The Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Was a Muscle Car Pickup Truck


This is the Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson, the muscle cars and truck pickup. Today I'm examining this F-150 Harley-Davidson, and I'll reveal you all the lots of peculiarities and features. I'm likewise going to get behind the wheel of the F-150 Harley-Davidson and reveal you what it's like to .


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00:00 THIS …
00:32 It Can Be Yours on CARS & BIDS!!!
01:13 Summary & Powertrain
02:50 Limited Supercharged Production
04:10 Ford's Collaboration with Harley-Davidson
04:44 All the Harley Stuff
05:47 Vroom Vroom
06:02 More Harley Things
07:15 Harley Things in the Bed
08:44 Interior: Great Deals Of Harley Stuff
10:00 Odd Chrome Choices
11:05 Just a Four Seater
11:26 Rear Seat Harley Stuff
13:13 Voice Recorder
14:04 More Quirks & Features
15:41 Crappiest Steering Wheel Possible
16:14 More Ford Cost Cutting
17:09 Original Window Sticker Label
18:21 Back Seat Audio Controls
19:23 Driving Experience
24:00 Final Thoughts
24:24 DougScore

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The Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Was a Muscle Car Pickup Truck

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  1. I absolutely love this truck and I think it’s one of the coolest trucks ever made. This video taught me things that I didn’t know about the truck

  2. Damn I honestly never realized those things were supercharged like the Lightning. I still see a few nice ones around town but not many. I only remember people driving them around carefully and responsibly some how. I feel like I would have remembered and loved seeing one getting after it I loved that as a kid. Still do.

    1. As BlueFlame and Doug said, they are not all super charged, just 2 of the 6 year productions have superchargers.

  3. While not much of a fan of these, This particular example is impressive. Somebody kept this thing in a garage with a cover

    1. @Dreamcast Soup Spent part of it’s life in Marietta,Ga according to the sold listing on C&B

  4. My father owned a Ford dealership in Vermont in the 90s and 2000s. He hated these trucks. Ford required all franchisees to carry at least one on the lot, but as a RWD only truck, they were impossible to move in a snowy, mountainous state. Each year, he’d immediately run discounted ads in NY, CT, and NJ newspapers to get it off his lot as soon as possible.

    1. Coming from Maine. Totally get it. Add in the extra power of this truck and it would become fairly useless in the winter.

    2. Ford’s mistake was not realizing that certain areas have their own markets. So many good cars fail because of this. Instead of splashing it across every market in every area, they should have concentrated sales in areas they researched as being prime target audience markets. In my opinion, if they had done this – or in any similar brand and circumstance – their vehicle would have flourished in the chosen markets and gained popularity. rather than failing overall due to being spread everywhere.

  5. Honestly, I miss the breakdown of each category in the Doug Score. It was interesting to see WHY Doug gave each score.

    1. He doesn’t have a reason why anymore. He just gives similar numbers based on comparable vehicles while adding or subtracting a number to arrange it however he wants.

    2. yes it needs to be “Starting with the weekend categories and styling”, not “And the DougScore is here”

  6. Oh dude, I have a diecast model of this thing at home I bought from The Sharper Image store back when this truck was newer. Definitely wanna see this review!

    Edit: On my diecast model it also has that bed extender which is neat in it of itself, but I also happen to have a same scale (1:18) model Harley motorcycle that actually fits snuggly in the bed with the extender down as well! So, I believe them when they say a Harley can fit in the back.

  7. You missed one other ver subtle Harley Davidson feature most don’t see, the little black dots at the base of the windshield were actually shaped like the Harley Davidson shield. They also sent a plaque in a leather hinged box with your name and vin numbers as well as a Harley Davidson styled swiss army knife that had a blank key you could get cut along with all the typical swiss army knife tools in a leather flame embossed sheath. I had one with around 425 hp.

