW Group…

  3. Congratulations sam so exciting love your 992 GT 3 spec looks absolutely brilliant love the videos thank you and don’t forget the podcast behind the glass which is absolutely brilliant 👍

  4. It’s funny how things work out when you don’t resist things changing and just go with it. BTW, love your GT3 and that spec just seems perfect for you! Great stuff Sam!

  5. i really like the passenger seat perspective like we’re on the road trip too haha! So excited for your adventures, as epic as your Canary Island trip last year. Cheers Sam!

  6. Levelling up Sam, taking this channel up another tread onto the success ladder👌
    Thank you, naturally a like added to the counter and love the fact you use the GT3.

  7. I love these kinda videos 📹 😍

    Thanks for the insights etc 👊🏼😬👊🏼
    If I ever have to drive to the EU, I’m pretty confident I could do it now, and it’s those insights, and the car itself is super educational and entertaining. So good 👍🏻💯

    Thanks, STG … great channel.
    Excellent escapism 🙏

    1. Right, was thinking he switched out the water in his coffee for RedBull? LOL
      Super jelly of that car, it is sublime…Sam is really capturing it!

  8. What a car Sam congratulations! Plus you’re enjoying as intended. Safe travels and savour the moments in that incredible machine.

  9. your channel is exactly what us car guys want, im constantly staggered that you dont get more subs, proof that this world values flashy of quality but who cares as long as we get to watch your content. BIG CONGRATS BRO YOUVE REALLY EARNT THAT CAR!!

  10. This is so the content that I fell in love with from you Sam. And let not forget that camera placement When you were driving and telling us about the wait. It really felt like we were sitting in the passenger seat driving with you. It’s the only way going forward I think!

  11. Incredible editing and attention to detail in your videos as ever, my friend. Love everything about your channel and the podcasts.

    Never change mate you are the industry standard and a level everything should aspire to.

  12. Perfect start to the GT3 adventure, getting those running-in miles out of the way immediately 👍
    Looking forward to seeing a lot of gt3 content!!

  13. Such a stunning car man! Love the colour and plate! Keep the yellow calipers, they fit the rest perfectly.

  14. SO good to see your honest joy when talking about your car! Kinda makes me want to just take my bit less shiny and less interesting, but MY fun car for a rip! 🙂 Just found your YT channel, will be checking back regularly!

    1. 👆👆Hit me up you have been selected among the lucky winner’s🏆…

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