The First Hybrid Porsche 911 Is NOT A Big Deal! #shorts #porsche #newcars

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The First Hybrid Porsche 911 Is NOT A Big Deal! #shorts #porsche #newcars

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  1. Ask anyone who complains about the new hybrid 911’s what they think about the 918, and they will tell you the objective fact that it is a cool car. People don’t understand how cool hybrid sports cars can be if executed correctly, and who better than Porsche to do that?

    1. @@GaryKetchum808minus Le Mans, Toyota hasn’t made a hybrid sports car. Still waiting on the day when they either make a true Lexus F-Sport hybrid or even a hybrid Supra!

    2. You’re the kinda child to compare a million dollar car to something your average guy could possibly buy. Nice one mate, never speak up again in terms of cars

    3. The 918 is a great hyper car for setting lap times and being 1 out of a collection of cars you own. Most guys buying the 911 have it as a fun car made to be engaging and enjoyable to drive during the summer, not really focused on shaving milliseconds off lap times so much as the feeling behind the wheel

  2. What I personally I don’t understand is the GTS got the hybrid components… The GTS was supposed to be the lightweight enthusiast focused 911… I don’t mind having it in like the Turbo or the regular Carrera to boost the performance…

    1. Dodge did the same thing with their pos Hornet, only offering the plug-in Hybrid on the R/T trim

    2. Yeah it basically is the Turbo now, minus 100lbs, but with stiffer suspension and less sound deadening

    3. No, the Carrera T and GT3 Touring are the lightweight enthusiast road cars, the GTS used to be a tuned Carrera with a lot of the fancy options included.

    1. Anyone saying “dot two” is charitably called a loser, imo. Trying way to hard to sound like a techie.

    2. Doug’s a passive aggressive bully… He only hangs with Kennan so he can rip on him.

      But Kennan’s not complaining, worked out alright for him.

  3. The hybrid component isn’t as big of a deal as the e-turbo, or rather the combination of the hybrid and e-turbo. That e-turbo (and hybrid components) will enable Porsche to combine it with a larger (than ever) exhaust-driven turbo without the accompanying lag on future Turbo variants.

  4. The electric turbo can reach maximum boost in under a second compared to 3 seconds for the traditional turbo.

  5. Im shocked they didnt go into more detail about the racing heritage tradition being the reason for the key on the left. 🤔 I thought that was common enthusiast knowledge?

  6. so I had this idea years ago… to use electric turbos in cars. and NOW finally Porsche is catching up to my idea? hush…..

    wish I was a car manufacturer. I’m a Genius.

  7. The 911 turned into a big bloaded retirement price .
    It might be too late for the 911 but ev is the opportunity to build something small fun and affordable to the upcoming creative 30y old.

  8. Key shmee. My only question is why did they go to all the trouble of making the panemara, macan and cayanne have left side keys?

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