    1. @codymachado  my Harley Davidson truck was modified to around 425, not the sheath lol, sheath was for the Swiss Army knife lol.

  8. I had 2 separate 2002 HD F-150s, they definitely hold a special place in my heart. I got my first one as a Sr. in HS in 2004 for $18k. I left a few sets of tires coming out of the parking lot at my HS. The blower whine is etched in my head forever. The first one was bone stock. The 2nd one had a lot of engine mods and made about 450hp. I love seeing them around and would love to have another in the future!

    1. @TheScrubmuffin69 lots of rich people lol. Literally at my college there’s some students driving nicer cars than the professors lmfao. They probably had parents money because what teenager just spends 18k on a car wtf

    2. @TheScrubmuffin69I know right? I was a senior in high school at the same time. I had a 10yr old 1994 Ford Ranger (purple) and I paid 300$ a month for it (3800$). I was car poor but it was mine.

  9. The wheels of the Harley editions are probably the best f150 wheels that Ford has ever made. Other oem Ford wheels are usually bland but the Harley ones are definitely it. I especially liked the 07/08 wheels.

    1. If you look back a few years the wheels match those on some Harley Davidison motorcycles.

  10. 15:33 I actually have my cruise control buttons memorized. Of course mine don’t have bumps, but it’s easy to tell where the buttons are, and they’re really simple. Top button is increase/resume, middle is cancel, bottom is decrease/set.

  11. My dad had an 02 model that he always drove like a grandpa, absolutely never let the supercharger kick in which is probably why it’s still running at nearly 200K miles 😂😂

  12. I’m starting to think Doug is so good at this, that he purposefully overlooks things to get more comments haha. Partly joking, but does he not realize the gauges are meant to mimic Harley gauges? The gear selector is meant to mimic a handlebar. The side step is meant to mimic Harley tailpipes. If you rode a Harley, this was supposed to be the most Harley a truck could be. Doug usually nails these types of design themes but I was surprised by this one. Still an amazing truck and a great video!

    1. Can’t imagine Doug’s ever been on a Harley let alone near one, so that’s probably why all that stuff went right over his head

    2. Doug doesn’t really understand bikes or trucks, so he understands thissss the least of all.

  13. These are the reviews I subscribe for. Weird stuff from a different time. I’m not a Ford fan but this is a really neat truck!

  14. Just want to point out something cool about those rear seat audio controls that wasn’t mentioned. You can actually listen to a separate audio source from the front seat passengers if you have headphones connected. When you pushed the headphone button it would let you change sources and show what you were doing on the display in the front. My mom’s Excursion had it and I thought it was super cool when I was a kid!

  15. You also neglected to mention. The 5.4 in the Harley trucks was a regular production engine. The 5.4 in the lightning was all hand built, so there was some differences in the two engines

    1. Really? Where did you hear that? I haven’t heard about the Lightning engines being hand built.

    2. The 5.4 seemed to have a few issues too. I never had any of those issues in this truck. Later 5.4s I had did have those issues. Maybe it was the build quality that made the difference? Anyway this truck was a blast.

    3. That’s for the cobras. The only difference between the lightning and na block is the compression ratio. Same rods, same crank just different pistons. Some na trucks have the forged crank used in the lightning/ harley

  16. It’s actually crazy. I work for DOT in Va and I was scanning the traffic cameras and saw a crash happen. As I zoomed in, it was a Lincoln Towncar that was rear ended by an F-150 from this model year. As I zoomed in more and saw the Harley Logo on the side, I was so upset lol and felt so bad for that guy lol

  17. I remember as a late teenager being in a band with some guys who were in their late 30s and our lead singer had an F150 Harley Davidson Edition and thinking it was the coolest, sickest truck I’d ever seen. I’m 38 now and still love this truck ❤

  18. 15:33 I actually like when cars or electronics have those tactile features because it helps when using it at night in the dark. I use this feature everyday with certains objects including in my car. Very smart idea.

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